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Rocket Stove Cheaper than Cabelas. Wood stove runs a generator, produces gasoline, runs a fridge and heats hot water at the same time. Wild Stoves. The most portable, versatile, easy to use cooking stove ever. Stovepipe water heater. Gas Bottle Wood Stove Heat Exchanger Version 2. Emberlit Stove. Hobo Stove Cook Stove - The Best Ever! Home Made Wood Stove - Urban Survival. Sharpshooterofky's channel. Heat-Booster Home Page. Hotandeasy1's channel. Sawdust Stove. Sawdust Cooker WMV Film. DIY AMMO CAN TENT STOVE (PART 2) DIY wood stove from a surplus ammo can. The Poor Man's Survival Heater. Hawken Energy provides outdoor wood burning furnaces, the best outdoor heating systems in the industry, as well as offering green, cleaner heating for home, pool or office. Biomass Direct LLC Alternative Heating - Outdoor Wood Burning Furnaces & Solar. Deadwood Stove Company, Valera TX. How I Made my pot belly stove.