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Enneagram Institute: Enneagram Testing & Training

Enneagram Institute: Enneagram Testing & Training

9 Surefire Ways to Get What You Want Email In life, you don’t get what you want, you get what you work for. Here are some ideas for making it happen: 1. How to Get Started with Minimalism The top four resolutions for the New Year are: Lose WeightQuit SmokingGet Finances in OrderGet Organized. Let’s assume we’re all fit non-smokers, and since we’re all reading The College Investor, obviously we have our finances in order (or we’re on the right track!). So, then, let’s get organized. I’ve recently gotten on the minimalist bandwagon. The Iron by Henry Rollins I believe that the definition of definition is reinvention. To not be like your parents. To not be like your friends. To be yourself. Completely.

30 Life-Enhancing Things You Can Do in 30 Minutes or Less Many of us attempt to measure our happiness based on the duration of certain favorable experiences in our lives. The longer a favorable experience lasts, the happier we think we’ll be. But the truth is, life is simply a string of small, independent moments that are always changing. Thus, a few minutes well spent here and there can make a big difference in what we get out of life in the long-term. Here are 30 things you can do in 30 minutes or less that will have a positive emotional effect on you and those closest to you. And yes, I realize some of these suggestions may lead to activities and projects that will likely take longer than 30 minutes to complete; but they still take far less than 30 minutes to start.

3 Really Inspiring Fitness Infographics, Plus Create One Of Your Own! When you’re trying to eat healthily, exercise daily and generally be good to your body, it can be a bit of a drag without regular inspiration and motivation to keep you going. Plus, we all like to find tips and hacks that will make the process of getting into shape easier for us. So, where do you get your inspiration?

Julie Morgenstern Balanced Life Organize your July-December and reward yourself with a folio Add the organizational “apps” of your choice to your master agenda TaskMaster Apps Manage major aspects of work and home Scheduler Use the 5 color blocks for detailing different projects. inventing your wheel I’m back from the recent SOL world conference, this year happening in Oxford. 200 solution focus practitioners from 26 countries, coaches, CEOs, managers, trainers, consultants, teachers, health and education professionals, you name it. The program was packed with panels, workshops, open spaces and of course, lots of laughter and fun, like always when a Solution Focus bunch is coming together. I truly enjoyed every minute!

6 Ways Successful People Stand Out Bosses spend the vast majority of their time helping other people succeed: employees, customers, vendors and suppliers... the list goes on and on. Helping other people succeed is your job, but it's also your job to focus on yourself, at least part of the time. Why?

Why I Want To Do What I Love For A Career This was a guest post written by Corey at Passive Income to Retire, where he keeps track of his progress to retire by the age of 27. It was just a little while back that Daniel published an article about why he thought it was important NOT to do what you love for your career. He made some very great points about why someone shouldn’t blog full-time. You can imagine the internal conflict that I faced after just announcing my early retirement plan – part of this goal is to have a full-time income from blogging part-time. Thoughts immediately flooded in: Did I make a mistake in announcing my goal to quit my day job for blogging income? 27 Ways to Get More Sh!t Done Whether we’re overwhelmed by that never-ending to-do list or simply distracted (thanks, Facebook), sometimes it feels like we just can't get enough out of the day. Until 30-hour days are invented, follow these easy, effective tips for getting more done in the 24 we have. Productivity Hero—Your Action Plan 1. Get enough sleep.

Beginner Blogger Challenge - Passive Income to Retire Have you been blogging for some time now? Are there things that you wish others had told you earlier? Do you feel like you have a lot to “give back” to new bloggers, but you just don’t know how? Well, this challenge may be for you. In a way, it’s for the beginner bloggers.