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Ingo Maurer

Ingo Maurer
The Tree, Installation für die Bodegas Vega Sicilia Weinbaugebiet Ribera del Duero, 2013 Der Baum ist Teil eines Lichtkonzepts für die Bodegas Vega Sicilia. Der Auftraggeber wünschte eine Installation in der Nähe der Straße, die zum Symbol für die Winzerei werden soll. Der Baum aus Corten-Stahl ist über acht Meter hoch und hat einen Durchmesser von fünf bis sechs Metern. An den ‚Ästen’ hängen mehrere leicht gebogene Elemente, die an ein Mobile erinnern und sich im Wind leicht bewegen.


Phillips Designs Solar Powered City Street Light Smart design meets city lights in these solar-powered LED street lights by Phillips. Inspired by how flowers open up to the sun to collect the sun’s energy, the Sustainable City Lights feature photovoltaic petals that open during the day to collect the sun’s rays and transform them into energy. Then at night, the light closes and LED lights turn on to brighten city streets. Designed for the Phillips Simplicity Event in 2008, the Sustainable City Light is an intelligent outdoor lighting system meant to enhance city life by providing accurate lighting on demand as needed. The LED lights feature motion sensors that are triggered once the sun sets by individuals walking in close proximity to the light. If no one is around, the lights conserve energy by remaining off.

Michael Anastassiades Michael Anastassiades Burger tip of the tongue, 2013 get set, 2013 Eco friendly streetlights that show us the green way The Luceplan Sky has been designed by Alfredo Häberli rely on the energy of the sun to illuminate the streets after dark. The PV panels resting on top of the lights charge batteries during daytime which as night falls power up the LEDs to release intense and prolonged lighting in the area. British designer Ross Lovegrove designed the Solar Tree, an innovative street lighting system that relies on renewable energy. The idea was to bring art and light to the Ringtrasse and Lovegrove came up with the concept of solar tree, made with the modern technology of pipe bending. The Embryo Street Lighting concept by designer Harsha Vardhan looks completely practical and effective.

UniversalProjekt - Our Skills Our SkillsWE LOVE TO MATERIALIZE YOUR VISIONS!Our award winning concepts will help you reach your business goals. Development of customized and individual concepts SonUmbra Solar Powered Tree As advancements in lighting technology unveil fresh materials, we’re thrilled to see designers exploring new ways to light up the night. SonUmbra is a solar-powered tree composed of strands of light-emitting fabric woven into a lucent web of branches. The installation’s canopy of photovoltaic panels captures light during the day, and once the sun sets the tree blooms in an interactive flourish of light and sound. Designed by Loop.pH, the “sonic shade of light” is intended to be “planted” in remote areas, where it offers shelter from the sun by day and serves as a gathering place for the local community at night. The installation is constructed from a light emitting fabric that is crafted into a lattice of electroluminescent fibers. As passerby move around the solar tree, the installation strikes up an interplay of light and sound that encourages interaction.

Solar Path Lighting by Edan Kurzweil at Solar Path Lighting by Edan Kurzweil Views: Favorites: Comments: LUUM — Contemporary lighting design Flame Pollen Bangle Phoenix Design Logic, Morals and Magic Since 1987, Phoenix Design has been designing interaction: between the product and the user, between the brand and the consumer, between designers and their clients. Cases in point: How do you promote an evolutionary change in how to take a shower? With a shower head designed for Hansgrohe that allows decalcification by the sweep of one finger – and that changes its water jet by the push of a button. All Products of DelightFULL Unique Lamps Portugal OfficeRua Particular de Regueirais nº334435-379 Rio Tinto, PortugalT. +351 912 528 471 F. +351 224 887 170 London Office1 Regal House Lensbury Avenue Fulham London SW6 2GZ . London T. 0207 193 7218

Tucker Lamp by Tucker Waugh I was perusing the perpetually well done output of Working Class Studio, a division of the Savannah College of Art and Design, the other day and came across a lovely lamp by furniture designer and SCAD alum Tucker Waugh. The eponymous Tucker Lamp cuts a nice modern profile, lights the room from both above and below, and at a very economical $110 certainly makes it the best single way to make your well Ikea-ed friends envious without a Ligne Roset budget. This acrylic table lamp stands 19" high by 9" wide and comes with a pair of drum shades in both walnut veneer and white acrylic. I think I prefer the black body with the walnut veneer, though white on white certainly affects that cool, contempo vibe.

aust & amelung: a floor lamp Some pieces of functional design recall special affinities and ideas. We had this kind of reflection upon "a floor lamp" created by aust & amelung, design studio of Miriam Aust and Sebastian Amelung based in Kassel, Germany. The project is founded on the simple mechanism of a beam balance. A long beam cranes across the room and balances a lampshade on one side against a sandbag in the other. The sandbag can be moved manually into four positions weighing in different lighting situations.