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Online Mind Mapping and Brainstorming - MindMeister Interceder - latest news filtered by topic Who Unfollowed Me On Twitter - ManageFlitter - Twitter Account Management Have you asked yourself this? Well you're in luck - ManageFlitter has the answer! Click "Connect to Twitter" below to connect your account. We'll process data on your followers and within a few seconds you'll see the screen below - a list of all the people who have unfollowed you. If you feel like it, you can then select some people and unfollow them quickly by clicking the button on the right. What else does ManageFlitter do? Apart from being the perfect answer to who unfollowed me, ManageFlitter is a world class Twitter management tool. More detail about each of these can be found on the ManageFlitter Features page. How much does it cost? It's completely free to find out who has unfollowed you.

All the easiest ways to search old tweets For people search, see “The Ultimate Guide To Finding People On Twitter“ Twitter’s default search only goes back a week—if that—and often chokes on multiple keyword searches. But finally, Twitter has begun letting users download ALL their Tweets, and has included a tweet search engine (& charts) with the download! It even lets you sort by month or keyword, and includes some handy charts. But not everyone can access their download…yet! So if that’s not available to you, fortunately, there ARE many great alternatives. Problems With Search There is no free search product that is 100% reliable. Also, to see the most tweets possible at, read “How to get to show you more tweets when you page down.” Here are my favorites: Library of Congress tweet archive search By searching Google using the “Updates” option you are searching the entire twitter archive. Review of all search methods I’ve added a brief review below, which I’ll expand later. Review of Tweet Search Engines Google

ShareMeNot The 5 Most Advanced Search Engines On The Web More advanced search engines will meet you halfway, by providing forms for advanced searches, better interpreting your queries, suggesting keywords, or finding unusual context. In this article I introduce five search engines with such advanced features. General Search Whenever you are looking for written information, the general search engines will do the trick. The advanced search gives access to additional features that easily let you refine your search query. Google Why? keeps setting new standards.comprehensive, yet easy to use interface.excellent search term suggestions. Further reading: Alternative: Yahoo! Reverse Image Search While most general search engines can search for images based on file names or tags, more advanced search engines can read the image and make its content searchable. TinEye creates an image fingerprint.does reverse image search based on the fingerprint.reveals where and how images are used. Similar Image Search [NO LONGER WORKS] GazoPa Invisible Search CompletePlanet

Hear from Rat Icerocket blog search SparkleShare - Sharing work made easy - Search FREE music downloads! Convert YouTube vide