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Why Your Links Should Never Say "Click Here" Advertisement Have you ever wanted your users to click a link but didn’t know how to get them to act? When some designers run into this problem, they’re tempted to use the words “Click here” on their links. Before giving in to the temptation, you should know how using these words on a link can affect how users experience your interface. Not to mention that having proper link titles is a major accessibility requirement since the term ‘click’ is irrelevant to many assistive technologies and isn’t descriptive enough for screen readers. How to Create an Executable File from Eclipse: 14 Steps Edit Article Three Parts:Exporting from EclipseCreating an IconCreate the Executable File After having completed your project in Eclipse, your next goal will be to create a runnable version of your project. The simplest and most standard process for running a Java project is to run an executable file (.exe).

Improve your startup’s surveys and get even better data Startups frequently use surveys as a cheap and easy way to get feedback from users. But the resulting data will only be as good as the survey itself. I often see products with surveys that have easy-to-fix mistakes like misleading questions, improper sampling, and skewed rating scales. Infographic Infographic template design 67,784 509 3 months ago Infographic template design 43,620 267 3 months ago Education infography in flat design 99,941 711 8 months ago Pack of four colorful infographic banners 71,244 311 4 months ago Round infographic template 255,594 1037 2 years ago New

JavaFX Dialogs (official) JavaFX 8u40 finally includes simple Dialogs and Alerts! I've been waiting for this since 2012! In the meantime I wrote about how to use Dialogs in JavaFX 2 and later in JavaFX 8 with ControlsFX. Now that they are available in the official JDK, let's learn how to use them.

A Gmail Lab That Makes Life Easier: Canned Responses I’m always on the lookout for tools and strategies to deal more efficiently with the overwhelming number of emails I get each day. Here’s something that’s helped out lately: Gmail’s Canned Responses. Canned Responses lets you create a template for an email response that you write often, then import that response into your email with one click. Saves you LOADS of time.

Photoshop Styles Popular HomeFree vectorFree PhotosFree website templatesFree iconFree psdFree footagePS brushesPS PatternsPS StylesFontWallpapers Photoshop Styles Happy new year 2014 | Fashion | Business card | Backgrounds | Christmas | Sexy | Valentine | Heart | Love | Girl Sort by: Newest | Popular | Free vectors:Water drop | Skull | Card | Leaf | Puzzle | Fruit | Template | T-Shirt | Mobile | Tool | Map | Shopping | Beach | Sun Photoshop Styles

Why Your Form Buttons Should Never Say Submit by anthony on 01/05/11 at 10:27 pm When you see a Submit button on a form, what comes to your mind? One could easily reason that clicking the button submits the user’s information into the system for processing. A Submit button describes what the system does well, but it doesn’t describe what the user does at all. When users fill out a form, they are engaging in a task.

Web Form Design Patterns: Sign-Up Forms - Smashing UX Design Advertisement If you want to maximize the revenue of your service you need to maximize completion rates of your web forms. Unless you have some revolutionary ideas to impress your visitors at first glance, it is not enough to simply enable users to sign up on your site. To make it possible for the service to reach a maximal exposure we, designers, need to provide users with a good user experience. We need to invite them, describe to them how the service works, explain to them why they should fill in the form and suggests the benefits they’ll get in return. Lost Inn Lisbon Hostel If you want to stay in a comfy and luxury Hostel and still benefit from a nice Lisbon experience sharing room with your friends, this 4 bed room is perfect for you. - Air conditioning - 2 bunks

91 Trendy Contact And Web Forms For Creative Inspiration This article showcases modern and interesting contact/web form solutions found around the Internet. I also collected interesting ways how people decide to call their contact forms – get in touch, contact info, say hello, talk to me, say hey, connect, say “hi”, mail us and of course – contact us. My own personal opinion is, you should use Contact or Contact Us in your navigation, but supplement it with creative relate photos and styled text. There you could use more creative – say hi, get in touch or friendly – say hello.

Cool background vector spot Free vector for free download (about 51 files). HomeFree vectorFree PhotosFree website templatesFree iconFree psdFree footagePS brushesPS PatternsPS StylesFontWallpapers Free vector >> cool background vector spot Happy new year 2015 | Fashion | Business card | Backgrounds | Christmas | Sexy | Valentine | Heart | Love | Girl Sort by: Bestmatch first | Recommend first | Popular first | Newest first | Oldest first |