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Neal Cassady rotten > Library > Biographies > Authors > Beats > Neal Cassady Although his name is unrecognizable to many, Neal Cassady is one of those rare individuals whose existence changed the culture of a nation. In fact he was such an integral part of the cultural revolution birthed with the Beats and set ablaze by the Hippies that Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead was to later describe Cassady as “a tool of the cosmos.” Man goes out clubbing in Manchester and wakes up in a toilet in PARIS OOPS: Luke Harding found himself in Paris after a night out drinking [CAVENDISH PRESS] But party loving Luke Harding had the mother of all hangovers after getting steaming drunk in Manchester nightclub Tokyo's and waking up in PARIS. The 19-year-old was getting a cab home at 4am when he suddenly decided it was a good idea to head to the French capital after finding his passport in his pocket. He told the cabbie to change course to Manchester Airport, and booked a last minute flight for £100 at 6am using his iPhone. And when he woke up the next day in a TOILET at Charles De Gaulle Airport, he realised he'd made a bit of a detour - a 500-mile detour to be precise.

Vermibus Over-consumption and the unchecked use of our natural resources to serve that consumption, is wreaking havoc on our environment and on our minds. Our unabated need for the latest products and ideas leaves us only wanting more, at the expense of the world around us. Fueling this unchecked desire is a commercial media whose goal is the promotion of more consumption through every outlet known.

Top 10 banned or challenged classic novels During Banned Books Week it’s good to make an extra effort not only to get interested in banned books, but also spread the word about the issue among book lovers. We shared the other day a great infographic about banned comics and graphic novels. The one we are excited to show below was created by the team from BookPal, an online store offering quantity discounts on books bought in bulk. Based on the figures from American Library Association, the infographic presents 10 famous novels which were banned or challenged in the United States over time.

Rodriguez - Crucify Your Mind Lyrics Was it a huntsman or a player That made you pay the cost That now assumes relaxed positions And prostitutes your loss? Were you tortured by your own thirst In those pleasures that you seek That made you Tom the curious That makes you James the weak? And you claim you got something going Something you call unique But I've seen your self-pity showing As the tears roll down your cheeks. Soon you know I'll leave you And I'll never look behind 'Cos I was born for the purpose That crucifies your mind. So con, convince your mirror As you've always done before Giving substance to shadows Giving substance ever more. And you assume you got something to offer Secrets shiny and new But how much of you is repetition That you didn't whisper to him too.

2011 San Fernando massacre Not to be confused with the 2010 San Fernando massacre, the killing of 72 illegal immigrants. The 2011 San Fernando massacre, also known as the second massacre of San Fernando,[1] was the mass murder of 193 people by Los Zetas drug cartel at La Joya ranch in the municipality of San Fernando, Tamaulipas, Mexico.[2] Authorities investigating the massacre reported numerous hijackings of passenger buses on Mexican Federal Highway 101 in San Fernando, and the kidnapped victims were later killed and buried in 47 clandestine mass graves.[2] The investigations began immediately after several suitcases and baggage were unclaimed in Reynosa and Matamoros, Tamaulipas.[3] On 6 April 2011, the Mexican authorities exhumed 59 corpses from eight mass graves.[4] By 7 June 2011, after a series of multiple excavations, a total of 193 bodies were exhumed from mass graves in San Fernando.[5] Background[edit] Before the violence[edit] "If they come for you, do not let them take you alive. Massacre[edit]

Kevin Russ Mount Rainier National Park, Kevin Russ (Source: nectarinejam, via jenniferpeach) mullitover: JONATHAN CHERRY: What did you want to be growing up?KEVIN RUSS: A baseball player, then skateboarder, then musician.JC: Who or what is inspiring you at the moment? Jacques Quinet biography at Primavera Gallery There were many very talented furniture designers working in France in the 1940's - 50's, and after, but one name stands out - Jacques Quinet - for the excellence of his work. The career of Jacques Quinet is difficult to define, as it spanned over five decades, and several radically different styles. It is a tribute to Quinet's genius that he was so successful at navigating so many changes without compromising his work. He consistently produced designs with his characteristic elegance of line, deceptive simplicity, and perfect proportions. Quinet was a decorator, furniture maker, and architect.

In a Relationship A mockumentary about two relationships—one fresh, one stale—and the perils of contemporary dating. With all that has been written about dating—from love songs to romantic comedies—you’d think we would have a handle on it by now. But, nope…we’re all still clueless, really, when it comes to matters of the heart. Sam Boyd explores the universal grey areas of “does he?” April 23rd, 1988 - You're Getting Old! Date of birth: April 23rd, 1988 You are 26 years, 1 month and 12 days old today. You are 9,539 days old.

braided 'dos Archives - Page 7 of 13 So it took a while for me to catch on to this trend. I was not entirely feeling it for a while. But then I did the Sail away braid and I loved it. A couple days later, I happened to have my house to myself for several hours which literally never happens. I felt absolutely free and untethered. The Image Makers: Inez And Vinoodh: style file: daily fashion, party, and model news In a new series, sits down with the best in the field of contemporary fashion photography to talk about both the process and the product. First up: the husband-and-wife Dutch shooters Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin. At exactly 34 characters long, Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin easily have the longest photo credit in the business. Admittedly, the count includes A-N-D, but that little linking word is crucial. Van Lamsweerde and Matadin are partners in every sense—creatively, romantically, as parents of their 9-year-old son Charles Star Matadin, and seemingly everything in between. The Dutch natives have been together for 26 years, and to sit with the two of them for an interview is to witness genuine sentence-finishing synergy.

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