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Society and Life in the 1960s The 1960s were a decade of revolution and change in politics, music and society around the world. It started in the United States and the United Kingdom, and spread to continental Europe and other parts of the globe. The 1960s were an era of protest. In the civil rights movement blacks and whites protested against the unfair treatment of races. Towards the end of the decade more and more Americans protested against the war in Vietnam. Female activists demanded more rights for women, whose role in society began to change. The 1960s shattered American politics with the assassination of famous leaders. After World War II people all over the world started working hard and respecting the values they were brought up with. Hippies at the Woodstock festival Social change was also reflected in the music of the decade. Television dominated the decade as the most important entertainment medium. On the other side of the social scale, many people looked strangely at these protesters. Related Topics

» RFC Editor HardwareSupport Welcome to the Ubuntu HardwareSupport wiki page. We are transitioning our legacy community hardware support information from the wiki to the UbuntuFriendly programme. Here are your current choices for Hardware Support information: Current Programmes Ubuntu Certified Ubuntu Certified is a programme where OEMs submit systems to Canonical's testing facility where certification testing and validation is performed by Canonical engineers. Ubuntu Friendly UbuntuFriendly is an open hardware validation programme for desktops, netbooks and laptops. Discontinued Programmes Hardware Support Wiki The Ubuntu Community used to contribute to a table of hardware that has been tested. Ubuntu Ready The Ubuntu Ready programme has been discontinued. Other Resources Ubuntu Forums Ubuntu works on a range of hardware which has not been certified by the manufacturer.

Hardware Wiki Login Wiki/ Hardware Translation(s): العربية - বাংলা - Deutsch - English - Español - Français - Italiano - 日本語 (Nihongo) - 한국어 - Melayu - Brasileiro - Русский(Russian) - Svenska - 简体中文 This page lists articles which describe how to configure Debian to work with the many different kinds of hardware it supports. Specifics and improvements Other external links CategoryPortal | CategoryHardware - Linux Hardware Compatibility Lists & Linux Drivers Cisco Live sessions, videos and exhibitors from all global conferences No Yes View More View Less Working... Close Cancel Confirm System Message Delete Schedule An unknown error has occurred and your request could not be completed. Scheduled Wait Listed Personal Calendar Participant Conference Event Meeting Interest There aren't any available sessions at this time. Conflict Found This session is already scheduled at another time. Loading... Please enter a maximum of {0} characters. {0} remaining of {1} character maximum. Please enter a maximum of {0} words. {0} remaining of {1} word maximum. must be 50 characters or less. must be 40 characters or less. Session Summary Cisco Live Milan 2014 Event Details Scheduler Social Media Cisco Live Melbourne 2014 Cisco Live San Francisco 2014 Cisco Live Cancun