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Where the Worthwhile Worship. Unsaved Unwelco

Where the Worthwhile Worship. Unsaved Unwelco

Harry Potter l'homo Our ongoing battle against the forces of evil, manifest through J.K. Rowling and her homosexual hero, Harry Potter, are documented and updated on this page when the Lord Jesus calls us to do so. The Make Believe World of Harry Potter Is Driving Children to the Edge of Insanity! Emergency JESUS YOUTH Memo Regarding Release of Half-Blood Prince - July 2009: Our "Extinguishing the Half-Blood of a Prince With the Full-Blood of the Lamb" campaign kicks off on July 15. Emergency Memo - September 2008: The Landover Baptist Board of Directors approved $17.5 million in church tithes to be directed to the "Center For Ongoing Background Check of J.K. Emergency Memo - May 2007: Beginning In early May we will be holding 24-hour prayer vigils and hourly book burnings outside the Freehold Iowa Multiplex Cinema. Emergency Memo - July 2005: The Ladies of Landover are holding a midnight prayer vigil on July 15th outside the Freehold, Iowa Barnes and Noble. Original Church Memo (November 1999)

September 2001 - Brother Harry's Bible Study Q & A Brother Harry Hardwick Answers Your Questions Q: "In Germany, the Nazis first came for the Communists, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Communist. Then they came for the Jews, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Jew. - Martin Niemoeller, Berlin Lutheran pastor arrested by the Gestapo andsent to Dachau concentration camp in 1938; the Allied forces freed him seven years later. A: Dear Odd Historian, I heard a similar statement once, but with slightly different persecution cited. Praying we will always find some group to belittle and terrorize (always disguising our animosity by saying we don't hate them, just their acts--LOL!) Q: If you could sell your soul to Satan, what would you want for it? A: Dear Doomed, Inquisitive One, I cannot agree with the others who have replied. The price tag for my soul would be "everything I would get from God as a saved Christian who followed all His commandments." Q: Honesty is a loose term in the Bible it seems. A: Dear Hell-bound Analyzer, P.S.

With Michael Jackson Dead, The World Becomes a Safer Place For C "The world today is twice as safe for our precious children than it was yesterday when Michael Jackson was still alive and prowling," said Pastor Deacon Fred. "Especially little lily-white boys with well-shaped heinies and the ability to keep a secret. Our sources say that Mr. Jackson loved them the best." On the evening of June 25th, Baptist ministry leaders learned that Michael Jackson's nose caved in on itself after one too many plastic surgeries and he suffocated during his Demerol-laced sleep. Landover Baptist Ministries revealed that they received detailed information about Mr. Official Landover Baptist Church Statement Concerning the Eternal Fate of Michael Jackson: "Scripture teaches us that Michael Jackson is now burning in Hell.

Indonesia aims to tap volcano power Indonesia has launched an ambitious plan to tap the vast power of its volcanoes and become a world leader in geothermal energy, while trimming greenhouse gas emissions. The sprawling archipelago of 17,000 islands stretching from the Indian to the Pacific Oceans contains hundreds of volcanoes, estimated to hold around 40 percent of the world's geothermal energy potential. But so far only a tiny fraction of that potential has been unlocked, so the government is seeking help from private investors, the World Bank and partners like Japan and the United States to exploit the power hidden deep underground. "The government's aim to add 4,000 megawatts of geothermal capacity from the existing 1,189 megawatts by 2014 is truly challenging," Indonesian Geothermal Association chief Surya Darma said. One of the biggest obstacles is the cost. This is the pay-off the government is hoping to sell at the fourth World Geothermal Congress opening Sunday on the Indonesian resort island of Bali.

Disney PIXAR's, "Up" - The Sugarcoating of Pedophilia! It goes without saying, but we'll say it anyway: If the sight of an old man with balloons in a confined space, alone with a little boy doesn't raise every anointed hair on your Godly neck, then you need to check yourself into a Baptist Mental Hospital! It doesn't matter if a man-balloon-boy combo is presented in a book, in a movie, or in real life - as True Christians™, what might seem innocent to the untrained (unsaved) eye, when seen through the Eyes of Christ, calls forth images that could only be described as a potpourri of pedophilia! This sexually explicit and perverted combination of an old man, balloons, and a little boy is the subject of Disney PIXAR's lewd little new film, Up. And yes, Christian friends, we are living in the Last Days. So, it shouldn't shock you to hear that Up is rated G and is marketed to your children. Disney's trickery knows no bounds. Some churches, like Landover Baptist are pro-active about educating children about the dangers of seeing the movie, Up.

Grow Lights, Grow Bulbs and Hydroponics - Plantlighting Hydropon Child's Depiction of Henry Gates Wins National Award at Current Child's Depiction of Henry Gates Wins National Award at "Current Events Coloring Contest!" Freehold, Iowa - Christian children across America were asked to depict the most important issue in America today, as reported on television. They were put in a room with several TV sets, tuned to every major news network. Armed with a box of crayons, a piece of paper, and their own Christian perspective, the kids were given 2-hours to come up with a drawing to be entered into the "Current Events Coloring Contest." Contest Winner Click Here to Enlarge Image Landover Baptist congratulates William Evans Crenshaw (Billy) from Freehold, Iowa as this year's winner, selected from over 2,000 entries. Contest winner, Billy Crenshaw receives the Grand Prize - a Mel Gibson signed copy of “The Passion of the Christ” on High Definition Blu-Ray.

teenage-entrepreneurs: Personal Finance News from Yahoo! Finance One of the most compelling reasons to consider retiring to another country is the opportunity to reduce your cost of living, maybe dramatically. As one American I know who retired to Boquete, Panama put it recently, "Back in Tucson, Arizona, where I'm from, my monthly Social Security check might cover the cost of my utilities. Here in Boquete, my income from Social Security is enough to buy me a very comfortable new life." The average Social Security check is about $1,200. You can receive that payment while living anywhere in the world. Boquete, Panama. Granada, Nicaragua. Hangzou, China. Morelia, Mexico. Cuenca, Ecuador. Getty Images

Tampons: Satan's Little Cotton Fingers TAMPONS: "Satan's Little Cotton Fingers!" Landover Ladies Vow to "Stop Satan From Pulling The Strings!" Ladies of Landover member Mrs. "The young woman was trying to buy tampons," Mrs. “I explained to this young lady that we do not carry such phallic devices as tampons and when attending to her monthly curse," Mrs. "A Godly woman is only to use a Maxi-Pad," Mrs. "Toxic Shock Syndrome is God's way of punishing unsaved harlots who choose Satan’s cotton fingers over a Godly pad," Pastor Deacon Fred stated upon hearing of the event. Church members are commanded to talk to your teen-age daughters, and search their rooms if you have to. Mrs. Mrs. “We shall pray over the flames as we watch these evil devices go back to the fiery pits of hell from whence they came,” Mrs. All church members are encouraged to join in the BBQ and bring a covered dish as we celebrate yet another Victory over Satan. Copyright 1998-2008,

the-best-birthday-freebies: Personal Finance News from Yahoo! Fi Getting Free Goodies Birthday goodies from restaurants and retailers abound, even in a tough economy, and they're not just for kids. There's plenty of free food, free stuff and great deals for adults and kids on their special days, though, like senior discounts at restaurants, you may have to ask for them wherever you go. We're not saying you should pretend it's your birthday to take advantage of these deals, but if it really is your birthday, here are some ways to celebrate for free or on the cheap. Black Angus Unless you're a vegetarian or allergic to beef, you can't go wrong with a free steak dinner at Black Angus for your birthday. Age limit: 16 or older. Denny's Kids enrolled in the Denny's Birthday Club will receive a birthday card entitling them to a free kids meal and sundae at a participating Denny's restaurant as long as they're with an adult paying for a regular-priced adult entrée. Age limit: Kids 10 years and under accompanied by an adult. Red Robin Age limit: None Firehouse Subs

Comment etre femme et baptiste ? Part 4 : "How to Be Ladylike and Christian – At the Same Time!" Ladies, please! Enough with the letters! Now it is time to talk about perhaps the most difficult aspect of being Christian and female – how to manage to be a lady as well. Let’s not forget how disgusting the Lord thinks we are, ladies. At first blush, one might think the key to a happy life for women is to avoid marriage altogether. But don’t despair: this series is all about using religion to your advantage. Let me give you just a few illustrations from my incredibly envious and ladylike life. Ladies, there’s no need for you to worry about how I feel physically during my jaunts to New York or London because I had a hysterectomy eight years ago. Perhaps the most difficult Bible verses to deal with are those that appear to say we should all be homely and unattractive. First, I explained to Harry that the only things you can buy at J.C. Well, there you have it, ladies. Copyright 1998-2007, Americhrist Ltd.

scarlet_ink - User Profile I am Scarlet Ink. This journal is a window into my mind as I dream, brainstorm, plan and obsess over my future. I am a brand, perhaps a tiny one at the moment, but I believe that the ideal that it represents deserves a chance to become a reality. Freedom. I believe in the freedom of all mankind to live as they see fit and leave everyone else the hell alone already so they can do the same. Freedom is what brought me here. There are a few reasons I want to focus on adult businesses: 1.) 2.) 3.) 4.) I should state that this isn't the official blog of Scarlet Ink's Cathouse of Content. Be warned: I am very opinionated, very dirty-minded, open to *almost* anything, and a huge flirt.

Don't Be On The Toilet When Jesus Comes Back! Don't Get Caught On The Toilet When Jesus Comes Back! True Christian® friends, we know that Jesus is only moments away from making His appearance here on Earth. When He finally shows up, He will not be sharing His unconditional love with any liberal, Boodist, demoncrat, Mary Worshipper, or any other unsaved person. They will be discarded like trash and shipped off to be dumped into the lake of fire where they will burn forever. Friends, I just want to make sure that you realize if you are sitting on the toilet when Jesus comes back, and His sweet face peeks into the bathroom, to find you there, He could turn His back on you forever! Jesus is not going to accept any silly excuses. So let's not get caught on the devil's johnny when the Lord comes a' callin' friends! As a final word of caution, all True Christians®, take note! Copyright 1998-2007, Americhrist Ltd.

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Promis régulièrement quand j'ai le cerveau qui fume de trop, je vous perlerai des trucs de ce site dont je vous conseille la lecture ! by uglycharly Aug 27

Mouahaha ! Si ça c'est pas de la perle ! Ne me remerciez pas ! En fait j'appartiens à ce mouvement religieux alors ne m'approchez pas à moins de 15 miles (lire l'édito du site ça fait froid dans le dos) by uglycharly Aug 27