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Showcase of Free Infographic PSD Templates  Mostly designers and companies keep trends to be exist as all-rounder in this designing world and now hundred thousands word report split into an complete infographics image that is relationship of new design techniques, most of the time creative and professional presentation win Olympic meddle then a physically better athlete, only using my own words as reference because I recently have so many jobs for design infographics and now I would like to share to others why we should get control on infographic design techniques because modern world always adopt better way of representations. Advanced Infographic Charts Infographic Vector Kit Flashcards about Phrasal Verbs incorrect cards (0) correct cards (0) remaining cards (205)

Blogging About The Web 2.0 Connected Classroom Welcome About this video Learn how to use the full power of Xcode and iPad playgrounds to prototype ideas, document new frameworks, and teach others how to code. Released When Apple introduced Swift, they also introduced playgrounds, a way of prototyping and playing with Swift in Xcode without compiling to a simulator or device. Now there's the Swift Playgrounds app for the iPad, which extends their power to a mobile, interactive environment.

The Daring Librarian Thanks for trying the Visual Thesaurus The Visual Thesaurus is an interactive dictionary and thesaurus that allows you to discover the connections between words in a visually captivating display. With a subscription you will also get access to the Spelling Bee, VocabGrabber, and Online Magazine. 14 day risk-free trial! Visual Thesaurus Unlike a paper-bound book, the Visual Thesaurus is fluid and dynamic, like the way you think. Word maps blossom with meaning, helping you find just the right word.

Un regard sur le Social Learning On peut ainsi considérer le Social Learning comme le développement des savoirs par la connexion aux autres via des outils web 2.0. Une intelligence collective ou “ formation collaborative ” qui nous permet d’apprendre des uns des autres par des médias en modes synchrones ou asynchrones. Pour illustrer ce concept d’apprentissage, je vous livre dans cet article trois pépites numériques. La première celle de Christophe Batier (université de Lyon 1) qui nous expose une définition très pertinente du Social Learning pour l’enseignement soit « l’utilisation des réseaux sociaux de manière informel pour l’enseignement ». Cette conférence présente ce concept avec des exemples, des usages et des outils. Je vous recommande également les autres vidéos et causeries pédagogiques via sa chaine Youtube :

Free Technology for Teachers Video scribing, Whiteboard Videos, and Animation Video production - Although this will not get the best results when looking for increased traffic and conversion rates, this technique will provide a way to get an extremely cheap alternative to Ydraw’s whiteboard animation videos. Essential tools include a dry erase board, a camera, a computer, a desk, some dry erase markers, a chair, and a light. With these tools the artist can now set up their workstation. Place the light on the table, along with the dry erase board, and rig the camera to the light so that it can be right above the dry erase board. With the camera hooked up to the computer, all one needs now is for the artist to start drawing with the dry erase markers. If the artist makes a mistake, it is easy to rewind the video filming, erase the drawing sequences and start again.

Augmented Reality in Education. Part II - ARLab Blog Among all the Augmented Reality applications, one of the most important and practical ones is its use in education. There are many companies and developers which make an effort to introduce this technology to students, professionals and researchers related to the education field. Like in nearly all the Augmented Reality applications, through specific images into the text books, students will be able to access extra 3D contents related to each image.

Population Pyramids and Us First, you can conduct a class discussion on this question: "What types of geographic questions can be answered by studying a population’s age and gender composition?" You and your students should then assemble a list of questions and discuss exactly what types of demographic data would be useful in answering them. From there, show the class examples of population pyramids from the U.S. Make a Contour Map 1. Show students map images and introduce the activity.Display the images of topographic, or contour, maps. Make sure students understand that contour maps, though 2-dimensional, use contour lines to show elevation above sea level. Point out the flattest and steepest areas on the Crater Lake map.

Create Video Notebook: Dan Roam and The Back of the Napkin Doing this blog is like standing in the library with thousands of books and resources. I get overwhelmed at the talent and creativity that surrounds us. I also get angry at what we choose to pay attention to but that is another story. I need to learn to tell visual non-fiction stories using video. Dan Roam and his book The Back of the Napkin is helping me learn that skill. Dan coaches business leaders to use visuals to explain concepts.

SMART Notebook Math Tools for Education Add-on to SMART Notebook software With SMART Notebook Math Tools you receive a variety of math-specific tools, as well as access to all the great features and Gallery items available in SMART Notebook software. SMART Notebook Math Tools embeds all the tools you need right into SMART Notebook software, saving you from running several different applications during a lesson. Customizable math toolbar Get instant access to math-specific tools within SMART Notebook software. Customize the default toolbar to show only the tools you want, or display a second toolbar just showing math tools.