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Explore Weird & Wonderful Lists At Snagsta What results is that you find all sorts of wonderful and weird lists including tourism advice, motivation tips, startup advice, book lists, movie lists and much more. There’s always new lists to check out, so it’s definitely somewhere you could head back to on a regular basis just to get a little more inspiration. Signing up at Snagsta only takes a moment, regardless of whether you create a log in or use Facebook Connect to log in. Exploring Lists Browsing the lists can be done by categories listed at the bottom of all Snagsta pages, including some “best of” categories to let you quickly browse the popular lists. When browsing lists, ensure you let Snagsta know if you like it. Make Your Own Lists Creating a list is straightforward – the “Create List” link is at the top of all Snagsta pages. Take a look around for list ideas “” there’s plenty of unusual ideas out there. Finding Friends What Could Snagsta Do Better? It would be great to see : Have a play!

Listal - List the stuff you love! Movies, TV, music, games and books List Of The Day ListBean: Collection Of Pre-Created Customizable CheckLists Useful website that aggregates and offers lots of detailed checklists for everyday life – everything from checklists for moving and newborn babies to college and wedding. Checklist categories include Business/Finances, Education, Emergencies/Storms, Family, Food/Pantry, Green Living, Hobbies/Sports, Home, Jobs, Medical/First Aid, and more. Each checklist comes in pdf format and is ready to use, just go to website find the checklist you need, download and save to your computer and print it out. Features: Free checklists for everyday life.Browse checklists by category.Download and save checklists as PDF.Print checklists.Currently there are around 100 checklists and more being added.No sign up or registration needed. Go to SimplyChecklists @

5ives | Merlin's Lists of Five Things GoalStacker: A Task Management Application Focusing On Your Day’s Tasks Numerous web apps let you easily create to-do lists that comprise of tasks you need to complete. What you could really use is a way to filter today’s tasks from others in your to-do lists. Here to offer that is a web service called Goal Stacker. After you sign up for an account on the site you can create a project and create tasks on it. Furthermore for each task you can add notes and attach files; you can also invite collaborators to your projects and assign them tasks. Goal Stacker offers a basic free plan with a capacity of 5MB and 1 project. Features: A user-friendly web service.Lets you manage tasks.Lets you view today’s tasks separately.Lets you add collaborators to your projects.Lets you add notes and files with tasks.Similar tools: ManageWithUs, Producteev and TheDeadline.Also read related articles: 15 Useful Excel Templates for Project Management & Tracking Manage Your Life with Free Online Time Management Tools Check out GoalStacker @

List of 10,000 Web Directories - Free, Paid, Niche and Regional Directory Listings Listography - Put Your Whole Life Into Lists Online We’ve covered a very wide range of such tools on MUO, like Tim’s 5 printable grocery list sites, or Kaly’s comprehensive list of all of the To-Do services out there. However, a to-do list maker Listography is not. I came across the site while searching for comments about movies, and stumbled upon someone’s list of the top movies they loved. Listography is where you can publish your list online including your likes, dislikes, fears, desires, worries – whatever makes up the psychology and personality that is you. Your Listography page can be as plain or as creative as you like. It’s yet another format of social expression that lets you share a bit about yourself without the need to share too much, and without the time requirement of writing a whole lot. Your profile has four default folders. The settings area is where you can configure your profile and background image, as well as configure the public page name for your lists – for example, mine is now

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