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Learning English - NativeSpeakerOnline. Ecology of childhood: the power of enthusiasm. Arno Stern Official Web Site - Welcome! Tumblr Quotes, Life Quotes, Inspirational Quotes - Jar of Quotes. Quotes - Warriorism. Yeats - Easter 1916. II have met them at close of day Coming with vivid faces From counter or desk among grey Eighteenth-century houses.

Yeats - Easter 1916

I have passed with a nod of the head Or polite meaningless words, Or have lingered awhile and said Polite meaningless words, And thought before I had done Of a mocking tale or a gibe To please a companion Around the fire at the club, Being certain that they and I But lived where motley is worn: All changed, changed utterly: A terrible beauty is born.IIThat woman's days were spent In ignorant good will, Her nights in argument Until her voice grew shrill. What voice more sweet than hers When young and beautiful, She rode to harriers? This man had kept a school And rode our winged horse. This other his helper and friend Was coming into his force; He might have won fame in the end, So sensitive his nature seemed, So daring and sweet his thought. This other man I had dreamed A drunken, vain-glorious lout. Richard Wilbur was poet laureate of the United States in 1987. Easter 1916 Poem by W. B. Yeats. That woman's days were spent In ignorant good-will, Her nights in argument Until her voice grew shrill.

Easter 1916 Poem by W. B. Yeats

What voice more sweet than hers When, young and beautiful, She rode to harriers? This man had kept a school And rode our winged horse; This other his helper and friend Was coming into his force; He might have won fame in the end, So sensitive his nature seemed, So daring and sweet his thought. Where Ever Green Is Worn. Tour the States - Official Music Video. ESL Song Lessons - - Songs For Teaching Grammar. ESL and EFL teachers looking for inspiration for lesson planning will find this list of songs to teach English grammar we’ve compiled a useful resource.

Highlighted are songs available as complete ESL song lesson plans here on Songs for teaching present simple Eric Clapton / Wonderful Tonight (lyrics) The Beatles / She Loves You (lyrics) Bette Middler / From A Distance (lyrics) Songs for teaching present continuous Rod Stewart / Sailing (lyrics) Fool’s Garden / Lemon Tree (lyrics) Suzanne Vega / Tom’s Diner (lyrics) Past continuous tense. ELT Ireland. As one of the IATEFL LAM SIG Committee members, I’m delighted to be involved in organising another conference event, this time with ELT Ireland.

ELT Ireland

The them of this event is Communication from a manager’s perspective. Here is the big sell: In modern and successful English Language Teaching Organisations, effective communication plays a critical part yet it will always be one of the most difficult and complex skills that the ELT Manager needs to develop. Great formative assessment tools. In the first ever guest post on ELT Planning, Kirsten Anne shares her teaching experiences and offers two great ideas for formative assessment.

Great formative assessment tools

This post has been a long time coming. I’ve been promising to write something for ELT Planning for a while but anyone who is in the teaching profession in some guise will understand that I had to prioritise my to-do list. Course planning. Pre-service teacher training courses typically focus on the detailed planning of a 40 minute or 60 minute lesson and don’t focus attention on how to go about planning a much longer scheme of work.

Course planning

This is also an important area to consider though, because most teachers are involved in teaching courses, which may typically last anywhere between 30 and 120 hours. The aim of this article is to share some of the conclusions of a recent project I was part of, with the hope that it might enable other teachers to plan a little faster too! Why do we plan our lessons? I think that most teachers plan lessons in order to feel more confident in the class itself. If we know what we’re trying to achieve in the lesson, we are freed up to spend more time with the learners rather than worrying about our next step. Facebook. Teaching about David Bowie: links, lessons and inspiration. A wave of sadness and loss rippled through the world this week after legendary star man David Bowie died.

Teaching about David Bowie: links, lessons and inspiration

Tributes poured in, with grieving fans collecting in Brixton, south London, New York and Germany. Famous faces also celebrated the iconic musician’s influence on everything from modern pop to the fashion industry, inspiring generations to be themselves. Many teachers have been wondering how to explore Bowie’s life and work, so we have collected some of the best news stories, features, multimedia and teaching resources from around the web to help.

As always, if you have found something helpful or would like to add to our list, you can do so in the comments thread below. In the Guardian 50 David Bowie momentsIf your knowledge of David Bowie starts and ends with, “There’s a star man waiting in the sky” then you’re in luck. David Bowie’s life and career – in picturesThe rock star’s outlandish looks drew plenty of attention. New Year's Resolutions: Lesson Plan for Teachers (Grades 4-8) Grade Levels: 4 - 8 Name:__________________________________ PREWRITING Do you make New Year's resolutions?

New Year's Resolutions: Lesson Plan for Teachers (Grades 4-8)

Inspirational ELT teaching tips. ‘How to join communicative pressure and cooperation in a speaking or writing activity’ by Paolo Torresan. This has got to be the most interactive and fun session I attended at TESOL Italy 2015.

‘How to join communicative pressure and cooperation in a speaking or writing activity’ by Paolo Torresan

It was sponsored by Pilgrims and Paolo mentioned that there will be a course on improvisation in EFL run both in July and in August 2016, at Pilgrims, in Canterbury, by Peter Dyer (more info here). But back to the workshop. There was no ppt. No lecturing or the audience listening with hidden yawns. Instead, there was a lot of practice, and as the title suggests, communication and cooperation in speaking and writing activities. Teacher Recommended: 50 Favorite Classroom Apps.

Educators and students are quickly becoming more comfortable with classroom technology, allowing them to shift from thinking about the technical side of integrating a new tool to focusing on how it improves learning. While the sheer number of education apps is still overwhelming, increasingly teachers have found what works for them and are sticking to them. “The conversations I had were radically different than they were a year ago,” said Michelle Luhtala, the librarian for New Canaan High School and host of an Emerging Tech webinar on edWeb. The Lesson Planning Checklist - ELT Connect. When I first started teaching, I spent HOURS planning one solitary lesson!

The Lesson Planning Checklist - ELT Connect

I couldn’t comprehend how a teacher could work full-time hours with all the planning you had to do. Eventually this got easier; my lessons plans got shorter as my teaching became more instinctive, yet many times I felt that I didn’t really get to the heart of my lesson. The students didn’t spend the bulk of the lesson grappling with my main lesson aims. Nowadays, I seem to have gone full circle with lesson planning. I tend to think more about how I can really achieve the main goals of my lesson. 30 activities inspired by game shows. Game shows and TV quizzes are a great source of inspiration for classroom activities.

30 activities inspired by game shows

Believe it or not, I keep a notepad on the coffee table so I can jot down any teaching ideas I get from watching TV! It’s always good to have a range of different games up your sleeve to mix things up a bit. Here are some activities that appear in shows on the telly. 10 Intriguing Photographs to Teach Close Reading and Visual Thinking Skills. Bad Habit Vocabulary - YourEnglishSource. 16 tips for effective grammar teaching in the foreign language classroomly. Please note: this post was written in collaboration with Louise Miller and Dylan Viñales during professional development time at Garden International School.

Do not use the target language for challenging grammar points– Using the target language when explaining a complex grammar point can cause cognitive deficit which may hinder understanding of the target structure you are attempting to teach. Hence, when introducing a new grammar structure it is advisable to use the students’ L1. Your decision as to whether use the L1 rather than the L2 will also be dictated by time and resources constraints. 16 ways to improve your whiteboard work. I had my first lesson observation at the British Council Bangkok the other day. I still have a job, woohoo! I got some very surprising feedback from my line manager: ‘your board work was a real strength’. Boardwork? Strength?! Fun with Present Perfect! - ELT Connect. 5 Ways to Make Grammar Fun Let's face it, we're unlikely to catch our students sitting on the edges of their seats waiting for us to once again review that grammar point, relishing in its structure (and exceptions to the rule).No, we're more likely to get a 'we've done this before' or 'I want to move up now' response… March 22, 2017.

4 Ways to Use Literature in Class. - ELT Connect. There is no question that literature can be daunting for language learners. Tasks for Building Vocabulary - ELT Connect. Pronpack Sound Chart explained. Back to school resources on Macmillan English. How To Become a Better Person. How to teach IELTS. IELTS Trainer – Six Practice Tests with Answers. ELT Planning. 10 useful websites for ELT. A self-development task during my diploma last year asked me to list all the websites I found useful in my ELT practice. The document I created spanned about 6 pages – it could easily have been longer. I’m sure there’s a lot of common ground between us teachers, experienced or not. A framework for planning a listening skills lesson. In this article I intend to outline a framework that can be used to design a listening lesson that will develop your students' listening skills and look at some of the issues involved. The basic framework Pre-listening While listening Post-listening Applying the framework to a song Some conclusions The basic framework The basic framework on which you can construct a listening lesson can be divided into three main stages.

Pre-listening, during which we help our students prepare to listen. While listening, during which we help to focus their attention on the listening text and guide the development of their understanding of it. Post-listening, during which we help our students integrate what they have learnt from the text into their existing knowledge. TeachingEnglish. Mandela Day is on 18 July. This integrated skills lesson plan for upper-secondary students looks at Nelson Mandela's life and explores some of themes surrounding South Africa during apartheid. Introduction. Old MacDonald Had a Farm. Making Decisions in Business Meetings: Learn English with Simple English Videos. Macmillan Readers. Teach Irregular verbs with Fluency MC #3. Visual organisers: from framing your writing to framing your decisions.

TeachingEnglish. This lesson plan for teachers of teenagers at level B1 explores the theme of festivals. Students will read about different festivals and invent an exciting new one. Introduction. Engames. American TESOL Webinar - Teaching Poetry, 10+ Ideas & Resources. Teacher Appreciation & The Art Of Clicking - Official WizIQ Teach Blog. 11 Multimedia Lessons to Inspire Change - Official Teach Blog. DipTESOL Tip – Phonology based activities. How young children learn English through play. Lesson idea: quick conditionals review. Tips, ideas and lesson plans from a developing teacher. The English Bookshop - English Rocks! 101 ESL Games, Activities, and Lesson Plans (Teaching English Abroad) Module action points – a warmer.