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Your Employees Don’t Get Your Strategy. Recent research from a myriad of sources paints a dismal picture of how leaders are doing at helping their employees understand company strategy and how they fit in.

Your Employees Don’t Get Your Strategy

You’ve probably heard the story about two bricklayers. You ask one bricklayer what he’s doing and he says, “I’m building a wall.” You ask another and he says, “I’m building a castle.” To drive performance, leaders need more employees who understand not just that they’re building a wall, but that they’re building a castle. Research shows that helping employees understand strategy matters, yet we’re far away from both the wall and the castle. Internal Communications Best Practices - Your 5 Point Plan for Improvement. Why Your Strategy Cascade Needs a Tweak. Roughly 90% of executives say that strategy execution is critical to company success, according to an Economist Intelligence Unit report.

Why Your Strategy Cascade Needs a Tweak

Unfortunately, nearly two-thirds of those same executives think their firm struggles to bridge the gap between the strategy lovingly portrayed on all those PowerPoint slides and the day-to-day work that the thousands (sometimes hundreds of thousands) of employees then go off and do. Internal Communication – like a roll in the hay? By Elizabeth Hughes, I just read an excellent article by Vincent Heeringa in the May/June edition of Idealog.

Internal Communication – like a roll in the hay?

He is writing about ‘innovation’. And I quote: “Talking about innovation is the same as talking about sex: the people talking about it ain’t the ones doing it.” How to write an internal comms strategy. 4 Steps to Building an Internal Communication Plan. Communication is critical within any business setting, but most importantly within a manufacturing facilities − where the right communication can really impact change and translate into business success.

4 Steps to Building an Internal Communication Plan

What’s the best way to communicate? How much should you communicate? How do you make sure your messages are heard? This guide will take you step-by-step through the communication process. It has simple, practical, easy-to-follow information you can put to use immediately. This post also discusses strategic planning − why it’s done, how it’s done, and why it’s important. We’ll Do It Live! An Ex-Anchorman’s Take on Internal Communications.

Internal Communication Strategies for Work (That Work!) Great leaders inspire their people and provide focus by setting a clear vision, a mission, and actionable values that fuel an environment for individual and company-wide success.

Internal Communication Strategies for Work (That Work!)

A strong company culture is fueled and inspired by leadership actively involved and connected to the realities of their teams and their business. It’s no secret that ineffective communication is one of the main drivers behind workplace failure. Poor, nonexistent, misdirected and dysfunctional communication are among the biggest reasons companies fail to accomplish their missions. Building a strong culture takes countless hours, hard work and commitment––and often involves tearing down the barriers that threaten success. Words of advice: Tips to improve internal communication. In an organisation, internal communication plays a vital role in improving productivity, collaboration and individual performances.

Words of advice: Tips to improve internal communication

It encompasses the communication which takes place between directors, managers and employees. Jonathan Curran tells us more. Running behind goals, the organisations and managers are not paying adequate attention to the internal strategies, which might not directly affect their productivity but have an indispensible role in the growth of company. Among all such elements, internal communication is a key factor which lays the foundation of success.

It is essential and highly required to understand that without proper communication, coordinating the organisational resources is not possible. On the other end if your employees are not communicating with each other properly you could end up in big trouble. But you don’t need to worry. Just like starting with any of your ventures, start searching for the channels inside the organisation. 10 Ways to Improve Internal Communication (Infographic) Internal communication is not something entrepreneurs are likely to find as a line item on a budget, but allocating resources to improve the way your company communicates internally has shown to have a big impact on performance.

10 Ways to Improve Internal Communication (Infographic)

For example, implementing highly effective communication practices makes companies 4.5 times more likely to have highly engaged employees and 20 percent more likely to have less employee turnover, according to data cited by Weekdone, a startup that builds status report software. Some of the ways businesses can improve communication between management and employees include using online tools instead of in-person meetings and making company objectives public by publishing team and personal goals online.

Define Your Strategy to Align Your Employees. Define Your Strategy to Align Your Employees Posted by David Grossman on Tue, Oct 30, 2012.

Define Your Strategy to Align Your Employees

Meeting employee communication needs. I had the privilege of a trip to Buenos Aires, Argentina, in early 2012, to coach some managers whom I had trained on a previous workshop.

Meeting employee communication needs

On an off day, sitting at a roadside café drinking coffee, I noticed about 65 high school students walking past on their lunch break. What was surprising about this otherwise fairly normal event was that everyone, without exception, was looking down and using their Blackberries and iPhones. No-one looked up even though they were multi-skilling and talking to each other – everyone was busy on their respective phones, communicating with dozens of people.

On many different occasions, this time in Zambia, I have always been struck with how many mobiles most Zambians own and use – most Zambians have at least two cell phones and many have three! Driving viral change is more than good communication. Most enterprise social network project use virality as an obvious change management means.

Driving viral change is more than good communication

First because the very nature of the tool, close to consumer social networks, makes it natural. Second because it uses employees as change agents, which is also a smart way of driving change. Virality = relevance, proximity, credibility and cost efficiency. Company Success Depends on Effective Employee Communication. When it comes to employee productivity, effective communication from managers plays a major role in engagement. When poor communication is a common occurrence, employees become discouraged, disengaged, and your business suffers. A simple misunderstanding can lead to errors, missed deadlines, arguments, unmotivated employees, and even lawsuits. Strategies to Strengthen Communication Within Your Company. 4 Ways to Improve Internal Communication - Gillware Data Recovery.

I’m a marketing person, so communication is my game. I take information from our management team and communicate it to our internal staff, as well as externally to our customers. But I’m not the only one doing the communicating. Our sales and support staff are in contact with our customers daily, which can sometimes pose a bit of a problem. Even at an organization our size (our sales team has four members, and our support team has five), internal communication can turn into something of a game of telephone. From the “he said, she said” of product updates or policy changes to general confusion caused by one too many emails, botched internal communication can quickly turn into inaccurate external communication, and inaccurate external communication can turn into lost business. So the moral of this story?

Bolstering the quality, frequency and consistency of your internal communications is often easier said than done. 1. 2. 3. 'Audit - Communication Audit. How to write an internal communication strategy. Rachel Miller wrote this post for her site, and as an active CIPR Inside committee member, and leading IC professional she’s shared it with us here. Effective employee communication: The benefits of best practices - Milliman Insight. Employers spend millions of dollars to offer a benefit and sometimes a surprisingly small amount to ensure that employees understand and appreciate it. Communications—what you say, how you say it, when you say it, who you say it to—can make a world of difference in how employees or members feel and think about their benefits, workplace, and employer. When effective employee communication matters Communicating difficult or sensitive changes Clients often seek out the experience and expertise of Milliman’s growing communication consulting team when they are making difficult decisions that result in a negative impact (for example, benefits reduction) or that present additional challenges for employees (such as a new tool or system).

We help employers explain why they are making changes—without obscuring the truth. Sharing good news. Never Leave Internal Communications To Chance In Midsized Companies. Internal Communication Strategies - The Neglected Strategic Element - Free Article. Agility: the answer to your Internal Communication challenges? To inform our upcoming Melcrum Forum research, we surveyed Heads of Internal Communication from across the world to discover what challenges were keeping them awake at night. In this special blog, you can find out exactly what we discovered and how the results have impacted our future research. More than any other topic, in recent months our members are reaching out for our support in rethinking how they’re structured. Whether they frame this challenge in terms of service model, operating system, or simply organizational structure, the dramatic rise in these in-bound requests has us intrigued. Internal Barriers to Innovation. Internal Communications Check-Up, Part 1: What’s Your Organization’s Temperature?

How to write an internal communications plan and strategy. Internal Communication Methods - Strategy and Tactics by SnapComms Ltd. Healthy IC Ecosystems. Creating a Basic Internal Communications Strategy. Competing on the curve: re-engineering IC for agility, productivity and impact. The Internal Communication profession is facing the steepest change curve in its history. What can we do to adapt, survive and thrive in the face of this challenge? Reinvention is the only way forward and a central theme at the 11th Annual Melcrum Summit 2012, explains Mandy Thatcher. When I entered the world of Internal Communication about 10 years ago as Editor of Strategic Communication Management, there was a great deal of talk about how the profession needed to change.

How to make internal communications work for your team. Seeing around corners: tooling up for the future. Where does the role of communicator fit in tomorrow’s world? Tom Dailey shrank the company mission statement to better engage employees. Tom Dailey had been CEO at Inc. only a short time when he realized the company, no longer in start-up phase, was settling down and becoming larger ?

Help with organizational communication: turn to Lesterisms « More With Les. April 5, 2012 by Les Potter The practice of organizational communication is all-important today. Hvad skal der til? - What is your team structure? - Internal communications - it's not rocket science. I've been travelling to Denmark for several years now and have mastered a couple of phrases. Most of them concern beer or sausages, but one keeps coming back to me: Effective Internal Communications Leads to Collaboration — The Deep End. How to write an internal communication strategy.

Communicating Vision