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Drag-and-Drop with jQuery: Your Essential Guide

Drag-and-Drop with jQuery: Your Essential Guide
Home : Articles : Drag-and-Drop with jQuery: Your Essential Guide Tutorial by Matt Doyle | Level: Intermediate | Published on 17 February 2011 Categories: Learn how to use jQuery, and the jQuery UI Draggable and Droppable plugins, to create drag-and-drop interfaces in your web pages. Dragging and dropping can be a very intuitive way for users to interact with your site or web app. Moving email messages into folders Reordering lists of items Moving objects in games around, such as cards and puzzle pieces Drag-and-drop with JavaScript used to be very hard to do — in fact, getting a decent cross-browser version working was next to impossible. In this tutorial we'll take a look at how to create drag-and-drop interfaces with jQuery, and we'll finish with a complete drag-and-drop example: a simple number cards game for kids. jQuery UI The easiest way to include both libraries is to use Google's CDN, as follows: Making elements draggable Adding draggable options containment 'parent' 'document' 'window'

Bootstrap Form Builder Rendered source of your form: About Created By Adam Moore (@minikomi) to help take the stress out of writing all that markup to get bootstrap forms together. The original version of this was a big jQuery spaghetti mess, so as of March 2013 it has been rewritten using backbone.js and takes advantage of underscore.js templates. If you have a problem, or want a specific snippet added please check out the github project. Note, this is only a simple tool so I'm not that keen on adding many features (eg. saving/exporting forms, embedding forms etc.). Adding snippets is quite simple now (due to the rewrite!)

The complete jQuery tutorial Easy way to rip Blu-ray movies to MKV for streaming to Roku 3 -1080p Video Tool Summary: How to prepare your blu-ray videos for playback on Roku 3? – Read on this article to get the way for converting blu-ray movies to play with Roku 3 directly. I have a hard drive full of blu-ray movies that I want to rip my blu-rays to MKV file to work with my Roku 3, and playback on iPhone. I'm currently using a bluray ripper but am running into playback issues half way thru movies. Roku is telling me to use a different software but I'm sure you guys would know what I need to do. Is there a certain software that you recommend over another to rip blurays for roku 3 playback? Roku 3 is such a power device that not only a video game console but also a great video player which could play Blu-ray and HD movies. If you have lots of blu-ray collections that you'd like to convert to MKV, the best recommend is Pavtube Blu-ray Ripper (30% off now). The app is also available for Mac OS – Get 30% off Blu-ray Ripper for Mac if you work with OS X 10.5/10.6/10.7/10.8/10.9. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 1. 2.

ScrollMagic - Demo Learn how to code by playing a game Dynamisez vos sites web avec Javascript ! Bienvenue à toutes et à tous, Qui n'a jamais entendu parler du JavaScript ? Créé dans les années 90 en tant que simple langage de script, JavaScript est désormais un des poids lourds du développement Web ! Bref, JavaScript est partout ! Voici quelques exemples de ce qui est réalisable grâce au JavaScript : Un système de chat, comme celui de Facebook ;Une suggestion lors de la frappe dans un champ de texte, comme lors d'une recherche avec Google ;Un lecteur de vidéos ou de musiques, aussi puissant que celui de Youtube, grâce aux balises <video> et <audio> ;Des jeux exploitants la balise <canvas> comme Torus, un Tetris en 3D ;La modélisation 3D d'une Lamborghini affichée grâce à l'API WebGL et à la bibliothèque Three.js ;Et bien d'autres choses ! Sur ce, bonne lecture !

D3 <div id="js_warning"><strong>JavaScript is turned off, so this page won&rsquo;t be very interactive.</strong> Switch JavaScript back on in your web browser for the full experience.</div> These tutorials have been expanded into a book, Interactive Data Visualization for the Web, published by O’Reilly in March 2013.

Mapping with D3 - Maptime Boston A friendly introduction Andy Woodruff for Maptime Boston @maptimeBoston | @awoodruff Follow along! Or get the code for examples: Before we begin... D3 is HARD for beginners. D3 documentation. If you see the down arrow in the corner of a slide, press down to see links to helpful resources on the subject at hand. Yeah, you get the hang of it! What is D3? D3 is Data-Driven Documents: “D3.js is a JavaScript library for manipulating documents based on data. It means taking data... ...binding it to HTML or SVG elements... ...and manipulating those elements based on the data. Simple, right? There's more to it, of course, but building on that core concept leads to spectacular things. D3 was created by Mike Bostock using his giant brain. D3 is not a graphical representation D3 is not a magic tool that draws and styles charts, maps, etc. It's not about charts, nor maps, nor any particular kind of graphic. Enough introduction. .data( ratData )

enjalot.github Pre-Game Some things to go over before we dive in SVG Overview overview of most common SVG elements and key ways SVG is similar to and different from html Binding API introduction to the d3 API functions that relate to the DOM and data binding, such as selections, transitions and the enter/update/exit pattern. Non-Binding API overview of the rest of the d3 API functions which can be used in all kinds of situations Reusable Charts introduction to the reusable chart pattern Diving Board Links and resources for diving even deeper into d3

MaptimeSEA As a simple web search will tell you, D3 is a data visualization library that runs like lightening in your web browser. You may hear data visualization and think I don't need a data viz lib, I make maps. Well, maps run on data, plus D3 is actually pretty good with maps, so keep an open mind. You might also wonder why you would choose D3 over another library like Leaflet.js. D3 stands for Data Driven Documents. House keeping To successfully follow this tutorial you need a text editor (such as Notepad++ or Sublime Text). Also, to complete this tutorial without running a local web server (not what we're here to learn), you'll need to open your web map in Firefox. At its core, D3 takes your information and transforms it into a visual output. SVGs are human readable, which works well for us because we aren't computers. This circle example is the same document embedded in a really simple web page. Each of those circles is an element in your SVG, which has a width and height. Save your eyes.

AngularJS: Tutorial: 0 - Bootstrapping Loading... In this step of the tutorial, you will become familiar with the most important source code files of the AngularJS Phonecat App. You will also learn how to start the development servers bundled with angular-seed, and run the application in the browser. Before you continue, make sure you have set up your development environment and installed all necessary dependencies, as described in the Environment Setup section. In the angular-phonecat directory, run this command: git checkout -f step-0 This resets your workspace to step 0 of the tutorial app. You must repeat this for every future step in the tutorial and change the number to the number of the step you are on. If you haven't already done so, you need to install the dependencies by running: npm install To see the app running in a browser, open a separate terminal/command line tab or window, then run npm start to start the web server. You can now see the page in your browser. The HTML page that displays "Nothing here yet!" <!