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The best WordPress plugin and Chrome extension to download for enhancing YouTube videos.

The best WordPress plugin and Chrome extension to download for enhancing YouTube videos.
Customized YouTube embeds with the extra row of features require Flash support. For devices that do not currently support Flash (e.g. iPhone/iPad, Android phones without a Flash browser), these customized embeds will gracefully emulate standard YouTube embeds. We do have a cool tool to checkout if you want to embed standard YouTube videos in WordPress. Check out our YouTube-WordPress Plugin » Demo one of our tight integrations with YouTube: A customized YouTube embed - loaded with extra features (click play; then 'React' after watching) Below are some free and PRO features you'll find in one or more of our tools.

Great Minds Share Alike The idea for MentorMob sprouts from the backgrounds of Kris Chinosorn and Vince Leung. Both avid learners, they found early on that the Internet was not quite the incredible tool for learning new skills and hobbies that everyone thinks it is. Even with millions of free lessons online, the content is almost impossible to navigate. "You don’t really know where to start, what to learn next or who you can trust, which is why in a sea of free content, people are still paying for online lessons." - Vince Leung, CTO Both Kris and Vince knew there had to be a better, more efficient way to learn for free online and that is when MentorMob was born. Check out the new Video Manager You put a lot of work into your videos, so we’re putting a lot of work into making sure they look their best on YouTube. Today we’re rolling out an updated Video Manager with some new features that’ll help you handle all your videos. To try out the new design, go to the Video Manager and click “try it now.”

Increases Engagement Communicating in 140-character segments may seem to contradict the goals of generally long-winded academia, but a new study has found that the two are less opposed than one might think. Students in the study who were asked to contribute to class discussions and complete assignments using Twitter increased their engagement over a semester more than twice as much as a control group. The study used a 19-question survey based on the National Survey of Student Engagement to measure student engagement at the beginning and end of a seminar course for first year students in pre-health professional programs.

YouTube Video Annotations is a new way for you to add interactive commentary to your videos! Use it to: Add background information about the video Education Using PBworks in your academic environments. PBworks hosts over 300,000 educational workspaces, and has helped transform teaching and learning for millions of students, parents and teachers. Educators ranging from major universities like DePaul, school districts like Baltimore County Public Schools and individual teachers trust PBworks as their collaborative learning environment. In your Classroom, Library, District or University Encourage student-centered learning.

Sync presentations to all devices On June 27 Cisco announced the acquisition of Assemblage, a company that provides the tools and infrastructure to enable simple, one-click browser-to-browser collaboration without the need for downloads, plugins or installations. The need to use voice, video, chat and online sharing instantly is more important than ever. In an effort to support mobile workers and global teams, we want to enable new, simplified ways to communicate and collaborate easily, from any device in real-time through the cloud. Assemblage offers real-time collaboration apps for shared whiteboarding, presentation broadcasting and screensharing. Assemblage's technology integrates with popular third party cloud services and supports 40 different file types to enable quick and efficient collaboration.

RSC London News » Blog Archive » Improve your Video in 4 easy steps: JISC Digital Media ~Guest post by JISC Digital Media~ Often the difference between ‘acceptable’ and ‘rather good’ is quite small. This, in my experience is certainly the case with amateur videos. I’ve seen a lot of self-made videos, particularly in the world of education and again and again the same problems keep cropping up, problems which are actually very easy to rectify. Here are my top four suggestions. New technologies, new pedagogies: Mobile learning in higher education Jan Herrington, Anthony Herrington, Jessica Mantei, Ian Olney and Brian Ferry (editors), New technologies, new pedagogies: Mobile learning in higher education, Faculty of Education, University of Wollongong, 2009, 138p. ISBN: 978-1-74128-169-9 (online). Complete book available here - individual chapters below: Table of Contents Preface: While mobile technologies such as mobile phones, personal digital assistants (PDAs) and digital music players (mp3 players) have permeated popular culture, they have not found widespread acceptance as pedagogical tools in higher education. The purpose of this e-book is to explore the use of mobile devices in learning in higher education, and to provide examples of good pedagogy.

5 Free Tools for Creating Book Trailer Videos The traditional book report that asks students to critique the books that they read is a staple of many classrooms. If you would like to add a new element to book reports try having students add visual and audio components to book reports by having students create book trailers. Book trailers are short videos designed to spark a viewer's interest in a book. A great place to find examples of book trailers is Book Trailers for Readers. Brainstorming and Voting Amazingly Easy. Free Online Tool  Find the best solution by involving your friends, colleagues or clients. A feedback session with customers or the decision on the new logo. tricider is the easiest way, to gather all opinions and ideas. It´s brainstorming and voting, all in one and online! Even hard decisions can be easy with tricider. Free and no registration.

Video Tools Skip to main content Get your brand new Wikispaces Classroom now and do "back to school" in style. guest Join | Help | Sign In cooltoolsforschools Home The Technology Learning Cycle The Technology Learning Cycle is a tool that faculty can use to reflect on their own learning about technology. It provides a way to think about how we learn to use new tools and incorporate them into our teaching. The Cycle was developed in the late 1990s at the University of Missouri to help faculty members who were training pre-service teachers in the use of technology.

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