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Explore the Taj Mahal virtual tour - "5_STARS!" -SundayTimes_London

Explore the Taj Mahal virtual tour - "5_STARS!" -SundayTimes_London
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Ephesus - Guide, Pictures, Tours, 360 degree Virtual Tours Ephesus - (Show on the Map) - The ruins of Ephesus take on a value and a special significance among the numerous sites of an archaeological interest. This is due to its inestimable artistic patrimony, its titanic heritage of history and culture, and the inexhaustible beauty and charm of its archaeological site. The original site of Ancient Ephesus was most likely established on the Aegean coast, on the shores of that sea which today is located 8 km. away from the archaeological excavations. Over the centuries, in fact, the rubble brought onto the plain of the "Kucuk Menderes" has enlarged the alluvial plain surrounding the archaeological zone, leaving behind in actual fact the shores of the Aegean. In Roman times it was situated on the northern slopes of the hills Coressus and Pion and south of the Cayster (Kucuk Menderes) River, the silt from which has since formed a fertile plain but has caused the coastline to move ever farther west. 1- Introduction to Ephesus 2- Odeion 4- Prytaneion

Episode 1 Lesson Plans | The Story of India - For Teachers (Vedic Period, 15th – 5th Centuries BCE) Objectives Understand the foundation of Hinduism. Consider and examine the ancient texts that defined Hinduism. Introduction India remains one of the most religiously diverse nations in the world. Hindu beliefs developed over the centuries and include many influences, including numerous sacred texts, thousands of deities, and holy sites that continue to draw millions of pilgrims. Main Task Create a scrapbook of images and text that highlights your virtual tour of the development of ancient Hinduism from the perspective of a foreign traveler just discovering this religion. You should draw from the ancient texts to the stories of the gods to the holy sites along the banks of the Ganges River. The importance of the Ganges River Origins of Sanskrit The Vedas and Mahabharata The various gods Brief Process Gain a basic understanding of Hinduism through the provided text and video resource. Resources Hindu Gods: Extension Ideas Standards

Sites in 3D MAKKAH — Masjid al-Haram — Hira Cave — Thowr Cave — Arafat — Muzdalifah — Mina — Masjid Al-Jinn — Masjid al-Bay'ah — Masjid al-Aisha (Tan'eem) — Jannat al-Mualla — AL-MADINAH — Prophet's Mosque — Masjid al-Quba — Masjid al-Jumah — Masjid al-Qiblatain — Seven Masjids — Dhul Hulayfah Masjid — Masjid al-Anbariyyah — Jannat al-Baqi — Uhud — Historic Train Station — BADR — Martyrdom at Badr — KHAYBAR — Castles of Khaybar — etc. E-mail:

Bali 3D Panorama Photography Virtual Tours QuickTime Immersive Pictures The Indian Caste System - An Introduction Virtual Tour of Jerusalem Intercative 360 degree panoramic virtual tours at the holy city Jerusalem, Israel All rights reserved © Ittay Bodell, Digital Panovisions INDIA HISTORY : PART I