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Sensu Artist Brush & Stylus for iPad and Touch Screen Devices

Sensu Artist Brush & Stylus for iPad and Touch Screen Devices

Smart Notebook App Moves to iPad Mobile Computing | News Smart Notebook App Moves to iPad By Jim Barthold05/21/12 Smart Technologies will release an iPad version of its Smart Notebook app this summer, the company said. The Smart Notebook on iPad is designed to make many of the tools available on the Smart Board interactive whiteboard available to students on their mobile tablets, including interaction with teachers. Specific application features of the new iPad app include: Page sorter view so users can view, add, or delete Smart Notebook software pages; Zoom and pan to adjust page views; Image insert; Pen tools, so students can write on the software page in a choice of four different colors; and Object control that lets users delete, rotate, move, and scale objects. Additionally, the app supports AirPlay for Apple TV so students can share iPad screens.

Welcome to Kogeto! - Nightly Taposé - Collaborative Content Creation The iPhone SLR Mount. Yes, it's really real. - The Photojojo Store! - Nightly 10 Brilliant Apps for iPad Shutterbugs When the iPad was first revealed back in 2010, many people only saw it as purely a device to consume content on. Some of us saw differently. Even before I was able to get my hands on one, I already knew developers were going to seize the opportunity to turn this wonderful device into a productivity powerhouse. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just an Instagram junkie looking for something new, there’s guaranteed to be something in the App Store that you’re bound to love. In this round-up, we’ll help you find the right app you need, whether it be for work or play. Like the article? Air Display Adobe Lightroom on the iPad via Air Display. Let’s be honest, quite a few of us just aren’t ready to part with our laptops and desktops as our primary photo editing devices. So how does the iPad fit into all this? Air Display on the iPad works beautifully as a reference screen and dashboard for the most demanding of desktop creative applications. Price: $9.99 Developer: Avatron Software Inc. Process

iPad transport case. Sync, charge, secure iPads and tablets - Nightly Transport Cases Our portable storage and security solutions offer efficient and affordable strategies for any iPad™ and tablet deployment. These transport cases let you to bring your iPads or tablets where they are needed, safely and securely (complete with charge and sync capabilities). They are perfect for trade shows, travelling labs, training centers, conferences and shared facilities. They are made in the same style as many durable equipment cases. Different versions store and deliver 10, 16, 24 and 38 iPads (even when used in most protective cases) and a MacBook™ or other notebook host. Some provide power strips for charging, sync-and-charge USB connections and/or room for cables and other equipment. Others are carrying cases for convenient mobility and storage. If you need additional information, click here

Notable New iPad Apps: Coach’s Eye Coach’s Eye is a video analysis app aimed at coaches across all sports. The iPhone version has proved immensely popular and this week the app has been updated, is now a universal app, and has a full iPad version. Here’s some background on what the app offers: Coach’s Eye provides the most effective way for anyone to coach or learn form and technique. Improve your pitcher’s fastball, straighten your golf swing, easily break down a volleyball serve, improve soccer skills, or even demonstrate weightlifting form. Every coach, parent and athlete needs an edge and Coach’s Eye delivers. INSTANT VIDEO REVIEW• RECORD VIDEO. I’m not a coach, nor could I play one on TV, but I think this app looks very impressive. Do we have any coaches here? Here’s an App Store link for Coach’s Eye: it’s priced at $4.99. The following two tabs change content below. Founder and Editor in Chief of iPad Insight.

Kid's Journal Creatures of Light Who doesn’t like free? And who doesn’t like great iPad apps? When the two come together it’s good stuff. This week’s pick is Creatures of Light, from the American Museum of Natural History. This companion app for the popular new exhibition Creatures of Light: Nature’s Bioluminescence offers a close look at some of the extraordinary organisms that produce light. It’s an app full of superb images and fascinating information on bioluminescence and many of the creatures and organisms that glow and light up due to it. The app is divided into these main sections: The Exhibition – a quick overview of and tour around the Creatures of Light exhibition at the American Museum of Natural History – it’s running until January of 2013. Enchanted Evening – this one is all about fireflies – a kid-pleaser if ever there was one. Light on Land – Bioluminescence is uncommon on land – which makes it seem magical when we see it, scattered in unexpected places around the world