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Dionysian Atavism. Victor Marchetti: A 'Spook' Who Haunts the CIA. Victor Marchetti is an ex-CIA agent who has written a book exposing (and lambasting) some of the seamier activities of his former employers.

Victor Marchetti: A 'Spook' Who Haunts the CIA

He may be forgiven for feeling insecure. He admits to a surge of genuine paranoia one day this summer when he returned to the New York hotel suite where he and his family had been staying—only to find it empty. The Secret Sun: Secret Star Trek, Part 9: Levels Above Human. For all its nods to political correctness over the years, Star Trek is about one thing and one thing only: the militarization of space.

The Secret Sun: Secret Star Trek, Part 9: Levels Above Human

Scientology: Remote Viewing Timeline. Scientology/Remote Viewing Timeline Well Researched Timeline on Connection Between Scientology and Remote Viewing Important Note: Scientology has raised a lot of controversy over the years.

Scientology: Remote Viewing Timeline

We acknowledge the many who have had their lives transformed in a powerful way by this religion. Yet others, including a few of the church's top officials, have left Scientology after many years strongly disillusioned. We do not take a stand on this, yet we have found that Scientology has played an important hidden role in the history of our planet. The very well researched document with many footnotes below answers many of the previously unanswered questions that had been raised on Scientology and it's intriguing connection to remote viewing. In a nutshell, this research suggests that U.S. intelligence agencies recognized the power and potential of L. The Blog of Caverns. La Gachette Cosmique. Scarabs & the ‘Send’ Button: Synchronicity as Misrecognized Psi @ The Nightshirt. During the weeks I was researching my previous post on 9/11 and premonitions of trauma, I had a very powerful, uncanny experience that contained, in miniature, all of that post’s themes.

Scarabs & the ‘Send’ Button: Synchronicity as Misrecognized Psi @ The Nightshirt

It began with an unusually bad day at work, where I’d felt extremely guilty over a group email I had sent to coworkers that, because of poor word choice, could have been construed as insulting to one of the people cc-ed on it. After I hit “Send,” I started to stew about it, feeling embarrassed and angry at myself for my lack of tact. This was near the end of the workday, and I felt bad about it all the way home on the metro. Awaiting me on the doorstep was a brown paper package containing a book I’d ordered more than a week earlier and forgotten about. I order lots of used and out-of-print books on Amazon and eBay, which often take weeks to arrive, so I’ve usually forgotten them by the time I get them.

The cosmos seemed to be serving up my guilt to me on a platter. Temporal Bias and Beetlemania J.W. The Sync Book – Olympia Sync Summit. 1 to 3pm – Meet at Last Word Books for coffee and connections(111 Cherry St NE) 4pm – Check in at Fertile Ground(311 9th Ave SE) 5 to 6pm – Happy Hour at Dillinger’s(404 S.

The Sync Book – Olympia Sync Summit

Washington) 7pm to 11pm - THE RADIO8BALL SHOW at Rhythm & Rye(311 Capitol Way) Hosted by Andy ShmushkinwithPeter David ConnellyNegativlandand Ezra Sandzer-Bell 11pm - Overnight at Fertile Ground 10am – Breakfast at Fertile Ground Noon – Check out Noon to 5pm – Long goodbyes. The New Creatures Magickal Mystery Tour. The Stygian Port: Opening the Stargate. This is part 2 of a series: Heart Shaped Coffin, Opening the Stargate, The Journey Back Home, Purification, and Bee Seeing You Through the Veil.

The Stygian Port: Opening the Stargate

In the introduction to this article, the shorter Heart Shaped Coffin post, I dropped a not-too-subtle hint of a link between sex and death. The clues, symbolic and synchromystic, are simply too numerous to avoid. Magick me ebook 1. A Beginner’s Guide to Alejandro Jodorowsky. DMT Research from 1956 to the Edge of Time. Originally published in Neurotransmissions – An Anthology of Essays on Psychedelics from Breaking Convention.

DMT Research from 1956 to the Edge of Time

The authors are indebted to Dr. Stephen Szára for kindly agreeing to an interview. ­ From a representative sample of a suitably psychedelic crowd, you’d be hard pressed to find someone who couldn’t tell you all about Albert Hofmann’s enchanted bicycle ride after swallowing what turned out to be a massive dose of LSD – the world’s first acid trip (Hofmann, 1980) has since become a cherished piece of psychedelic folklore. Far fewer, however, could tell you much about the world’s first DMT (N,N-dimethyltryptamine) trip. Although less memorable than Hofmann’s story, it was no less important.

The Stone Jung’s Builders Rejected. The following is excerpted from Sidewalk Oracles: Playing with Signs, Symbols and Synchronicity in Everyday Life by Robert Moss, published by New World Library.

The Stone Jung’s Builders Rejected

Jung dreamed of a tower and he built it, on old church land at the edge of the village of Bollingen, on the shore of the Obersee basin of Lake Zurich. He started work soon after his mother’s death in 1923. What began as a simple neo-medieval tower with a pointed roof grew, in successive waves of inspiration and construction, into a small castle.