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Rollie Pollie!

Rollie Pollie!
Looking for hours of entertainment? Meet, The Rollie Pollie bean bag chair. It’s a chair, it’s a toy, it’s your favorite pillow. Made of durable cotton twill or soft vinyl, each bag is actually a slip cover (with another Rollie Pollie inside) then filled with mounds and mounds of soft cluster stuffing. So if it gets dirty, just zip it off and throw it in the wash. And with a handle on top, it’s easy to toss around. Now, pick your favorite…. Drag it around, Dive right in! Or take a little nap. Build a Rollie-Pollie-man: kick off your shoes: Or do what I love best….find a yummy treat, and just relax, watching your favorite show. Who said you were a couch potato?

Make a self-zipping coin purse from a ribbon Look what came in the mail today from my mom. That's some 7/8" ribbon I designed. Attached to a zipper. And lined with fabric on the back. Teen Seams - make your own bean bag chair For lounging in front of the television or curling up to read a book, use this comfortable bean-bag chair. Although the name implies that the bag is filled with beans, it’s actually filled with polystyrene pellets, making the chair light-weight and moldable. It’s easy to make either a child-size or adult-size bean-bag chair. For added durability, the bean-bag chair consists of a muslin inner lining that holds the pellets, and an outer cover. The inner lining is zippered for convenience in filling the bag.

Centsational Girl & Blog Archive & DIY: Paint Stick Sunburst Mirror - StumbleUpon My friends, if there ever was a bandwagon, this carefree DIYer is jumping right on it. For months, I’ve seen fabulous versions of the sunburst mirror pop up all over the blogosphere. And for weeks now, with every stop in the paint department, I couldn’t help but notice how those paint stir sticks might just make a very cool version of this decorative favorite. Flashback: Woven Map Basket Maps can be amazing design elements, with all their intricately drawn lines and minute details. But what do you do with a regular paper map that is starting to fall apart from use? In CRAFT Volume 05, crafter Jane Patrick suggested we weave maps into baskets, a fun and interesting way to reuse castoffs and weave a little memory into a functional item.

Bow tie paper clips from fabric scraps I had a couple little scraps left over from stiffened fabric projects, and after fiddling with them, I noticed they'd easily make tiny bows. Which I attached to paper clips because... I don't know why. Bean Bags There are a few common causes for this error code including problems with the individual script that may be executed upon request. Some of these are easier to spot and correct than others. File and Directory Ownership The server you are on runs applications in a very specific way in most cases. The server generally expects files and directories be owned by your specific user cPanel user.

Create Something Saturday's- DIY Stencil Art by 8thlopez on July 26, 2010 If you are a fan of graffiti or any type of street art, chances are you have come across an artist named Banksy who does impeccable stencil art installations and is now a world-renowned artist, even though he keeps his identity a secret. You may not be an aspiring Banksy, but would like to make some stencil art yourself. If you follow these directions you will be able to easily make stencil art of your own all by doing a quick picture edit, printing it out, cutting it out, and then painting! What you will need:

DIY scarf bag (Hermes Knotting Cards) (topshop dress, asos cuff) I’ve always been attracted to beautiful scarves, but I usually do the same old thing… simply wrap them around my head. Last Christmas, I received these Hermes Knotting Cards that teach you an endless amount ways to accessorize with a scarf. Book strap tutorial Ladies and gentlemen, I'm delighted to share a guest tutorial today from Lorraine (LiEr) Teigland of Ikat Bag. She's a former physics teacher, which speaks volumes about the smart projects her creative brain concocts. (Her pig and chicken patterns kill me.) Today's project is a book strap. I must admit I sheepishly had to ask Lorraine how to use this fancy item: does one grab the long end of the strap and use it like a handle, so the book stack dangles from it like a dog on a leash? Or does one cradle the books in the crook of the elbow with the strap hanging free?

Brittany's Best If you can sew a straight line, you can make this cute hide and seek puzzle. I made mine for my niece but have found that adults seem to be drawn to the puzzle too. My husband’s friend asked if I would make him a smaller version for his desk, so I did. I will include directions for both in this tutorial. This fun puzzle is a great way to keep kids occupied and is easy to tote around in the car, to Grandma’s or the doctor’s office. Fourth of July Citronella Candles Jun24 by Brenda Ponnay It turns out citronella candles are pretty easy to make! guest blogger - Sasha from The Guilded Bee: Here's another DIY project from our sweet friend, Sasha - from the The Gilded Bee. Be sure to check out her awesome shop full of handmade packaging lovelies. Thanks for being here with us Sasha! I'm delighted to share my book tutorial with you today: Supplies you’ll need to make this project: • One—8.5 x 5.5 sheet of cardstock

Wallet-to-Tote On the Go ~ Tutorial Lorraine from ikat bag is a favorite around here… She has tons of fun tutorials on her blog and she’s joined us before with this wonderful Back to School Pencil Case tutorial. Today Lorraine shares a tutorial for a new summer essential, the On the Go Wallet-to-Tote! Construction includes three main parts: Assembling the Wallet, Assembling the Outer Bag and Making the Lining. The tote zips into a convenient wallet in this unique and handy design.

Tutorial Tuesday: Coffee Cup Cosy with free pdf template Today’s tutorial is a super easy, very quick one, which would make a perfect gift to that Starbucks addict you know (or, if you’re in the UK, the Cafe Nero addict!). This cosy doesn’t take much fabric, and you could easily use the template to make up a patchwork front if you have smaller scraps you’d like to use up. You’ll need: a bit of exterior fabric, a bit of interior fabric, a bit of fusible fleece/wadding, a ponytail holder and a button. And your normal sewing kit, scissors, machine, etc. So, the first thing you need is the free pdf template. Edited to add: You will have to create an account with to get the pdf.

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