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Better introductions for websites and features with a step-by-step guide for your projects.

Better introductions for websites and features with a step-by-step guide for your projects.
Easy to Use Just include the js and css files and add data-step and data-intro to your code. Fast & Small 4 KB JavaScript and 2.5 KB CSS (gzip). That's all. Free & Open-Source Free and open-source (including commercial use). Keyboard + Mouse navigation Ability to navigate with the mouse, or the keyboard - ←, →, ENTER and ESC to exit. Browser Compatibllity Better compatibility is on the roadmap, but currently it should work in recent versions of Firefox, Chrome and IE8 also. Developed with <3 With <3 in, Tehran.

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crypto-js CryptoJS is a growing collection of standard and secure cryptographic algorithms implemented in JavaScript using best practices and patterns. They are fast, and they have a consistent and simple interface. If you have a problem with CryptoJS, if you want to discuss new features, or if you want to contribute to the project, you can visit the CryptoJS discussion group. jQuery TourBus jQuery TourBus takes more of a toolkit approach than some of the alternatives that try to have focusing elements, auto-progress with timers and indicators, on and on, all built in... too much stuff! Less is more! Basic Usage Edge.js Run node.js and .NET code in-process An edge connects two nodes This edge connects node.js with .NET Created by Tomasz Janczuk / @tjanczuk

HTML Canvas Deep Dive, 2013 2013 Edition: Games Games account for about half of the apps in the typical app store. They are among the first thing ported to any new platform. Games help drive technology forward. 50 Most Useful jQuery Plugins from 2014 - Speckyboy Web Design Magazine Today, we have the 2014 edition of our top 50 jQuery plugins of the year. They are the 50 jQuery plugins that we feel are the most useful, most innovative and most time-saving solutions to many of the modern design and development issues you may have. Just to help you find exactly what you are looking quickly, we have classified all of the jQuery plugins into the following categories: Web & Mobile Layouts Plugins, Menu & Navigation Plugins, Plugins for Media, Slider, Carousel & Gallery Plugins, Text Effect Plugins, Form Plugins, and finally a bunch of uncategorized Utility Plugins. You might also like to view the 50 most useful plugins from 2013, 2012, or 2011.

iScroll 4 Project info Last code update: 2012.07.14 – v4.2Device compatibility: iPhone/Ipod touch >=3.1.1, iPad >=3.2, Android >=1.6, Desktop Webkit, Firefox, Opera desktop/mobile.Discussion groupQR Code opens demo page. Support development If this script saved your day and you wish to support future developments you may consider sending some funds via PayPal or Flattr. 11 Awesome “jQuery Site Tour Plugins” For Guiding Users With Style It is always hard to guess how users browse + how they perceive the content and flow of a website or web app. There are tools to analyze these as much as possible and, using methods like A/B testing, improving the usability is always possible. However, it is always a great idea to guide users whenever they want. Nothing to lose on that for sure. There are awesome jQuery plugins that ease guiding users and creating site/page tours for them. They are stylish, customizable and simple to use.

Tiny, opensource, Bootstrap WYSIWYG rich text editor from MindMup About This tiny (5KB, < 200 lines) jQuery Bootstrap plugin turns any DIV into a WYSIWYG rich-content editor, inspired by CLEditor and bootstrap-wysihtml5. Here are the key features:

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