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Cross Platform Open Source 2D Game Engine

Cross Platform Open Source 2D Game Engine

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Populate your Box2D world using the libgdx maps API This text proposes an effective approach to painlessly create static collidable geometry in 2D levels with the help of Box2D and the new libgdx maps API. All the source code is available for direct download below the post. New libgdx maps API The mighty libgdx library saw itself to yet another addition a couple of weeks ago, a shiny brand new maps API. Nex and me had been working on it for a while and people seem to be quite happy with it. Actually, by now, loads of folks have contributed too, which is kind of the beauty of open source, isn’t it? Texture atlases, wrapping and mip mapping Today I want to write about what is probably the single most common question that gets asked regarding greedy meshes. Specifically: How can greedy meshes be texture mapped? One naive solution might be to create a separate texture for each block type, and then do a separate pass for each of these textures. However, this would require a number of state changes proportional to O(number of chunks * number of textures).

openFrameworks openFrameworks is an open source C++ toolkit designed to assist the creative process by providing a simple and intuitive framework for experimentation. openFrameworks is designed to work as a general purpose glue, and wraps together several commonly used libraries, including: OpenGL, GLEW, GLUT, libtess2 and cairo for graphicsrtAudio, PortAudio, OpenAL and Kiss FFT or FMOD for audio input, output and analysisFreeType for fontsFreeImage for image saving and loadingQuicktime, GStreamer and videoInput for video playback and grabbingPoco for a variety of utilitiesOpenCV for computer visionAssimp for 3D model loading The code is written to be massively cross-compatible.

Datepicker for Bootstrap, from Twitter Example Attached to a field with the format specified via options. Attachet to a field with the format specified via data tag. As component. Animation in LibGdx with TexturePacker Follow @isyslabs for new tutorials We are currently working on a new android/PC game which is written using the brilliant libGdx framework (check it out its amazing!). We have decided to use flash for the artwork mainly because it scales nicely and will look great on HD TVs right down to low resolution phone screens. The animations are all stored within flash based SWF containers.

Tutorial 5 : A Textured Cube In this tutorial, you will learn : What are UV coordinates How to load textures yourself How to use them in OpenGL What is filtering and mipmapping, and how to use them How to load texture more robustly with GLFW What the alpha channel is When texturing a mesh, you need a way to tell to OpenGL which part of the image has to be used for each triangle. This is done with UV coordinates. CMU Sphinx Downloads [CMUSphinx Wiki] Software CMU Sphinx toolkit has a number of packages for different tasks and applications. It's sometimes confusing what to choose. To cleanup, here is the list Slider for Bootstrap, from Twitter Example Basic example with custom formater Range selector, options specified via data attribute. Filter by price interval: € 10€ 1000 Using events to work with the values and style the selection and handles via CSS.