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Lesson Ideas-The Lorax

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Kindergarten Literacy Activities. Retelling Stories. Hello Everyone!

Retelling Stories

Thanks for stopping by our blog to see what's happening in our first grade classroom! This week we are working very hard on "retelling"stories we have read. Learning how to retell a story helps our little learners as readers and thinkers. Story retell.pdf. PowerPoint Presentation. Slide 1. The Lorax-Lessons to be Learned, Activities, Lessons & More! The Lorax is a well known children’s book written by Dr.

The Lorax-Lessons to be Learned, Activities, Lessons & More!

Seuss with the first edition published in 1971. It tells the sad tale of the Truffula forest that has been cut down by the greedy Once-ler, who consistently ignored the warnings of a creature named the Lorax. As in most of Dr. Seuss’s stories, most of the names of the creatures are original to the book, and full of allusions and hints. Lorax Project in the Classroom. What was the land of the Lorax like before the Once-ler arrived?

Lorax Project in the Classroom

Did it seem like someplace you'd like to live? What parts of your own environment would you be sad to see go? What kind of person is the Once-ler? The Lorax Lesson Plans, Worksheets, Recipes, Crafts, Games - Dr. Seuss Unit of Study.