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Blooms Taxonomy According to Seinfeld

Blooms Taxonomy According to Seinfeld
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52 Of The Best Apps 52 Of The Best Apps For Your Classroom In 2015 by TeachThought Staff This post was sponsored by CK-12, a non-profit foundation that creates and aggregates high quality curated STEM content. What are the best apps for your classroom? This is, strangely, not a frequent topic for us. But what if that’s not your bag? This is the reality that, if statistics don’t mislead, most of you face on a daily basis. Let us know in the comments any that were what-were-they-thinking-missing-that-one? 52 Of The Best Apps For Your Classroom In 2015 Creating a Culture of Student Reflection: Self-Assessment Yields Positive Results The seventh and eighth graders in my math class at O'Farrell Community School in San Diego work in groups of five or six. One student in each group presents a stamp designed by group members for the country of Guinea. They had started the assignment by creating small versions of their designs, then rendered them as large posters -- learning math by calculating ratios as they increased their artwork in size. (Art was my college major, and I'm always looking for ways to link math and visuals.) These sessions, called critique circles, are one of many innovative educational practices adopted at O'Farrell as part of a comprehensive restructuring effort. We want them to be able to judge for themselves whether a piece of work is excellent or falls short of the school's standards. Teachers clearly define their expectations, then give students feedback indicating whether the work does not meet, meets, or exceeds expectations. Students learn a lot from this portfolio process.

Bedömning för lärande och andraspråksutveckling, del 1 Robert Walldén, som arbetar inom vuxenutbildningen i Borås, kommer i tre blogginlägg beskriva utmaningar och möjligheter med att arbeta med bedömning för lärande. Här hittar du del 2 och del 3. Hela artikeln finns även nedladdningsbar som .pdf-fil. Det är nu snart tio månader sedan jag skrev min första text om hur vi arbetar med bedömning för lärande i Borås, och mer specifikt inom vuxenutbildningen. I denna uppföljande text kommer jag att lämna det övergripande perspektivet och flytta fokus till mitt eget klassrum, och beskriva hur arbetet har fungerat med mina vuxna elever i svenska som andraspråk på grundläggande nivå. Jag kommer vid upprepande tillfällen hänvisa till, där utgångspunkterna för bland annat Borås kommuns BFL-arbete finns presenterade. Det bör sägas med en gång att detta inte kommer att vara en rosenskimrande framgångssaga om hur bedömning för lärande har fört min undervisning och elevernas kunskapsutveckling till oanade höjder.

Assessment Professional Development Guide An overview of the Edutopia professional development guide for understanding the many ways to assess student learning in the classroom. The assessment professional development guide is meant for use either after completion of the project-based learning professional development guide or with participants who are familiar with project-based learning. The module is designed for a two to three hour class or session, divided into two parts. Part one is a guided process, designed to give participants a brief introduction to comprehensive assessment. It answers the questions "Why Is Assessment Important?", "What are Some Types of Assessment"? Part two assigns readings and activities for experiential, project-based learning about assessment. In Eeva Reeder's class, students must develop a site plan and a written proposal. This guide was designed to address many of the National Educational Technology Standards (NETS), established by the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE).

25 Acts of Body Language to Avoid Our body language exhibits far more information about how we feel than it is possible to articulate verbally. All of the physical gestures we make are subconsciously interpreted by others. This can work for or against us depending on the kind of body language we use. Some gestures project a very positive message, while others do nothing but set a negative tone. Most people are totally oblivious to their own body language, so the discipline of controlling these gestures can be quite challenging. Most of them are reflexive in nature, automatically matching up to what our minds are thinking at any given moment. Nevertheless, with the right information and a little practice, we can train ourselves to overcome most of our negative body language habits. Practice avoiding these 25 negative gestures: “ I speak two languages, Body and English. ” — Mae West Holding Objects in Front of Your Body – a coffee cup, notebook, hand bag, etc. Want to know powerful, dominant, confident body language postures?

Evidence-based practices for teaching writing Amy Gillespie and Steve Graham reveal the techniques that have been proven to work when teaching students to write WRITING IS A MULTIFACETED TASK THAT involves the use and coordination of many cognitive processes. Due to its complexities, many students find writing challenging and many teachers struggle to find methods to effectively teach the skill. Gathering evidence for effectively teaching writing Advice from professional writers and the experiences of successful writing teachers offer some guidance in developing sound writing practices. Scientific studies of writing interventions provide a more trustworthy approach for identifying effective methods for teaching writing; they supply evidence of the magnitude of the effect of a writing intervention, how confident one can be in the study’s results, and how replicable the writing strategy is in new settings with new populations of students. What does the research show? Effective writing practices Additional suggestions About the authors

Betyg - Så funkar det! Det här är en film för vårdnadshavare i grundskolan om hur betygssättning går till. Den fungerar bra att visa på föräldramöten eller för föräldrar att titta på hemma. Filmen är helt fri att visa och sprida på det sätt ni tycker är lämpligt. Creative Commons-licensen finns längst ner på sidan. Svensk, arabisk, somalisk och engelsk textning går att slå av och på med "Subtitles/CC" nere till höger i videofönstret. Filmen finns också i en teckenspråkstolkad version. Filmen bygger på de frågor om betyg och kursplaner som Anna Karlefjärd (lärare och betygsforskare) och andra lärare har fått från elever och föräldrar. Det här tar filmen upp: Nytt skolspråk Nya styrdokument för skolan gör att skolspråket förändras en del och det kan göra att det blir svårare för elever, vårdnadshavare och lärare att förstå varandra. Varför ny läroplan och ny betygsskala? Filmen beskriver vad som är nytt och varför förändringarna med läroplanen och betygsskalan har gjorts. Kunskapskrav Kommunikativ kursplan

Why Is Assessment Important? | Edutopia Assessment is an integral part of instruction, as it determines whether or not the goals of education are being met. Assessment affects decisions about grades, placement, advancement, instructional needs, curriculum, and, in some cases, funding. Assessment inspire us to ask these hard questions: "Are we teaching what we think we are teaching?" Today's students need to know not only the basic reading and arithmetic skills, but also skills that will allow them to face a world that is continually changing. Teacher Beverly Hoeltke goes over Key Learning's unconventional progress report -- which includes self-assessment -- with a student and his mother. Grant Wiggins, a nationally recognized assessment expert, shared his thoughts on performance assessments, standardized tests, and more in an interview. Do you agree with his statements? When assessment works best, it does the following: Provides diagnostic feedbackWhat is the student's knowledge base?

The 8 Best Free Video Tools For Teachers - eLearning Industry Screen casting is a very helpful technique in eLearning. It can be used by teachers or instructors who want to create video tutorials or presentations. This is why I created a list of the best free video tools for teachers. Beginners might ask what screencasting is. Ezvid Ezvid is a 100% free video creation tool that allows you to capture everything that appears on your computer screen. CIFER • Ohio University Donald Murray “Teach Writing as a Process Not Product” (1972) Description In “Teach Writing as a Process Not Product” Donald Murray writes that the literature education of many writing teachers has trained us to view student writing as a fixed product. His argument is that student writing should instead be thought of as a developing process. Murray calls writing a “process of discovery,” a way to learn about and evaluate the world as well as a method of communication, and he divides the writing process into three recognizable parts: prewriting, writing, and revising. For Murray, prewriting involves narrowing down a topic, recognizing audience, and selecting a format. Date of Upload

A Juicy Collection of Bloom's Digital Taxonomies! Today, educators are overwhelmed (literally drowning!) by thousands of web 2.0/social media/apps that they can use for learning and teaching. But, where/how to start? How do we choose the right solution for a particular learning context or activity? The LMS can certainly not solve all our learning and teaching needs and requirements. Actually, compared to some of the amazing learning possibilities out there, most LMS I have explored (especially Moodle and Blackboard) are not only very limited, but used alone can even kill creative expression and learning in so many ways. One way to find the right tool (or app) for a learning context/activity/situation, is to look through the eyes of Bloom's taxonomy. But, please keep in mind that many tools/apps can easily be used for all the levels of Bloom's taxonomy with an open and creative mindset. Here is a collection of Bloom's digital taxonomies that I have discovered until now: Updated version (2014): Old Version: Source Source Source