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Plots and Planning

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Property websites: 15 great alternatives to Rightmove. If you’re looking for somewhere new to live you’ll be well aware of the main property websites such as Rightmove and Zoopla.

Property websites: 15 great alternatives to Rightmove

But while they carry more than a million listing, you may miss out on your perfect home if you make them your only port of call. If you aren’t sure where you want to live, want to take on a renovation project or dream of living somewhere truly unique, there are other sites to help you in your search. Here are 15 of the best alternatives for buyers and tenants. 1. Find a Hood Designed to help you work out where to live, this site asks you to describe your “perfect hood” using 10 different criteria. 2. 3. 4. 5. Zoopla has a similar facility. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. The Manse in Nairn. Chapter7 Homepage. Home Page Chapter 7, the Planning Office of TLIO, campaigns for a planning system which actively encourages sustainable, low impact and affordable homes.

Chapter7 Homepage

We give planning advice to people seeking to/or already embarking upon living on the land, engaged in land-based livelihoods. Chapter 7 campaigns for “access to land for all households . . through environmentally sound planning” (from Agenda 21, Chapter 7c, on Human Habitation Settlement). You can find some of our publications further down the page. We publish The Land Magazine at least twice a year. How to get planning permission for an off-grid, self-build home -Low impact living info, training, products & services. This article is based on our experiences of the planning system at Bulworthy Project and the experiences of our friends.

How to get planning permission for an off-grid, self-build home -Low impact living info, training, products & services

Neither of us had any interaction with the planning system before setting up Bulworthy Project. As part of setting up the project, we have applied twice under the permitted development system for a shed and a barn and twice for full planning permission – once for temporary residential permission to live in a caravan and once for permission to build a house (above). We have got each of these without having to go to the planning committee or appeal. To an extent we have been lucky, but we have also done what we can to weight the dice in our favour. Even though we have been successful on each application in the first instance, the process is hard work, time consuming and extremely stressful.

How We Got Our First Application Wrong The first building that we applied for was a shed. Learn The Rules Before You Play The Game State Your Case Even If It Seems Obvious N.B. Brighton & Hove City Council. Land for sale UK, renovations and conversions. The Shantikuthi earthbag spiral house, Nagano, Japan. Ecological Land Co-operative. The Ecological Land Co-operative (ELC) applied to Mid Devon District Council for planning permission for three new affordable residential smallholdings "Plot C", "Plot A" and "Plot B", (ref: 11/02007/MFUL), ref:12/00045/MFUL and ref:12/00107/MFUL).

Ecological Land Co-operative

Together the three applications form a proposal for a cluster of three low impact and affordable smallholdings - for new entrants to ecological agriculture. The planning officer, Alison Fish, recommended approval but the Planning Committee refused permission (see News and Events). We then appealed the Committee's decision and were granted permission at appeal. In each of the three applications we sought a temporary permission for an agricultural worker’s dwelling. With each application we also sought permission for the following shared facilities and infrastructure: timber barn with PV array and rainwater collection; biological waste water treatment system; improved access; and internal pathways of grass paving. Organisations Individuals. BR_PDF_AD_B1_2013.pdf. Property search - Land Registry. How To Get Planning Permission on Non-Development Land. I doubt I'm the only person who dreams of owning a piece of land (preferably with friends) on which to build affordable eco-houses and grow food and fuel.

This is difficult in the UK due to the vast disparity between the price of agricultural land (4,000-10,000/acre) and land with planning permission (200,000+/acre). Whilst politicians continue to trot out the usual rhetoric: 'sustainable development/lifestyles/communities, zero carbon housing, blah, blah, blah', what, if anything, has actually changed on the ground to make land accessible to Permaculturists and/or Transitioners of modest means and self-sufficient dreams? Should I Take The Risky Road? The Ten Year & Four Year Rules There are rules, which apply UK wide, state that if you live in a caravan for 10 years or a building for four years, unnoticed by the powers that be, the dwelling becomes 'lawful' and you can apply for a 'certificate of lawfulness'. Safer Routes: The DIY Farm/Smallholding Additional Opportunities: Scotland.