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Home Deepnet Explorer - Web + P2P + News Browser : Soccer Live Scores Crazy Browser - Enhance your Web browsing experience with this tabbed web browser! Book cheap flights and find last minute flight deals – easyJet Browzar | Your private window on the Web British Horseracing Authority (BHA) :: The 1st place for British Horseracing Avant Browser::Home York Racecourse | Special offers, advance book tickets for 2011 fixtures, information, planning your raceday, conferences, corporate events, raceday hospitality, enquiries, go racing. Amaya Home Page Translations: be, da, de, es, fr, hi, hr, is, ja, kr, pl, ru, sr-latin, sr-cyrillic, th, uk, vn, zh-hans, zh-hant W3C's Editor Amaya is a Web editor, i.e. a tool used to create and update documents directly on the Web. Browsing features are seamlessly integrated with the editing and remote access features in a uniform environment. This follows the original vision of the Web as a space for collaboration and not just a one-way publishing medium. Work on Amaya started at W3C in 1996 to showcase Web technologies in a fully-featured Web client. Amaya started as an HTML + CSS style sheets editor. Amaya includes a collaborative annotation application based on Resource Description Framework (RDF), XLink, and XPointer. Amaya - Open Source Amaya is an open source software project hosted by W3C. The application was jointly developed by W3C and the WAM project (Web, Adaptation and Multimedia) at INRIA. It's development is stopped. Last Release Amaya 11.4.4 (18 January 2012).