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The Smoking Section

The Smoking Section
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Screw Rock 'n' Roll First, the depth of the crisis is masked for the ALP by the electoral system. The two party preferred system inflates the focus on Labor when the real mood of the electorate is one of a cultural and emotional disengagement with the whole democratic system. The crisis is masked again by compulsory voting when representative democracy itself is now part of the problem as new horizontal and more direct forms of democracy permeate our lives, often online. But in Oz, while you are legally bound to participate in a system that, to say the least, is losing its legitimacy, democracy becomes more and more just an edifice. Of course, the same applies to the Liberals, but it matters more for the ALP because the right is always in power, regardless of whether it’s in office. - Neal Lawson, "The challenge for Labor", Evatt Foundation, 7 April 2014 (via redrabbleroz) jacking the important part from Oz’s quote. Aw, hell, this on the ALP is good too doe: John Hersey, Hiroshima (1946) I’m learnding!

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