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Strategic planning

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Civicus Strategic Planning guide. Planning tools: Problem Tree Analysis. Problem tree analysis is central to many forms of project planning and is well developed among development agencies.

Planning tools: Problem Tree Analysis

Problem tree analysis (also called Situational analysis or just Problem analysis) helps to find solutions by mapping out the anatomy of cause and effect around an issue in a similar way to a Mind map, but with more structure. This brings several advantages: Planning tools. This page presents planning and monitoring tools that are alternatives to ‘logframes’.

Planning tools

They all provide structured ways of analysing behaviours and relationships and identifying ‘who has to do what’ to achieve goals. There are significant overlaps between them. This is not a comprehensive list. The tools would need to be complemented with detailed implementation plans. Theory of change. Strategic Plan Builder. Inspiring Supporter Action. Advocacy Action Guide. Cutting the Diamond - Advocacy strategy.