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Openzine Blubbr -Creare video con test/domande Testmoz - Powerful but Simple Test Generator 1 Adjust a few settings. In a few clicks, you can completely customize your test. 2 Add your questions. On a single page, you can insert, edit, and rearrange all your questions. 3 Distribute the URL. Just email the URL to your students, or post on your website, and you're done. At a glance you can see how everyone performed. You can quickly create questions, move them around, copy them, import questions from your other tests, change question types, and move questions into pools. The test is autosaved while you're working on it, so you don't have to worry about losing your changes. You can mark questions as ungraded, you can shuffle the questions for each test taker, you can shuffle the answer choices, and you can show an explanation for any question. You can even import questions from a properly formatted Excel file. Testmoz is powerful, and more features are being added all the time. Testmoz provides you with a simple URL that you can email to your students so they can start the test.

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Tar Heel Reader Timelinely | inserire commenti, immagini e link a video YouTube What is FlipGrid and what activities can you do with it? | English Teaching 101 FlipGrid, the video-sharing tool has been growing in popularity in recent years – so popular in fact that its rise has been called “FlipGrid Fever.” The web app has been free since its acquisition by Microsoft. How can teachers use FlipGrid? FlipGrid allows us teachers to easily create grids that encourage video discussion. Every grid behaves as a sort of message board that teachers can post questions to and students reply with a video answer. You can share these grids with your class or student groups interested in a common topic. There is no limit to the questions you can put up on each grid and students don’t have a limit in terms of responses either. FlipGrid has a wide range of moderation features that I highly recommend you play with so you can understand how the app works and figure out the right settings for your class. How do students use FlipGrid? What activities can you do with FlipGrid? Practise languages Share book reviews on FlipGrid Create digital bulletin board Make a story

Etherpad 255 Plugins 105 Languages Hundreds of Instances Millions of users Collaborating in really real-time No more sending your stuff back and forth via email, just set up a pad, share the link and start collaborating! Etherpad allows you to edit documents collaboratively in real-time, much like a live multi-player editor that runs in your browser. All instances provide access to all data through a well-documented API and support import/export to many major data exchange formats. You don't need to set up a server and install Etherpad in order to use it. Add Functionalities Etherpad is very customizable through plugins. Contribute Etherpad is an open source project. One of the first things you should do is actually use Etherpad, and get to know it - read about it, evangelise it, and engage with the wider community. If you'd like to help, get in touch! Development workflow The main development happens on GitHub. Once in a while we merge develop into master, which results in a new release. Thanks

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