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Library management and planning

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Discovery Services: Basics and Resources – Library Technology Launchpad. Why learn about discovery services?

Discovery Services: Basics and Resources – Library Technology Launchpad

Most libraries use discovery services in addition to, or as a replacement for, their OPAC. Whether you are a technical services librarian whose job it is to administer them or a reference librarian who uses them as a major research tool, it is helpful to know how discovery services work. You need to know their features and their limitations. The Basics For this article, we will use Summon (with Serials Solutions) as an example. Summon is a discovery service developed by ProQuest and now managed and supported by Ex Libris (since their merger). In my library, Summon works in conjunction with Serials Solutions 360 Link using a Summon Unified Index to provide links to ebooks (and chapters), journal articles, audio, videos, library catalog records, institutional repositories, LibGuides, and more. The Summon index contains citation metadata, subject terms, abstracts, full text, and direct links (when available). Summon Indexing. Ten Things Your Administrator Needs to Know as the School Year Begins.


Ten Things Your Administrator Needs to Know as the School Year Begins

That you are a teacher who teaches not content but process. You teach children to be information literate, digitally literate, media literate, and visually literate. The skills that you teach, the dispositions that you help children to develop, the responsibilities that you foster, and the self-assessment strategies that you instill will serve children not only in school but also in life. You are, first and foremost, a teacher! 9. 8. 7. 6. 5. 4. 3. 2. Get Started - Tutorials - Proposal Writing Short Course. Introduction The subject of this short course is proposal writing.

Get Started - Tutorials - Proposal Writing Short Course

Policy template. Your school library budget. This guide provides advice on what to include in your library budget, and on planning and tracking the expenditure.

Your school library budget

Contents Responsibility for your budgetDeciding on a budgeting methodLibrary budget contentBudget allocationBudget management and reviewAdditional sources of fundingBudget Proposal template Responsibility for your budget. The TL Toolkit for Student Success Home. Think you don’t?

The TL Toolkit for Student Success Home

Yes you do! Teacher-librarians can and do make a difference. There is a considerable body of documented evidence that proves that schools having a good school library and program have a positive impact on student achievement. Although the data is mounting globally it is also clear that school administrators need to have evidence at the local school level when planning for school improvement and making tough financial decisions. Look how far we’ve come (already) in Ontario. Evidence-Based Practice is not complicated. Some Benefits of Evidence-Based Practice: Improving and demonstrating student achievement Becoming learning central. Marketing for Libraries. In this section, we'll examine the design of communications and explore the stories that bring library products alive.

Marketing for Libraries

Key Questions Each of the following questions will be addressed on this page. For quick access, click on the question of interest. What's the message? Each library and service has a story to tell. The photo below is courtesy of the Utah State Library (Flickr). Resources for School Librarians. The Future of MLS. We’ve all seen various reports and discussions around the future of libraries.

The Future of MLS

From Pew (“The Future of Libraries: 7 Questions Librarians Need to Answer”) and the Aspen Institute (“Rising to the Challenge: Re-Envisioning Pub­lic Libraries”) to forums (ALA Summit on the Future of Libraries) to articles (Slate’s “What Will Become of the Library?”) , and our own white paper (“Re-Envisioning the MLS”), there is no shortage of data or discussion on the topic. We know the challenges: State and local government workforces have faced significant reductions since 2009. In 2011 alone, state and local governments cut nearly 250,000 jobs. Given these challenges, there is need to engage in a parallel discussion regarding the future of librarians.

To seed this discussion, the iSchool at the University of Maryland launched its three-year Re-Envisioning the MLS initiative. The School Librarian as Learning Alchemist. The landscape of learning is changing.

The School Librarian as Learning Alchemist

Children and young adults learn not only in school but fluidly across home, school, peer culture, and community. This transformation in learning and the school environment has prompted educators to ask challenging questions about how to de­velop learning spaces to meet these needs within the some­times competing economic, social, and political realities. The Future for Teaching and Learning. What does the future hold for librarians’ participation in teaching and learning in colleges and universities?

The Future for Teaching and Learning

Teacher Librarian Roles. School-Library-Casual-and-Relief - * NSW - Sydney Metropolitan Teacher Librarians. Springfield Township High School Library Annual Report 2013 by Joyce Valenza. Schoollibraries21C.pdf. Australian Independent School Teacher Librarian Conference 2012. The EBSM Methodology. 21c_report.pdf. The bridge-builder’s hat. No man is an island, Entire of itself, Every man is a piece of the continent, A part of the main.John Donne.

the bridge-builder’s hat

Strategic planning for school libraries. Library policy - Schools. Strategic Plan. SME means “subject matter expert”, and SME in ‘Community’ means someone on the library staff who is a subject matter expert about your community. Borrowing primarily from the field of training, SMEs are those individuals who have expert working knowledge in a particular topic. From our vast resources at Wikipedia;