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Software installation - How to install dlib for python3 in Ubuntu 14.04 - Ask Ubuntu. GitHub - cztomczak/cefpython: Chrome browser control, a HTML 5 based Python GUI framework.       Forum: Create Your Own Streaming Service With Emby. Figure 1: Configure Emby user.

Create Your Own Streaming Service With Emby

We live in an age where everything is moving to cloud. This trend of course has its own advantages and disadvantages. The biggest advantage is that we can access our data anywhere, anytime from any device. On the flip side, the biggest disadvantage is that we lose control or ownership of our data. What if you could get the best of both worlds? Why Emby? I tried Emby not because I wanted to switch away from Plex or because I was looking for an alternative; I love Plex, it serves me well.

Installation of Emy is quite easy. If you are running Ubuntu 14.04, then run the following commands in the terminal: Glumpy: fast, scalable & beautiful scientific visualization. Using Python to Mine Common Crawl. This article was originally posted on the blog.

Using Python to Mine Common Crawl

One of my Automating OSINT students Michael Rossi (@RossiMI01) pinged me with an interesting challenge. He had mentioned that the Common Crawl project is an excellent source of OSINT, as you can begin to explore any page snapshots they have stored for a target domain. Michael wanted to take this a step further and mine out all external links from the returned HTML. This can enable you to find relationships between one domain and another, and of course potentially discover links to social media accounts or other websites that might be of interest.

This blog post walks you through how to approach this problem so that you can automate the retrieval of external links from a target domain that has been stored in Common Crawl. What is Common Crawl? Common Crawl is a gigantic dataset that is created by crawling the web. Coding It Up pip install requests bs4 Let’s look at what this first bit of code does: Whew! Let it Rip. Out-of-Core Dataframes in Python: Dask and OpenStreetMap. Top 20 Python Machine Learning Open Source Projects. We examine top Python Machine learning open source projects on Github, both in terms of contributors and commits, and identify most popular and most active ones.

Top 20 Python Machine Learning Open Source Projects

We analyze Top 20 Python Machine learning projects on GitHub and find that scikit-Learn, PyLearn2 and NuPic are the most actively contributed projects. Explore these popular projects on Github! Pyndamics - Python Numerical Dynamics Simulator. This package provides a way to describe a dynamical system in terms of the differential equations, or the stock-flow formalism.

pyndamics - Python Numerical Dynamics Simulator

It is a wrapper around the Scipy odeint function, with further functionality for time plots, phase plots, and vector fields. See for many examples. A simple example is the Lorenz System: implemented in pyndamics as from pyndamics import Simulation. PyDSTool. Bruce 3.2.1. Bruce, the Presentation Tool, puts reStructuredText in your projector Bruce, the Presentation Tool is for people who are tired of fighting with presentation tools.

bruce 3.2.1

Presentations are composed (edited) in plain text files. It allows text, code, image, interative Python sessions and video. It uses pyglet to render in OpenGL. Please REMOVE any previous installation of Bruce if you’re upgrading from prior to version 3.0! Changes in this release: handle errors from pygmentsadd optional use of smartypants curlify if installed (thanks Ned Batchelder)fix windows .pyw launcher scriptmake layout parsing more robustraise specific warnigs about layout -> style sheet changesadd missing option values to GUI launcheralign tables so the header row rests on the baselinehave window be invisible until all initialisation is complete Bruce, the Presentation Tool Features Installation. Requests: HTTP for Humans — Requests 1.2.3 documentation.

Homepage. Cookiecutter: Better Project Templates — cookiecutter 0.7.1 documentation. Sarge, a wrapper for Python's subprocess module. Welcome to sarge’s documentation!

sarge, a wrapper for Python's subprocess module

— Sarge 0.1.1 documentation sarge provides a somewhat more user-friendly interface to the subprocess module from Python's standard library. It lets your Python program talk to external commands. Some of the features of sarge include easier usage, security (has some support for preventing shell injection attacks), ability to capture the standard output/error/both of the subprocess it runs, support for I/O redirection and pipes, and even some support for interacting with the subprocess, like the Unix Expect tool can.

Overall, it looks worth checking out for those with such needs. sarge is by Vinay Sajip, who is also the developer of Py, the Python launcher for Windows (with support for both Python 2 and Python 3), and of the logging module in the Python standard library. Deap 1.0. Distributed Evolutionary Algorithms in Python Package Documentation DEAP stands for Distributed Evolutionary Algorithm in Python, it is dedicated to people who wish to learn how to use evolutionary algorithms and to those who wish to rediscover evolutionary algorithms.

deap 1.0

DEAP is the proof that evolutionary algorithms do not need to be neither complex or complicated. DEAP is a novel evolutionary computation framework for rapid prototyping and testing of ideas. It seeks to make algorithms explicit and data structures transparent. Downloads (All Versions): 88 downloads in the last day 638 downloads in the last week 2043 downloads in the last month.

Advanced-ssh-config 0.3.3. Package Index > advanced-ssh-config > 0.3.3 Not Logged In Status.

advanced-ssh-config 0.3.3

Fysom 2.0.0. Basics ... will create an object with a method for each event: fsm.warn() - transition from 'green' to 'yellow'fsm.panic() - transition from 'yellow' to 'red'fsm.calm() - transition from 'red' to 'yellow'fsm.clear() - transition from 'yellow' to 'green' along with the following members: fsm.current - contains the current statefsm.isstate(s) - return True if state s is the current statefsm.can(e) - return True if event e can be fired in the current statefsm.cannot(e) - return True if event s cannot be fired in the current state Shorter Syntax It's possible to define event transitions as 3-tuples (event name, source state, destination state) rather than dictionaries.

fysom 2.0.0

This is a shorter version of the previous example: Pillow 2.1.0. Creating Excel files with Python and XlsxWriter — XlsxWriter Documentation. Bokeh, a Python library for interactive visualization. Configobj 5.0.0. Config file reading, writing and validation.

configobj 5.0.0

Latest Version: 5.0.4 ConfigObj is a simple but powerful config file reader and writer: an ini file round tripper. Its main feature is that it is very easy to use, with a straightforward programmer's interface and a simple syntax for config files. It has lots of other features though : Nested sections (subsections), to any levelList valuesMultiple line valuesFull Unicode supportString interpolation (substitution)Integrated with a powerful validation systemincluding automatic type checking/conversionand allowing default valuesrepeated sectionsAll comments in the file are preservedThe order of keys/sections is preservedPowerful unrepr mode for storing/retrieving Python data-types. Pptx 0.5.3. Sh 1.08 — sh v1.08 documentation. PyWISARD: a portable WISARD implementation. PyWISARD: a portable WISARD implementation Iuri Wickert e-mail: i;w;i;c;k;e;r;t@y;a;h;o;o.c;o;m Programa de Engenharia de Sistemas e Computação, COPPE/UFRJCaixa Postal 68511 21945-970 Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil tel: +55 21 590-2552, fax: +55 21 290-6626 URL: Index 1.

Abstract2. The WISARD net3. 1. The purpose of PyWISARD is to provide a portable, lightweight, user-friendly implementation of the WISARD weightless neural network, adapted to use binary images as inputs. Support to big tuples (up to 30 bits), in a memory-efficient manner; support to GIF, PPM and PGM image file formats; interactive training control; modular design (the WISARD engine can be reused/improved/replaced), and is freely distributable, under the GNU GPL license. 2. The WISARD is a popular weightless neural network model.

The basic element of a WISARD neural net is the neuron, or node, which is a simple RAM memory that stores the occurrence of the patterns ("tuples") it has been presented with.