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Blooms Taxonomy According to Seinfeld

Blooms Taxonomy According to Seinfeld

Webb's Depth of Knowledge Rigor. Text Complexity. Difficulty. What do these words all mean in the world of thinking? Teaching? Books That Tweak (Not Twerk!) Great Classics Originally posted on Kirkus Writers are always borrowing from one another, across centuries and continents. It’s the writers who aren’t just borrowing but building on what previous writers have created who we’re interested in. Ronald Frame’s novel "Havisham," for example, puts the jilted malefactor from "Great Expectations" on center stage, imagining the life of a woman Charles Dickens left a mystery. "Havisham" is newly released in the United States but check out the other enticing sequels of a sort in this week’s list. For more from Kirkus, click here!

History Lecturer : On the stretching of brighter history pupils The education twitter-sphere has been all a-buzz today with stuff about helping (or failing) bright pupils. I am not at all qualified to contribute directly to the debate; I can only recount my own experiences, and anecdotal evidence is not very valuable in such a case. Because of my work as an examiner I meet history teachers from scores of other schools every summer, and I do not think my approaches were in any way unusual. Yes, I taught at an independent school, so it was selective in terms of ability to pay fees.

Research: How SEL Classroom Management Techniques Build Academic Achievement Respect, responsibility, and a community-based learning atmosphere promote success at Mount Desert Elementary School, a K-8 public school in Northeast Harbor, Maine. An important aspect of the culture at Mount Desert is allowing students and teachers autonomy to determine what works best in their classrooms for promoting students' learning. Credit: Alyssa Fedele

Make Your Students “Poetry Geniuses”! by Abi Frost I recently discovered a web resource called “rap genius”. This Brooklyn-based startup allows users to explore and understand the meaning behind song lyrics, poetry and literature. The long term vision is to annotate all text, including news stories and long-form works like War and Peace. Teachers have started using the platform to teach students critical reading skills, so I decided to try it out in my small seventh grade reading class for struggling readers. Grammar and Comprehension: Scaffolding Student Interpretation of Complex Sentences I'm a fourth grade special education teacher in NYC. Our school has acquired a new reading/writing program and has discontinued a grammar program we've used for several years. In the new program the grammar component is virtually non-existent. On a gut level I feel that students are struggling with test questions, even math ones, due to lack of practice/knowledge of grammar.

Lexile Level Is NOT Text Complexity CCSS.R.10 This Tweet from #tcrwp (Teachers College Reading and Writing Project) on August 15th caught my eye. A quick glance at the twitter stream confirmed that it came from Stephanie Harvey’s keynote (sigh of envy across the miles). @amandalah: Careful of lexile: Harry potter, old man & the sea &Alexander & the horrible no good very bad day. All similar lexile. Developing Cognitive Competence: Learning the Skills of Argument Earlier I shared an educational problem that scholars have described as a crisis in poor critical thinking training found in American schools today. We must still better appreciate the value of an argument-skills curriculum. Over the last 20 years, there has been an increased interest in the study of the skills required for argument.

ReadRank Index By Alan Jacobson, Editor & Publisher TweenTribune & TeenTribune he Common Core identified six computer-based tools for measuring text complexity. The authors said: “Because of the limits of each of the tools, new or improved ones are needed quickly if text complexity is to be used effectively in the classroom and curriculum.” Why the urgency? Because education is making increasing use of technology – some of which is unreliable. For instance: Infor.Text Research Nell K. Duke We should not wait to address this problem until students reach late elementary, middle, and high school, when learning from text is a cornerstone of the curriculum. Four strategies can help teachers improve K-3 students' comprehension of informational text. Teachers should: Increase students' access to informational text.

Appreciating Hemingway: ELA 9-12 Afternoon Session The Hemingway classic, “The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber” was center stage during Tuesday’s 9-12 ELA afternoon session. The story illustrated to teachers, coaches and administrators the greater value involved in the process of close, analytic reading. During discussions, it was said that one or two well-chosen short stories that are read deeply would be sufficient to teach a variety of literary techniques. As a bonus, some joked, they have a newfound appreciation for Hemingway. Further conversations centered around the creation of text-dependent questions (TDQs).