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10 Ferramentas Fun facilmente fazer seu próprio Infografia

10 Ferramentas Fun facilmente fazer seu próprio Infografia
People love to learn by examining visual representations of data. That’s been proven time and time again by the popularity of both infographics and Pinterest. So what if you could make your own infographics ? What would you make it of? Below are my two favorite infographic-making web 2.0 tools that I highly recommend. Click the name of each tool to learn more! One of the more popular ways to discover infographics, actually just launched a design overhaul of their website. Dipity Want to get a beautifully simply visualization of data over time? I absolutely love Venngage Venngage (likely named for Venn diagrams) is a double threat. One of the most simple tools, lets you actually import data right into the site and then translate it all into useful visualizations. Tableau Public Made for Windows, Tableau Public lets you (like bring your actual data into the world of visualzation. Photo Stats What About Me? Gliffy Piktochart Related:  Educational Technology

Do Professor Guia Rápido Para Digital gincanas If you’ve got a smartphone or a tablet in your classroom, you’re ready for the adventure to begin! By adventure I mean, of course, the world of active learning through digital scavenger hunts. In this hunt, students are tasked with finding a particular physical object, person, or place and have to use technology to track it down. The Simple Goal So now that you’re all ready to start your very first scavenger hunt, let’s figure out what the goals are. Finding The Technology Like the movie National Treasure, students will need a lot of ingenuity and tools to help them uncover the mysteries you’ve laid out before them. In an effort to get your scavenger hunt jump-started, here are a few useful tech tools that might be of use. SCVNGR – A useful free app that lets you create your very own digital scavenger hunts, start to finish. The Apple iPhone (newer models) or Android smartphone (newer models) – Whether you love or hate Apple or Android doesn’t matter. Finding An Objective A Quick Note

Makerspace Starter Kit The hot new Makerspace Movement is NOT new to Murray Hill Middle School. Eighteen years ago we designed and opened the school with the idea that we would have creation labs in the Media Center, GT room, and the TV studio. We started with video production, iMovie, Specular LogoMotion, Hyperstudio, and animation with Hollyood High kids. Here's an example of an EARLY (2003) video production called Bookfellas, featuring some Guy Ritchie-esque film direction techniques. These kids are now all grown up and we've kept evolving, too! --------We interrupt this blog post for an important announcement-------- --------------------As of August 2018 the-------------------- We return you back now to our first and original Makerspace post ......Thank you! It's OK to Start Small! I re-purposed some of my empty study carrels for this Makerspace center at the top corner of our library. Amazon Delivers! I got all this on Amazon using my district P-Card & free shipping because I shared Prime with myself.

Apps in Education Instituto Estre Instituto Estre Educação ambiental Reflorestamento urbano Ações institucionais Banco de Referência Fale conosco Oficinas Pedagógicas Núcleo de Estudos Quinzena da Crianç Escolas Sustentáveis Mural dos Professores Parcerias Prêmios Público Interno Teatro no Bairro Ir Translate this page Microsoft ® Translator Cadastre-se e receba os nossos informativos online Nome: E-mail: Celular: Cidade: Estado: Período de Aula: Pretensão de mês: Série/Ano: Colégio de Agendamento: Telefone da escola: Nome do responsável pelo agendamento: No. de matriculados em sua turma: No. de professores previstos na visita: Tem interesse na formação de professores: Todos os dados pessoais informados ao nosso site são armazenados em um banco de dados privado e de controle do Instituto Estre, com acesso restrito a equipe interna. Instituto estre Educação ambiental Oficinas pedagógicas Núcleo de estudos Quinzena da criança Escolas sustentáveis Mural do Educador Apoio ao Reflorestamento Urbano Alianças Estratégicas Público interno Teatro no bairro Notícias Boletins

Teacher-Librarians Here's a MEGALIST for my fellow media specialists/teacher-librarians. It's taken a while to gather all the information and I will continue to add to this page. Currently there are close to 185 sites listed. Library Media Center Management- covers policy manuals, management, patrons with disabilities, volunteers, ideas for new school librarians, library promotion and advocacy; long list BLOGS (Teacher-Librarians, Media Specialists) Bibomatic- for books only; enter the ISBN number of a book for the citation CiteBite- link directly to specific quotes on web pages CiteFast- covers MLA, APA, Chicago and newspaper, magazine, web site, journal, book EasyBib*- also now has an iPhone app where you can scan the ISBN number on a book GoBiblio- free bibliography and citation generatorKnightCite- enter the information in the blank fields and your citation is generated; covers MLA, APA, Chicago OttoBib- for books only; enter the ISBN number of a book for the citation Mr. What is Plagiarism?

The Past, Present, And Future Of The iPad In Learning The Idea When Apple started dropping hints about a coming “tablet PC” in 2009, it would have been difficult to see the way it might change the way we interact with digital media. The first-generation iPad was introduced in April, 2010 and in lieu of some significant hardware limitations, was a world-beater, garnering $1 billion in sales in just 4 months. The iPad 2 was released 11 months later, and the iPad 3 is currently rumored for a Spring 2012 release. While discussing the “history” of a product less than two years old may seem a bit premature technology moves at a dizzying, humming pace. Dog years have nothing on tech years. The concept for the iPad started over a dinner. But Jobs was bothered by Microsoft’s insistence on using a stylus. And so, standing on the shoulders of smartphones and in-development tablet PCs, the iPad was conceived. Education has an odd reputation for both resisting change, and short-sightedly jumping on emerging edu-trends. The Gee Wiz Era Gee Wiz. The App Era

Untitled Document Georfrávia Montoza Alvarenga Doutora em Educação, Docente do Depto. de Educação da UEL, Coordenadora do Núcleo de Estudos e Pesquisas em Avaliação Educacional da UEL Nos últimos 10 anos tem proliferado livros, dissertações e teses sobre avaliação, abordando a questão por vários ângulos. Uma concepção mais caracterizada, uma prática transformadora, contextualizada e negociada pode começar a ser construída tendo a avaliação dentro do processo didático e não fora dele. Uma das formas que tem demonstrado efeitos positivos e que cumpre requisitos da avaliação formativa é o Portfólio. Se na abordagem hoje utilizada nos cursos da área da Saúde (PBL) espera-se que o aluno faça auto-monitoramento dos conteúdos propostos, responsabilizando-se ativamente por sua própria aprendizagem e que estimule proveitosamente a inteligência na prática, espera-se também uma avaliação condizente. É também um excelente instrumento que pode auxiliar na avaliação do impacto de programas educacionais.

Open and Free Educational Resources (OER) For Teaching & Learning - Educational Technology Share on StumbleUpon0 shares on StumbleUpon Courses & Certification Instructional Design Certificate (Fully Online). This fully online program is for anyone developing and/or teaching an online course. Learn more... ADDIE Instructional Design Certificate Program (Fully Online). This fully online program is designed for individuals interested in learning more about the ADDIE model. Open Educational Resources (OER) are open-license materials (freely accessible) that can be used for teaching and learning. OER can be defined as: “teaching, learning, and research resources that reside in the public domain or have been released under an intellectual property license that permits their free use and re-purposing by others. The list includes: The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation.