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“Athletes who allow themselves to be tracked can receive "applause" or a "Go, go, go!" over their headphones from viewers. A little creepy, but cool.” “Mobile apps that track the route you run are nothing new, but athletic app maker Runtastic is taking a slightly different approach with an update to its Runtastic Pro app.” “Runtastic started out initially by focusing on runners but is now targeting sportspeople in general, both amateurs and professionals.”

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Irregular verbs in context - Teacher story Teaching irregular verbs in context is not only useful, but rewarding too. A short story attracts the attention of students and can be used in many communicative activities. Unfortunately, there are not many short stories which can be easily used for teaching the past tense. Advert: Especial Tres Cycling Backpack What's this all about? An update to the original, the new Tres Backpack has an improved fit and greater visibility for safe, comfortable riding. The Tres offers serious expansion options in its roll-top closure and gusseted front pocket for big-haul days, and its super cushioned, ventilated backpack straps and backbender panel feel good on your back and shoulders and keep you cool. The internal waterproof drop liner keeps water out, and a backbender flexible cooling panel feels good on your back and keeps you cool. Hits of reflective paneling keep you visible on late night rides, and an improved taper design enables clear over-the-shoulder visibility. Carry as much as you can, the Tres is ready.

MessageParty = Chat Room + Geolocation + iPhone MessageParty, an early-stage YCombinator-funded startup, takes the classic concept of a chat room and adds a geosocial twist by making any chat room location-aware. The app, which launched in the iTunes App store earlier this week, is very straightforward. Users can create public "parties" through the app that work just like group IM conversations. Samsung Galaxy S4 uses Synaptics, Atmel, Triquint parts, teardown shows Less than a day after Samsung showed off the Galaxy S4 smartphone, we have gotten a look at what is under the hood of Samsung’s new threat to Apple Inc.’s iPhone. Samsung FBR Capital Markets analyst Christopher Rolland issued a research note Friday afternoon in which he cited what appears to be a teardown analysis of the Galaxy S4 on the Web site

Sen. Bernie Sanders: What Can We Learn From Denmark? Danish Ambassador Peter Taksoe-Jensen spent a weekend in Vermont this month traveling with me to town meetings in Burlington, Brattleboro and Montpelier. Large crowds came out to learn about a social system very different from our own which provides extraordinary security and opportunity for the people of Denmark. Today in the United States there is a massive amount of economic anxiety. Unemployment is much too high, wages and income are too low, millions of Americans are struggling to find affordable health care and the gap between the very rich and everyone else is growing wider. While young working families search desperately for affordable child care, older Americans worry about how they can retire with dignity. Many of our people are physically exhausted as they work the longest hours of any industrialized country and have far less paid vacation time than other major countries

opposite from, opposite of, opposite to - Search for entries starting with O - Writing Tips - TERMIUM Plus® - Translation Bureau Home > TERMIUM Plus® > Writing Tips > Search for entries starting with O > opposite from, opposite of, opposite to As a noun, opposite may stand alone or be followed by the preposition of. As an adjective, opposite may stand alone or be followed by the preposition to or occasionally from.

Backpacks & Bags - Bike - Deuter Sport GmbH & Co. KG Our backpack with “protective” instincts is tweaked for safety and aimed at adrenaline junky mountain bikers. Technically suited to freeriders’ needs, it is the perfect partner for spontaneous journeys off the beaten track with its TÜV/GS certified PSA back system made of visco-elastic SC1 foam. If not needed, you can remove the protector and use the Attack for less challenging bike rides. The pack’s smart solutions easily accommodate all the equipment and the SL model is specifically designed to fit the anatomy of female riders. Details:

Skimble Helps You Plan And Track Your Gym Workouts and Outdoor A For anyone who has wanted to run a marathon, hike a particularly challenging mountain or even simply learn a new sport, it can be helpful to plan and track your activities and progress to increase efficiency and productivity. Skimble is hoping to be the online destination for anyone who wants to plan and track an activity or workout goal. Skimble’s online tools let you discover activities, by giving you information on popular outdoor active trips, i.e. a hiking trip to Lake Tahoe; and gym workouts, i.e. indoor rock climbing. You can join one of these trips or you can create your own. When you create a trip, you can create a feed of news and updates about the trip and share the page with other friends. The feed also pulls in any Tweets about the subject of the trip.

Sony 5-inch 1080p flagship ‘Odin’ smartphone leaked If you're excited about the idea of 5-inch 1920 x 1080p full HD smartphones we have another one to show you today. Now that HTC's announced their J Butterfly (and HTC DLX for Verizon) with a 5-inch 1080p HD display, Sony is looking to join the fun. Today some images have surfaced of what could be Sony's next flagship smartphone. A few weeks back we reported on some recent findings of Sony's next big smartphone codenamed "Odin" that was appearing in some user agent profiles complete with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. Today however the folks from Android Police have what appears to be the first image of Sony's new "phablet" along with some awesome sounding specs to go with it.

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