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Free Personal RSS Reader & Aggregator For Everyone

Free Personal RSS Reader & Aggregator For Everyone
Last updated: 14:19 Source: Vellum.nytlabs A Flipped-Up Twitter Feed with Only The Good Stuff In It: Vellum Robin Good: If you find tracking news on Twitter a difficult task due to the amount of stories showing up, and the often missing context helping you understand the value and relevance of what is being shared, here is a new tool that may help you quiet down the visual noise and find more rapidly what is really important.Vellum is a new free web app born out of a quick... Read more Source: Vimeo

Real-Time News Curation - The Complete Guide Part 6: The Tools Universe Real-Time News Curation: Part 6 - The Tools and Technologies In this part of the guide you will find: 1. A Brief History of News Curation Tools 2. I2P The software is free and open source and is published under multiple licenses. The name I2P is derived from Invisible Internet Project, which, in pseudo-mathematical notation, is represented as I²P. Technical design[edit] I2P is beta software since 2003.[3] Developers emphasize that there are likely to be bugs in the software and that there has been insufficient peer review to date.[4] However, they believe the code is now reasonably stable and well-developed, and more exposure can help development of I2P. Many developers of I2P are known only under pseudonyms. While the previous main developer, jrandom, is currently on hiatus, others, such as zzz and Complication have continued to lead development efforts, and are assisted by numerous contributors.[6]

Media Server Program for the PS3 And then you’ll install everything to your PC 1. Download Play-On via the link above, there’s a 14 day trial for you to determine whether or not you like the program and want to buy it Home of Janitha Karunaratne » Blog Archive » Sound of Data Ever wonder what all the data in your hard drive sounds like? Or simply want to kill the silence in your server room? Simple, just direct devices into the audio device and listen to the sweet beatiful sound of your data (or other device). Reminds me of the good old days of 56k dialup. The more cluttered the data in your drive is, the more interesting the sound is. As root issue the following commands. 9 Content Curation Tools For Better Web Organizing Content curation is a huge deal on the web today. As content on the web grows exponentially, our ability to make sense of it is inversely proportional. In other words, we are fast sinking under the sheer amount of content pouring onto the web every day. The social web hasn’t made life any easier on content production either – in fact its lowered the barrier to entry. According to Facebook, 30 billion pieces of content (web links, news blogs etc) are shared each month on the social network, with no sign of slowing. Right now it seems that content curation, and curation platforms are going to be an area of growth on the web.

Cipherspace According to its advocates, it should be impossible to know the actual identity of anyone in cipherspace. Therefore, it would be impossible to impose any censorship and to enforce any law. Because of that, they assert that concepts like copyright would be unenforceable inside cipherspace. Some doubt the possibility of complete anonymity, citing that real networks, even virtual private networks, need access to external resources, which tend to be trackable.

YaST: Setting up a local SuSE Linux update server If you use a variation of Novell's SUSE Linux in your business, sooner or later you will use SUSE's all-in-one administration tool, YaST (Yet another Setup Tool). YaST began as SUSE's installer, but now handles much of the administration load, offers a graphical interface, and brings point-and-click ease to the task of setting system parameters. This tip is the first in a series on YaST.

Top Movies Yesterday, Nick came into my office with a question. I was reading an article about nine great movies from nine decades. I was flabbergasted by the film listed for the current decade: Talk to Her. "Talk to Her?" I said, before Nick could ask his question. The Future Of Content Curation Tools - Part II -> continued from Part I - Future of Content Curation Tools 8) Preservation Contrary to popular belief, the nature of the web is quite volatile. A large percentage of the overall content available online, is moved, taken down, deleted or disappears on a daily basis, at times only because the website owner has no more money to pay his hosting bills. If you run a check for broken links on your web site you will see what I am talking about. How many times have you run through a list of tools on a blog post, only to find that a bunch of them were not available anymore?

56 RPC and RPC2 Services to Ping by Elliott Back (...and grow up Update: Merging Ensight’s list with my own produces the following massive set of 43 56 WordPress ping URLs. And, in my never-ending quest to find more urls for my blog to ping via XML-RPC and RPC2, I’ve came across a few more. The WordPress Customization Guide has been updated; here’s a comprehensive ping list: General Ping Services: Meta Tag Generator META tags are HTML Tags that describe the contents of a web page. The primary purpose of Meta tags is to help catalog and categorize the contents of a web page. If your pages do not contain them then they may not get categorized the way you‘d like by the search engines.

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