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Disturbing (But Amazing) Pictures Expose The Absurdities Of Modern Culture *Warning: Graphic Images* One of my first thoughts after coming across these illustrations was, “How have I never seen this artist’s work before?”

Disturbing (But Amazing) Pictures Expose The Absurdities Of Modern Culture *Warning: Graphic Images*

, because they are freaking amazing. Too few artists today have the courage to tackle important social commentaries with their art. But Spanish artist Luis Quiles has undoubtedly broken this mold with his series of illustrations that depict some relevant and unfortunate realities of our world today. Through his art, Quiles challenges a wide range of controversial issues ranging from over-the-counter drug addiction, censorship, and corruption, to sexism, violence, child abuse, and most pertinent of all, our cultural social-media-crazed obsession. There is something raw and hauntingly telling about the commentaries being expressed through each illustration, perhaps in part due to the apparent truth that exists in the messages. Take your time with this one to enjoy these fantastic pieces of art! The force-feeding of cheap food to the docile and lethargic public. Enough said. Palabras en inglés sin equivalente directo en español: ¿Cuáles son?

Hay muchas palabras en inglés que definitivamente no tienen traducción directa en Español.

Palabras en inglés sin equivalente directo en español: ¿Cuáles son?

A continuación, revisaremos algunas de las más comunes. Viernes 21 noviembre 2014. The Honest Coca-Cola Obesity Commercial You WIll Never See On T.V - Educate Inspire Change. Please support us and follow our Facebook page Don’t drink cola if you want to be healthy.

The Honest Coca-Cola Obesity Commercial You WIll Never See On T.V - Educate Inspire Change

Consuming soft drinks is bad for so many reasons that science cannot even state all the consequences. But one thing we know for sure is that drinking Coke, as a representative of soft drinks, wreaks havoc on the human organism. What happens? Writer Wade Meredith has shown the quick progression of Coke’s assault. The main problem is sugar. When somebody drinks a Coke, watch what happens. – In The First 10 minutes: 10 teaspoons of sugar hit your system. (100% of your recommended daily intake.) Comments. How to have a real job and still get after it. 30 days: Using English Outside the Classroom. A designer lessons ESL lesson plan developed by George Chilton This lesson plan aims to help students become motivated in their use of English out in the real world.

30 days: Using English Outside the Classroom

They will start to plan and track their use of English and reflect upon their progress with other students in the class in what will hopefully become part of the weekly routine. To see the ideas behind this lesson plan look at Reflections on: Motivation Big thanks to my friend Heather Van Fleet for passing on the video. Update – Thanks very much to Alex Walsh (@AlexSWalsh) for creating these great worksheets based on this lesson plan. Lesson Aims Motivate students to use English out of the classroomDiscussion ActivitiesSecond conditionalListening comprehension Stage One – discussion and second conditional This is a warmer, but you can extend the activity if your students enjoy the discussion. Write “30 days” on the board. Now put the students in groups. How would your life be impacted if you made these changes for 30 days?

10 Incredibly British Insults. These 29 Clever Drawings Will Make You Question Everything Wrong With The World. 25 Best Money Songs.

Modals of speculation

Mystery. Social Experiment: People Walk By Their Relatives Who Are Pretending To Be Homeless. The Hunger Games ESL Lesson. The ESL Commando: Movie Trailer ESL Grammar Activity - The Hunger Games ESL Lesson. Advanced. Advanced This lesson focuses on the development of speculation & listening skills in relation to rapid American English, and the use of the vocabulary of equal opportunities, sexism and racism in open discussion.


It has been designed for advanced classes with mature adults… [Read more…] Liberty This is a lesson plan that starts with a discussion and ends with a speech. The aim is to engage your students and talk about topical issues – now, as the lesson progresses, it should come apparent that the speech and issues have been around… [Read more…] What is photography? This is another image and video-based lesson. Love is…An Advanced English Lesson plan. I do hope my girlfriend doesn’t read this one. Dog and Bone: Mobile Technology – past, present and future This is a simple video lesson aimed at encouraging a conversation related to the past, present and future of phones, communication and technology. Best Job In the World – Discussion and Writing You said what? $203,150…for a what?