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Butchery. Chess. Plants. Beginner Drawing - Learning and Teaching. Appalachian Trail Maps & Guides. The printable Appalachian Trail maps and segment guides are provided below as a free community service by TRAILSOURCE.COM to all prospective AT thru-hikers.

Appalachian Trail Maps & Guides

The Appalachian Trail, commonly known by backpackers as the A.T., is a popular 2,167 mile thru-hike along a wilderness footpath. The Appalachian Trail is a registered National Scenic Trail that winds along the crest of the Appalachian Mountains from Georgia in the south to Maine in the north. More specifically, the A.T. runs through the scenic wooded and pastoral lands of fourteen eastern US states, stretching from Springer Mountain, Georgia, in the south to Mount Katahdin, Maine, in the north. The Appalachian Trail route is more than 99 percent protected by either federal ownership, state ownership or designated rights-of-way from local land owners. GEORGIAThe Georgia section of the Appalachian Trail (AT) is a short 75 miles through northern Georgia. Website: Appalachian Trail Conservancy (304) 535-6331.

Freediving Explained - How to Freedive Manual. Spearfishing Tips, Videos And Techniques. Freediving Explained - How to Freedive Manual. Fédération Luxembourgeoise des Pêcheurs Sportifs. Psilocybin Mushroom Vaults : The Magic Mushroom Growers Guide. This document may be freely copied and distributed so long as the following conditions are met: This document provides complete directions for cultivating psilocybin mushrooms in your home.

Psilocybin Mushroom Vaults : The Magic Mushroom Growers Guide

The strain this guide is intended to help you grow is Psilocybe cubensis (Amazonian strain) mushrooms. It is the intent of this document to enable the first time grower to succeed at a minimal cost and with a minimal amount of effort. This growing guide is the only reference you will need. After a person has completed the entire cycle successfully, later generations of mushrooms can be grown with even less cost and effort. Table of contents: 3.22 : 2005 Dec : by : Typo fixes on suggestion of reader. 3.22 : 2005 Nov : by :Removed PF address on suggestion of reader. The procedures detailed in this document borrow heavily from past innovators. Psylocybe Fanaticus sold a Technology Report called the PF Tek. . The PF Tek is the foundation for this document. Back to table of contents. I Antique Online - A Community For People Who Buy, Sell or Collect Antiques, Collectibles and Art. Fishing, Boating, Climbing, Scouting, Search and Rescue, Household, Decorative, Rope Care, Stuff for Smart Masses. Yurt Buildng. Here is a free copy of my book Build your own yurt, written in 1995, It has been used by a great many people who have built their own yurts.

Yurt Buildng

Our designs have progressed enormously since 1995. For a much more comprehensive guide see The Complete Yurt Handbook or see the rest of our website A complete guide to making a Mongolian Ger by P.R. King First edition 1995, Second edition 1997. Third edition, revised, updated, and expanded. 1997. Third Edition Fully revised and expanded for 1998 Internet Edition Jan 2000 The Yurt The English word Yurt comes from the Russian Yurta describing a circular trellis walled framed tent.

The Kirgiz yurt with bent-wood roof poles and crown and a domed overall shape. The two tiered yurt with a pointed roof and two layers of wall section placed one on top of the other. The Mongol or Kalmuk ger with straight roof poles, a heavy timber crown, often supported by two upright poles, and fitted with a wooden door. Figure 1. Industrial baroque in Lille / Loftenberg. Twitter Email RSS 30 Jan Industrial baroque in Lille Category: concrete, factory, France, industrial, Lille, red, retro, warehouse Tags: factory, lille, loft by admin Industrial baroque in Lille Hello there!

Industrial baroque in Lille / Loftenberg

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