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DIY Umbrella Chandelier from Free People. DIY Paper Flower Chandelier. Being the paper flower crafter that I am, it is a must that I add some of my DIY paper blooms to my own home decor. . . without over doing it.

DIY Paper Flower Chandelier

So when I was looking at how I might create a dynamic entryway (see full entryway tour here), I knew that the light fixture on the high ceiling was going to get a paper flower makeover. To make this chandelier, I did recycle the flowers from the paper garland tutorial I shared this spring. This was not enough to finish the look but it did give me a good head start. I found a vintage wire basket for the frame of my paper chandelier and started stringing and hanging the long strands of blooms. This piece is about 12 inches across and 30 inches tall. DIY Tutorial: Cardboard / DIY Cardboard Chandelier - Bead&Cord. Maria S.C. single test tubes chandelier by PaniJurek on Etsy. DIY Wine Cork Chandelier. I have to admit, Joey is a genius.

DIY Wine Cork Chandelier

A few months ago, when browsing through the bins at Goodwill Outlet, he stumbled upon a giant pile of wine corks and a fan grate. He excitedly called me over to look at what he had found. To me it just looked like a bunch of junk; however, Joey saw something special in those materials. He had a vision, and I’m glad I allowed him to follow his vision, because now I have an incredible wine cork chandelier which was made from those seemly useless items. You can follow the tutorial below to make your own. Materials: Fan grate60-100 wine corksString60-100 screw eye hooks (214 x 13/16)Rope (medium thickness)Picture hanging wirePipe fastener Instructions: Start by screwing the hooks into the wine corks.

Pretty cool, huh? Brenna’s paper capiz shell chandelier. I love wax paper for packing lunches; i wrap sandwiches in a piece of wax paper and tie it like a present with a little cotton string. it’s so much better looking than a plastic bag. wax paper comes in handy for more things than i realized, like rolling it up to use for a funnel, or how about rubbing a piece of wax paper on the top of your shower curtain rod to cut down on that terrible screeching in the morning…problem solved. but who knew that if you iron layers of wax paper together it looks remarkably similar to a capiz shell? This discovery brought me to today’s project: the faux capiz chandelier. hung over your dining table, or outside at an outdoor dinner party, it is an easy solution to a dramatic light fixture and will look phenomenal in either setting. i hope you enjoy making your own as much i did!

-brenna CLICK HERE for the full how-to after the jump! Materials: Instructions: 1. spray paint your planter basket. let dry. 8. once you cover the hanging basket you are done! Scandinavian interior. Did you say colours ?

Scandinavian interior

Red, turquoise, almond green, yellow… Colours ! That’s what comes in mind when you see this 70 square meters apartment in Vasastan, a disctrict of Göteborg in Sweden. The numerous art paintings, the cushions or the lamps, every element of this apartment brings its touch of colour and pops again all the white ! Love the sweet pink and purple balcony ! Michelle Brand’s Stunning Plastic Bottle Chandelier. One of the most stunning pieces at this year’s 100% Design was this gorgeous recycled plastic bottle chandelier by Michelle Brand.

Michelle Brand’s Stunning Plastic Bottle Chandelier

Composed entirely from cut-off bottle bases, it lit up the floor at (re)design‘s Lighten Up exhibition, which showcased a selection of innovative lighting designer-makers who are ‘switched-on’ when it comes to tackling domestic lighting design solutions. 100% Design gets better every year, although sometimes the unavoidable trade show layout can be a bit wearing on the visitor. Michelle Brand‘s piece welcomed all as the statement chandelier in the entryway, drawing desensitized design enthusiasts closer and closer.

Upon further inspection the curvaceous star shaped modules looked strangely familiar. Paper Starburst Pendant Light. Pipe Lights by MESH Architectures. Eric Liftin, principal of MESH Architectures handcrafts pipe lights in a variety of configurations including custom insalls.

Pipe Lights by MESH Architectures

The fixtures are made from iron plumbing pipe and almost have the appearance of tree branches. The fixtures cast a low, soft light akin to candlelight, but unlike candles these lamps can be switched or dimmed with a simple touch. They are available for purchase through MESH Architectures’ Etsy shop. Sculptural paper orb lights. It’s wonderful to see so many DIY projects that take advantage of the humble paper globe light.

sculptural paper orb lights

Just when I think I’ve seen them all, I come across a new one that I love, like this version created by Heather Jennings of Poppy Haus. While browsing her local Anthropologie store, Heather was inspired by two things: the ingenuity of the displays, all made with simple, everyday materials, and the Rhododendron Chandelier. Adorned with handmade, sculptural paper flowers, the chandelier is amazing, but at $898, Heather thought it would it be the perfect candidate for a DIY variation. Luckily, Heather stumbled upon decorative cupcake liners with an optical, graphic print that provided the perfect amount of depth and texture. By layering them over plain liners, she was able to create a beautiful effect on these orb lights; the organic, anemone-like shapes look lovely up close, far away, unlit during the day and glowing from within at night.