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FlexLists - Create Simple Free Database and Lists Online Quand les infirmières du CHU de Liège font un calendrier, elles posent sous les rayons x, complètement nues Samedi 26 novembre 2011 6 26 /11 /Nov /2011 19:28 Quand les infirmières du CHU de Liège en Belgique font un calendrier, elles posent sous les rayons x, carrément à poil Source Quand les infirmières du CHU de Liège en Belgique font un calendrier, elles ne le font pas à moitié, elles posent carrément à poil. L'astuce pour poser entièrement nue sans complexe et de poser sous les rayons X et de proposer des photos de radiographies de chaque modèle... Les photos proviendraient en fait d'un fabricant de matériel médical Eizo. Photos du calendrier des Infirmières de Liège Partager l'article ! inShare Par - Publié dans : Insolite, étrange et bêtise humaine 0

Listal - List the stuff you love! Movies, TV, music, games and books Amazon 'wish list' is gateway to epic social engineering hack Comedian Erik Stolhanske didn't know what he was getting himself into when he let a cybersecurity expert at SecureState take a crack at hacking him. The "Super Troopers" actor gave the company the green light to try to access his Twitter account with nothing more than his name. What he found out was that his entire digital life could have been compromised using simple techniques. SecureState profiling consultant Brandan Geise went on a mission to hack into Stolhanske's Twitter account, but instead was also able to gain access to his Amazon, AOL, Apple and Dropbox accounts, as well his Web hosting account. A manipulation tactic called social engineering can give anyone smart enough to connect the dots a gateway into your digital domain. "Pretty much anyone can do this," Geise told Geise started by running a search of Stolhanske's name on, a website that aggregates public information about people. "It definitely required a lot of recon work," Geise said. He was in.

OverTask Game Downloader: Download, Preview & Play Free Classic Retro Games Playing games is probably one of the best ways to kill time. It’s also a good activity to relax after a hard day at work or during . Most games available these days demand top-end hardware to feed the graphical prowess they hold, however, if you are really into gaming just for fun, check out Game Downloader. It is a portable utility to download and play free games off the internet. It hosts a number of categories, and every category contains lots of free and open source games. The main interface has Category drop down menu at the top, Games list in the middle and Version, About and Screenshot of the game at the bottom of the interface. To download a game, first select the Category, and then click the name of the game. A window will pop up showing the Download Progress bar, File Name, Total Size, Size Completed, Size remaining, Speed and Time Remaining. Once the game is downloaded, open the Game Downloader main folder and choose Downloads folder. Download Game Downloader Advertisement

Top 10 Lists & Much More - The Best Lists About Everything Can Amazon Monetize Anything? Billy Pilgrim has come unstuck in copyright. The time-traveling character from Kurt Vonnegut’s 1969 novel Slaughterhouse-Five this month became available to would-be writers of Vonnegut fan fiction, through a new program called Kindle Worlds. Earlier this month, Amazon announced it had cut a deal with the Vonnegut Trust to legitimate Vonnegut fan fic published through the program. For Amazon, which has already scrambled publishing as we know it, this could be seen as a coup upon a coup. But with the participation of the Vonnegut Trust, Amazon enters new--and controversial--territory. FAST COMPANY: Can you give an overview of Kindle Worlds? PHILIP PATRICK: Kindle Worlds is the first commercial publishing platform that enables any writer to create stories inspired by popular books, shows, films, comics, music, and games--what we call Worlds--and sell them in the Kindle Store. How many authors or franchises are on the platform? What does the rise of fan fiction mean?

Simple, effortless collection of personal data | AskMeEvery Lacoste ne veut plus qu'Anders Breivik porte ses polos - (10:50) Anders Breivik, auteur de 77 meurtres. | Reuters L'image de marque est vraiment très chère à l'esprit de Lacoste. Peut-être trop ? Le sigle au crocodile a en effet prié la police norvégienne d'empêcher Anders Breivik de porter ses vêtements lors de ses apparitions médiatiques. L'information a été révélée par le journal local Daglabet, et confirmée par la police norvégienne. Il faut dire que le serial killer blondinet est plutôt friand des polos de la marque créée en 1933 par le Français René Lacoste. Mais Breivik ne porte pas du Lacoste pour le plaisir. "Les individus raffinés comme moi sont une denrée rare ici, donc j'ai remarqué que j'attire beaucoup l'attention [...] Breivik n'avait alors qu'un leitmotiv pour ne pas attirer l'attention sur ses sombres desseins : paraître l'air d'un "Européen bien éduqué et conservateur", pour envoyer des "signaux psycho-socio-économiques" rassurants. Anders Breivik, toujours en Lacoste. (Clip d'Arsenik, Boxe avec les mots, 1998)