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Explore the Taj Mahal virtual tour - "5_STARS!" -SundayTimes_London

Explore the Taj Mahal virtual tour - "5_STARS!" -SundayTimes_London
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Ephesus - Guide, Pictures, Tours, 360 degree Virtual Tours Ephesus - (Show on the Map) - The ruins of Ephesus take on a value and a special significance among the numerous sites of an archaeological interest. This is due to its inestimable artistic patrimony, its titanic heritage of history and culture, and the inexhaustible beauty and charm of its archaeological site. The original site of Ancient Ephesus was most likely established on the Aegean coast, on the shores of that sea which today is located 8 km. away from the archaeological excavations. Over the centuries, in fact, the rubble brought onto the plain of the "Kucuk Menderes" has enlarged the alluvial plain surrounding the archaeological zone, leaving behind in actual fact the shores of the Aegean. In Roman times it was situated on the northern slopes of the hills Coressus and Pion and south of the Cayster (Kucuk Menderes) River, the silt from which has since formed a fertile plain but has caused the coastline to move ever farther west. 1- Introduction to Ephesus 2- Odeion 4- Prytaneion

Have a Virtual Holiday! Ways to Celebrate the Holidays Online on Your Computer posted by Mark on December 23rd, 2009 You spend much of your life on your computer, so why not use it to celebrate the holidays? Here are a dozen or so websites and online tools to let you do just that. Enjoy this holiday season in virtual splendor! And, of course, sit in front of a virtual fireplace: Tags: christmas, holidays, online media, online resources This entry was posted on Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009 at 12:00 pm and is filed under Culture, How To. Bali 3D Panorama Photography Virtual Tours QuickTime Immersive Pictures Where Is This Picture Taken? Discover The World With These 2 Addictive & Challenging Travel Games I love travelling, and if I can get my hands on a good road trip, you won’t hear me asking for anything else. Alas, I live in a tiny country, and I also have a job which does not play well with the Internet-free wilderness or the immense amount of money such a trip would cost, so I usually have no choice but to tame my travel hunger by looking at pictures and reading about far-away places. Another great way to satisfy your itchy feet are travel games. MakeUseOf is not new to the travel-game concept, and two years ago Saikat told you about 7 awesome travel quizzes to improve your travel IQ. There’s even more fun to be had with these 6 Google Earth games that provide a quick frolic around the globe. These two collections include some awesome travel games, with the Traveler IQ Challenge being one of my all-time favorites. Today, I’m going to tell you about two new travel games which are not only fun, but and challenging and educational. GeoGuessr This goes both ways. Bottom Line

Sites in 3D MAKKAH — Masjid al-Haram — Hira Cave — Thowr Cave — Arafat — Muzdalifah — Mina — Masjid Al-Jinn — Masjid al-Bay'ah — Masjid al-Aisha (Tan'eem) — Jannat al-Mualla — AL-MADINAH — Prophet's Mosque — Masjid al-Quba — Masjid al-Jumah — Masjid al-Qiblatain — Seven Masjids — Dhul Hulayfah Masjid — Masjid al-Anbariyyah — Jannat al-Baqi — Uhud — Historic Train Station — BADR — Martyrdom at Badr — KHAYBAR — Castles of Khaybar — etc. E-mail:

Scenic Byways of the United States There are wonderful drives all across America including National Scenic Byways, Back Country Byways, and State Scenic Byways. A National Scenic Byway is recognized by the United States Department of Transportation for one of the six "intrinsic qualities": archeological, cultural, historic, natural, recreational, and/or scenic. The most scenic byways are designated All-American Roads, which must meet two out of the six intrinsic qualities. Scenic Byways: Arkansas Scenic 7 Byway Alpine Loop Back Country Byway Kansas Glacial Hills Scenic Byway Mississippi Natchez Trace Parkway Missouri Cliff Drive Scenic Byway Nebraska Lewis & Clark Scenic Byway New Mexico Dry Cimarron Scenic Byway Enchanted Circle Scenic Byway Turquoise Trail Scenic Byway Texas Texas Forts Trail

Virtual Tour of Jerusalem Intercative 360 degree panoramic virtual tours at the holy city Jerusalem, Israel All rights reserved © Ittay Bodell, Digital Panovisions