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Blooms Taxonomy According to Seinfeld

Blooms Taxonomy According to Seinfeld

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52 Of The Best Apps 52 Of The Best Apps For Your Classroom In 2015 by TeachThought Staff This post was sponsored by CK-12, a non-profit foundation that creates and aggregates high quality curated STEM content. Creating a Culture of Student Reflection: Self-Assessment Yields Positive Results The seventh and eighth graders in my math class at O'Farrell Community School in San Diego work in groups of five or six. One student in each group presents a stamp designed by group members for the country of Guinea. They had started the assignment by creating small versions of their designs, then rendered them as large posters -- learning math by calculating ratios as they increased their artwork in size. (Art was my college major, and I'm always looking for ways to link math and visuals.)

Assessment Professional Development Guide An overview of the Edutopia professional development guide for understanding the many ways to assess student learning in the classroom. The assessment professional development guide is meant for use either after completion of the project-based learning professional development guide or with participants who are familiar with project-based learning. The module is designed for a two to three hour class or session, divided into two parts. Part one is a guided process, designed to give participants a brief introduction to comprehensive assessment. It answers the questions "Why Is Assessment Important?", "What are Some Types of Assessment"?

CLIL videos Why should CLIL teachers support learners to work actively with the input provided? Firstly, if learners are actively involved in thinking about the content and/or the language, they will reach a better understanding of both. If they re-organise or change input into another form, learners will process and comprehend input better. Evidence-based practices for teaching writing Amy Gillespie and Steve Graham reveal the techniques that have been proven to work when teaching students to write WRITING IS A MULTIFACETED TASK THAT involves the use and coordination of many cognitive processes. Due to its complexities, many students find writing challenging and many teachers struggle to find methods to effectively teach the skill. Gathering evidence for effectively teaching writing Advice from professional writers and the experiences of successful writing teachers offer some guidance in developing sound writing practices.

Why Is Assessment Important? Assessment is an integral part of instruction, as it determines whether or not the goals of education are being met. Assessment affects decisions about grades, placement, advancement, instructional needs, curriculum, and, in some cases, funding. Assessment inspire us to ask these hard questions: "Are we teaching what we think we are teaching?" Ohio University Donald Murray “Teach Writing as a Process Not Product” (1972) Description In “Teach Writing as a Process Not Product” Donald Murray writes that the literature education of many writing teachers has trained us to view student writing as a fixed product. His argument is that student writing should instead be thought of as a developing process. Murray calls writing a “process of discovery,” a way to learn about and evaluate the world as well as a method of communication, and he divides the writing process into three recognizable parts: prewriting, writing, and revising. For Murray, prewriting involves narrowing down a topic, recognizing audience, and selecting a format.

A Juicy Collection of Bloom's Digital Taxonomies! Today, educators are overwhelmed (literally drowning!) by thousands of web 2.0/social media/apps that they can use for learning and teaching. But, where/how to start? How do we choose the right solution for a particular learning context or activity? The LMS can certainly not solve all our learning and teaching needs and requirements. Actually, compared to some of the amazing learning possibilities out there, most LMS I have explored (especially Moodle and Blackboard) are not only very limited, but used alone can even kill creative expression and learning in so many ways.

50 Movies You Have to Watch Before You Die Movies are an important part of popular culture. You may view them as less refined than books, but the stories are essentially the same. As much an art form as painting, video games, music, and books, movies capture our imagination and show us perspectives we’d never see on our own. Life is short – don’t let it pass you by without seeing these movie classics: 50. The Iron Giant (1999) The Writing Thief: Using Mentor Texts to Teach the Craft of Writing It's been said that good writers borrow while great writers steal. Writing thieves read widely, dive deeply into texts, and steal bits and pieces from great texts as models for their own writing. Ruth Culham admits to being a writing thief—and she wants you and your students to become writing thieves, too!

Teachers Surveyed on Using Digital Games in Class: What is the Biggest Barrier? Teachers Surveyed on Using Digital Games in Class: What is the Biggest Barrier? A recent survey by the a project run by the Joan Ganz Cooney Center at Sesame Workshop had some very dismal statistics when it came to the barriers teachers feel when implementing digital games in their classrooms. Teachers with Apps has been trying to raise awareness for the need for schools to embrace technology and get students ready for the future.