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Free Audio Books: Download Great Books for Free Get FREE Audio Books from and Download hundreds of free audio books, mostly classics, to your MP3 player or computer. Below, you'll find great works of fiction, poetry and non-fiction, by such authors as Twain, Tolstoy, Hemingway, Orwell, Vonnegut, Nietzsche, Austen, Shakespeare, Asimov, HG Wells & more. Also please see our related collection:800 Free eBooks for iPad, Kindle & Other Devices. Fiction & Literature Productivity vs. Getting Things Done This post originally appeared on the Exist blog. I’ve been a sucker for so-called “productivity porn” for a while. I still am, to some degree, but I’ve been working hard to cure myself of this time-wasting habit and I’m getting a lot closer to that. For anyone who’s not familiar with it, my interpretation of productivity porn is pretty much anything related to productivity as a topic of interest, that doesn’t actually involve getting anything done. For me, it includes things like trying out new task managers, reading blog posts about productivity and stocking up on stationery I don’t need.

Audiobooks Craphound Performed by Rosalia Triana. It runs 00:43:57 The Link Goal: Create (40 Writing, Music, & Art Resources) Part of the Goals 2010 Challenge Series, Goal 15 and the Cool Sites Series As we get older, we tend to leave our creative selves behind and take ourselves too seriously. Our hobbies can provide us with inspiration and release. This year I plan on being more creative by making time for my other loves- art, music, and creative writing. The short-term goal is to aim to write poems, prose, or short stories at least once a week until the process becomes a habit. I will start today by writing at least one poem. 100+ Sites to Download All Sorts of Things These days you can find all sorts of things online, from audio books to flash files, from sound effects to CSS templates. Below we compiled a list with over 100 download sites that serve that purpose. We will also try to keep the list updated, so if your favorite download site is not here, let us know about it with a comment.

The Listening Project The Listening Project is a partnership between BBC Radio and the British Library that invites people to share an intimate conversation, to be recorded and broadcast by the BBC and, if suitable, curated and archived by the British Library. These conversations will form a unique picture of our lives today, preserved for future generations. Visit The Listening Project website (BBC) and get involved. Throughout the Project, our experts will be discussing these conversations and highlighting related recordings in the archive, on their Sounds blog.

Convert Kindle to PDF I secretly cringe every time hear how successful ebook readers are becoming. I myself, am a man of my own stubbornness, of tradition — and most importantly — of paper. However, I cannot deny that the Kindle is one of the most convenient and efficient tools ushering in this new age of ebooks and digital media. The device offers a viable solution for anyone who wants to pack thousands of free and comparatively cheap publications into a single frame weighing less than five ounces.

The Science of Running Shoes -, Running tips The design and selection of running shoes does not match the available science. The commonly held beliefs follow this logic: Runners get injured due to impact and excessive Pronation, running shoes reduce impact and pronation, and therefore running shoes reduce injury. Unfortunately, every part of this rationale seems to be flawed. There are other aspects of shoe design, such as the raise heel or arch support that have even less evidence to support them. Injuries due to impact. There is surprisingly little evidence that impact forces cause injuries, and there is even some evidence that lower impact forces are associated with higher injury rates.

Over 500 Social Change Documentaries on 1 Page Just imagine what could become possible if an entire city had seen just one of the documentaries above. Just imagine what would be possible if everyone in the country was aware of how unhealthy the mainstream media was for our future and started turning to independent sources in droves. Creating a better world really does start with an informed citizenry, and there's lots of subject matter to cover. From all the documentaries above, it's evident that our society needs a new story to belong to.

This App Helps You Decipher Medieval Handwriting 41 2ShareNew Need some help reading through medieval books? There’s an app for that. To the uninitiated, medieval books might as well be written in hieroglyphs because the handwriting looks so unfamiliar. MEET THE CREW: Storyboard Artist: Jeff Errico - Ain't It Cool News: The best in movie, TV, DVD, and comic book news. Hello ladies and gentlemen, Muldoon here with a pretty cool edition of MEET THE CREW. This week, talented Storyboard Artist Jeff Errico sits down and gives us a little insight into his world. He goes pretty in depth with each question and even was kind enough to provide us some neat eye candy. Jeff's worked on quite a few blockbusters you folks might have seen in past years - CRANK, 22 JUMP STREET, THIS IS THE END, and the upcoming TERMINATOR GENISYS, FANTASTIC FOUR, and the NWA biopic STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON.

Old Games : Free download [eng] ↓skip navigation↓ Best Old Games Support forum Best Old Games Nietzsche: Beyond Good and Evil A brilliant young man, he was appointed professor at the University of Basel aged 24 having not even finished his degree. His evanescent philosophical life ended 20 years later when he went insane and died shortly afterwards. Nietzsche's argued that the Christian system of faith and worship was not only incorrect, but harmful to society because it allowed the weak to rule the strong - it suppressed the will to power which was the driving force of human character. Nietzsche wanted people to throw of the shackles of our misguided Christian morality and become supermen - free and titanic.

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