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Spiritual & Healing Practices. Home Go to Astrology The Cell Salts - Astrological Tonics by Gretchen Lawlor Editor's Note from Pat Lantz: This article by Gretchen Lawlor has for several years been consistently one of the most read articles on ATH.

Spiritual & Healing Practices

So, if you've somehow missed I've brought it back to the top for your enjoyment. Homeopathy and astrology have colluded to provide an extraordinary series of astrological tonics, one particularly suited to each of the 12 signs, Aries through Pisces. These are called "homeopathic cell salts" or "biochemical cell salts", and can be used by someone without a medical background to improve the quality of health for themselves, their families and their friends. KALI PHOS. NAT SULPH.

KALI MUR. CALC FLUOR . Cancer rules the stomach, breasts, body fluids and mucus membranes. MAG PHOS (Magnesium phosphate) is the cell salt for Leo. In naturopathic medicine, the cell salt Mag phos has a long-standing tradition of use in situations involving cramp, convulsions, spasms or paralysis. Digital Age Learning. Hidden History. Classical Music. Oceans and other water bodies. Mythology. Great sites. Mythology. Mythology. Mental_floss magazine - Where Knowledge Junkies Get Their Fix. Teens Living with Cancer. MAKE: technology on your time.

Manuals - Free User Manual and Owners Instruction Guides. Research finds gallium nitride is non-toxic, biocompatible - holds promise for implants (10/29/2011) GaN is currently used in a host of technologies, from LED lighting to optic sensors, but it is not in widespread use in biomedical implants.

Research finds gallium nitride is non-toxic, biocompatible - holds promise for implants (10/29/2011)

However, the new findings from NC State and Purdue mean that GaN holds promise for an array of implantable technologies - from electrodes used in neurostimulation therapies for Alzheimer's to transistors used to monitor blood chemistry. "The first finding is that GaN, unlike other semiconductor materials that have been considered for biomedical implants, is not toxic. That minimizes risk to both the environment and to patients," says Dr. Albena Ivanisevic, who co-authored a paper describing the research. Ivanisevic is an associate professor of materials science and engineering at NC State and associate professor of the joint biomedical engineering program at NC State and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The researchers also wanted to determine GaN's potential biocompatibility.

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