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Logos, Web, Graphic Design & More.

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Design Collaboration Platform Need a unified, scalable workflow for large teams? Learn about Enterprise InVision Enterprise Learn more Infographic: Kickstarter Dominates Indie Innovation Like YouTube, Facebook, or blogging platforms, it’s almost hard to believe there was an Internet without Kickstarter, which may be the greatest testament to its success. In 2009, the site generated about $23 million for its projects--an impressive figure by all accounts--but in 2012, Kickstarter pulled in roughly 10 times that, leapfrogging the grant budget of the National Endowment for the Arts. You can find all those facts and many more in this masterful infographic created for Fast Company by Catalogtree and reported by Skylar Bergl, Jeffrey Cattel, and Lindsey Kratochwill:

This is Pacifica The OFFF has transcended its own kind of festival to become synonymous of modernity, aesthetics and technology. The mission of OFFF is spreading the work of a generation of avant-garde designers who dictate new boundaries. Artists that mixes the arena of commercial art and design, from music to illustration, ink or chalk to the pixel. KSIRON CREATIVE VA SERVICES The Belgian daily newspaper, De Standaard, had an interesting bit of news to report today. AOS Belgium introduced the Occupancy Cost Index (OCI), presenting cost calculations per work space for office buildings in Belgium. AOS' calculations show that the cost incurred for the use of a building are among a company's highest expenses, ranking third after employer's cost and taxes. UX Mapping Methods Compared: A Cheat Sheet Designing and developing a product often involves a large team of people with different backgrounds and experiences who must be on the same page about the project goals, the user needs and behaviors, and even the component processes involved. This common understanding is often built with visualizations (commonly referred to as mappings). Mappings make sense of and describe various aspects and processes associated with a product. Four Types of Mapping This article gives an overview of four commonly used mappings, their defining characteristics, and when to use which: Empathy mapping Customer journey mapping Experience mapping Service blueprinting

How might we better connect food production and consumption? - Inspiration - Consumer Engagement Contribution Imagine using data to inform consumers by showing them their own behavior? Targeted messaging and constant monitoring/evaluation, can all be used to inspire behavior change. Access to information can be a powerful tool to change individual patterns. Experience Mapping An experience map is a method you can use to get insights into the holistic experience of your target group (be it users, customers, clients) in order to understand and visualize the ups and downs of their experience across the service or ecosystem. Whenever you want to identify and optimize customer touchpoints for a better experience you can use experience mapping as a systematic framework that guides you through the whole process from understanding customer behavior and gaining insights to revealing customer pain points and seeing new opportunities. There are four steps to follow that have been nicely described in the guide to experience mapping by Adaptive Path.

Business Ecosystems » Blog Archive » “Theory of Mind” and Future Internet “Theory of mind” concerns the human capability to explain and predict other people’s behaviour by attributing to them certain mental states. I’ve read this nice story about this in [1]: A burglar who has just robbed a shop is making his getaway. As he is running home, a policeman on his beat sees him drop his glove. He doesn’t know the man is a burglar, he just wants to tell him he dropped his glove. But, when the policeman shouts out to the burglar, “Hey, you!

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