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Quozio - Make Beautiful Quotes

Quozio - Make Beautiful Quotes

Smooth n' Flat Flat and colorful project with smooth animations for your logo reveal. Logo and Icons are customizable, just Drag & Drop them into the comps, put your text and render. Background and Shape colors are customizable too. Color Banding support for Backgrounds. Main Features No plugins~15 sec long1920×1080Fast render (under 3 minutes)CS5 +Color banding supportCustomizable icons Audio Happy Ukelele Logo (Not included) – You can purchase it here Pinstamatic - Get More From Pinterest The Best Tools For Creating Visually Attractive Quotations For Online Sharing I periodically find quotations that I think are particularly important and that I’d like to . them as plain text is functional, but displaying them in a visually attractive way increases the chances of people taking the time to read them. Here the the free and easy tools that I’ve used. I hope readers will suggest others: Here’s a smartphone app called Quipio (you can read more about it at TechCrunch). It’s super-simple to use — search for an image, type in the passage, and . Another one I use is a bookmarklet called As Image. Someecards lets you pick clip art and add your quotation. Changemrkers lets you easily create a text “poster” that you can then on social media. Thanks to Donna Baumbach, I’ve learned about Quozio, another super-easy way to create visually attractive quotations. Thanks again to Donna Baumbach for another great tool to create visually attractive quotations. Here’s an example of a finished product, though there are many choices for font and color: Word Swag Quick

Beautiful web-based timeline software ToonDoo - World's fastest way to create cartoons! Pinwords Grammar - Pre-Intermediate: For Since & Ago, Modal Verbs, Will & Going To, Have To & Must 'For', 'Since' and 'Ago'. We can use for or since with the present perfect to say how long something has happened. I have known him since 1980. orI have known him for 22 years. The meaning is the same. For is used to talk about a period of time, since to talk about when the action started. ago is more often used with the past simple to say when something started. He started his own business six months ago. So the difference between 'since' and 'ago'? Since tells us the starting point of an action which is still continuing now. I have lived in this city since 1980. Modal Verbs Modal verbs are irregular auxiliary verbs (they don't have regular past and present forms, for example) that express ability, necessity, requests, advice, permission, probability and so on. (See the next sections for modal verbs "will" and "must/mustn't".) I must go to the hotel tomorrow. There are modal verbs which have different meanings and different functions. Should / Shouldn't Examples: May / Might Can / Could d.

Imágenes para usar públicamente, ¿dónde encontrarlas? El nuevo curso ha comenzado y seguro que las imágenes van a ser una pieza imprescindible en aquellos materiales didácticos que estéis pensando en preparar o ya elaborando. El uso correcto de las imágenes es una parte fundamental de nuestra competencia TIC. En el interesante artículo Cómo usar imágenes y fotografías libres de derechos de LLuis Tomás están recogidas orientaciones que os guiarán en la utilización adecuada de las mismas. En este artículo, os mostraré varios espacios muy útiles para encontrar imágenes libres, aunque he de decir que las mejores ilustraciones para mis recursos didácticos siempre son las creadas por mi alumnado. He optado por seleccionar páginas con una larga trayectoria o que hagan su búsqueda en otros espacios ya que es frecuente que este tipo de webs desaparezcan o bien pasen a ser de pago. Hay que tener en cuenta que a la hora de utilizar imágenes ajenas en nuestros documentos es necesario citar la autoría de las mismas así como su procedencia y licencia.

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