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The Sirens Sound

The Sirens Sound

The Mixtape Club Game Tabs // Video Game Tablature Guitar/Blues Exercises Exercise 1[edit] Here is a blues box in C Try using these partial seventh chords shown below as "stab" chords. Exercise 2[edit] Here is a blues box in Dm You can play a blues using only minor seventh chords. In this variation you will be using a single chord shape to play the twelve bar blues. Exercise 3[edit] Here is a blues exercise in A using sevenths. Twelve Bar Blues In A using Sevenths These sorts of blues riffs were taken by other genres and moulded into something entirely new. Exercise 4[edit] Here is a typical blues rhythm.

stereomood – emotional internet radio - music for my mood and activities - StumbleUpon Electro Swing Speakeasy Musicovery 7 Alternatives to Pandora and Last.FM | Mystery Tricycle - StumbleUpon Whether you are annoyed by the ads on Pandora, the limited number of skips, or the abyss of cruel 30-second song teasers from Last.FM, many online listeners are growing weary of mainstream methods of hearing new music. While the Pandora algorithm is strong, and the Last.FM related artists tool is pretty useful, don’t fool yourself in to thinking that there aren’t other great ways to expose yourself to new music in the depths of cyberspace. Here are 7 alternatives to Pandora and Last.FM that will infuse your day with an uninterrupted stream of music that large record companies haven’t managed to squash under their thumbs yet. StumbleAudio StumbleAudio has a killer recommendation engine that works better for me than Pandora’s. Instead of “genomes”, StumbleAudio uses listeners’ favoritism as well as buying pattern data from online music stores to make suggestions. Songza Musicovery Elegantly, Musicovery boils down songs to a location on two scales: Energetic-Calm and Positive-Dark. Stereomood

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