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20 Free Professional Icon Sets For Download Icons are a great time saver for any web project. Similar to font collections, having a large collection of icon sets available in different styles is quite handy. This awesome commercial free collection includes, symbols, mini icons, web icons, glyphs, and vectors. Whether you are working on developing a mobile app, web app or a regular website these pixel perfect creations feel like a steal. 15 Most Popular jQuery Plugins of June 2012 Another month has passed and it's time for the jQuery plugins roundup. Keep on reading to see what plugins you might have missed in June 2012. 1. The Web Design and Development Blog - StumbleUpon DesignWoop welcomes this guest post by Tomas Laurinavicius. Since the iPhone and iPad entered the market you can hear lots of news about apps for these devices. Tons of apps available today and you can find everything you want. But today I would like to share 10 handy web-based apps for designers. To use these apps you don’t need to buy an iPhone or iPad, you can use them without any additional software or device, you just need a web browser. In this collection I’ve picked 10 useful and time-saving web apps for designers.

OBSCURA DIGITAL Shines 940,000 Lumens in the Desert and it is Spectacular Earlier this month Obscura Digital used TouchDesigner to once again raise the bar of large scale architectural mapping and projection design, this time for the 40th Anniversary of the United Arab Emirates National Day Celebration at the Sheikh, Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi. The sheer scale of this production was mindboggling with 49 projectors used to project on a total surface measuring 19,474 square meters which included 4 minarets and 12 domes necessitating "detailed accuracy of 3-D mapping and content quality on incredibly complex geometry of flat walls with intricate hand carved details and arcades with rows of columns." Interactive developer and artist Mary Franck who worked on the project for the duration had this to say: "It was certainly a dream projection-mapping job: incredible architecture, all white marble, completely artistic and cultural content. It was absolutely an honor to be a part of it. We pulled it all altogether in record time. <back to the blog

Lesson Plan for Making a Speaker Laboratory ©1995 The Regents of the University of California by Regan Lum Introduction: The Best Social Media Icons All In One Place 464 shares 8 Free & Useful Minimal Icon Sets Icons are certainly a very important element of a design. It doesn’t matter if you are putting together a website or app, icons will be the key for several user interactions. This is why it’s always good to fill your library with good icons you can count on. The good thing is that there are… How to Create Your First Web Page Note: If you know anything at all about HTML and CSS, don’t bother reading this, it’s a guide for the uninitiated, technophobes, luddites, computer-illiterates, anyone who is more comfortable with a pen and paper than a keyboard and mouse. If making a web page seems like brain surgery to you, then this is the article for you. What you need to know

Improving Your Site's Search Engine Ranking - Web Services - SPH Informatics & Computing Services By Patty Bradley, Web Administrator (Click to expand table of contents) See also: Glossary 15 Amazing Animated Short films We all love short animated films, but creating short film is very hard task. Putting whole story in 5 to 10 minutes is not easy. Can you imagine? Few films produced after working hard more than 6 years! Here we collected 15 dazzling animated short films for your inspiration. 30 Amazingly Creative Social Bookmarks Icon Sets Finding a social icon set that fits into the style of your site (or app) can be a tricky thing to do. So, we have collected an enormous selection of beautifully designed, and free social media icon sets just to make your search that little bit easier. The free social media icon sets we have for you below have been categorized into Social Icon Fonts, Glyphs & Pictograms, Flat Social Sets, Long Shadow Social Icon Sets, Minimal Social Icons, and an amazing selection of miscellaneous social icon sets. They all include the icons and logos of all the major social services, as well as many of the lesser known, and come in a variety of popular formats (Icon Fonts, PSD, AI, EPS, Sketch, PNG and SVG) as well.

20 Methods for Upping Your Current Web Design Skills Design All great designers are constantly improving their skills. There has never been a successful designer, or anyone of another profession for that matter, that has stopped at a certain point and said, "Good enough". Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to always be learning new things, and to always be improving. Meta Keywords Tag 101: How To "Legally" Hide Words On Your Pages For Search Engines If there’s anything I particularly hate when it comes to SEO, it’s the meta keywords tag. I so wish it had never been invented. It’s practically useless, yet people still obsess over it. In this article, I’ll explain more about why you shouldn’t worry about it except perhaps for misspellings, as well as which search engines support it.

Otomata - Online Generative Musical Sequencer New! If you like Otomata, check out my new instrument Circuli by clicking here! Update: Click here to get Otomata for your iPhone / iPod / iPad! Official facebook page: Also this reddit page has many examples:

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