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Social Work News & Social Care Jobs

Social Work News & Social Care Jobs

The Social Issue | people, places and projects Professional recruitment agency for private and public sector jobs The GEM Programme | centre for partnership The GEM Programme works with its partner organisations to develop today’s graduates into tomorrow’s leaders and specialists in housing, communities and the built environment. The GEM Programme works on the principle of a blended learning approach to development, which includes a 12 month traineeship, professional body membership and qualification accredited by the Chartered Institute of Housing, Personal and Leadership development and one to one mentoring.Here at the GEM Programme, our Vision is to unleash the energy, talent, passion and values of todays graduates to bring hope to the challenge of building and growing communities in a changing world. The programme offers an exciting opportunity for graduates with any degree to gain valuable first hand work experience, and a debt-free housing qualification. GEM students study for the Chartered Institute of Housing Certificate for the Housing Profession qualification at level 4, which is aimed at graduates with non-related degrees.

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About Us - UK Volunteering We develop and deliver high impact volunteer-led solutions across the UK in response to some of the most difficult challenges facing individuals and their communities today. We engage more than 30,000 volunteers and 90,000 beneficiaries every year through 180 active programmes across the UK. Founded in 1962 (and known as Community Service Volunteers until 2015), Volunteering Matters has been leading UK volunteering in policy and practice for more than 50 years. We believe that everyone can play a role in their community and should have the chance to participate; we build projects and programmes to reflect this. How do you measure the relationship between a social worker and a child? - 10/13/2011 Children’s services are being urged to focus on outcomes, but Judy Cooper asks how can success be gauged Outcome (noun): A final product or end result; consequence; issue. The dictionary explanation is simple enough. The mistake made, according to Rob Hutchinson, a former director of children’s services at Portsmouth and now an independent consultant, was that measures of achievement were in the form of either counting numbers (how many teenage parents there were) or efficiency measures (how many initial assessments had been completed in 10 days). “These measures can be important but they mean nothing if you are not also measuring a third factor: are children better protected? “Consequently we measured what was easy to measure but it filtered down as must-do targets for managers and workers at the expense of time spent with families.” The Munro Review of Child Protection called for a renewed focus on improving outcomes for each child. ● Have I treated you well? ● Have I made a difference?

Barber secretly shaved 'fool' on back of man's head, court told | UK news A barber shaved the word "fool" in 1in letters on the back of the head of a man with severe learning difficulties, a court has been told. Michael Campbell, 35, who has no formal qualifications in hairdressing, had been working at Jam Cuts, in Stapleton Road, Bristol, for just three weeks when Michael Ricketts walked into the salon on 11 February. Ricketts, 49, has communication difficulties and was described at the court as a "vulnerable adult" who mumbled his words and was difficult to understand. Bristol magistrates heard that he went into the barber's and asked to have a pattern shaved into his hair. Unbeknown to him, Campbell allegedly shaved the word "fool" with a smiley face underneath, the prosecution claimed. Giving evidence, Campbell said Ricketts had asked for a pattern and that he had shaved the word "cool", which had then been misinterpreted. Campbell denies a charge of assault and one charge of failure to answer bail. The case continues.

United Response » Blog Archive » Kaliya Franklin and United Response collaborate on Labour conference easy read doc • Wednesday, October 12th, 2011 In partnership with disability activist Kaliya Franklin, we have released an easy read version of the conversation she had at the recent Labour Conference with Ed Miliband. You can download the full document here, as a PDF (1.79MB). Kaliya’s questions centred on disability, sickness and work. You can see the footage of their encounter below. As already demonstrated in our Every Vote Counts campaign and the recently re-released Moving on and Planning Ahead guide, we believe that making important material accessible to everybody – including those with disabilities – is a crucial element in the fight against inequality. We’ll be returning to the importance of making democracy and politics accessible to all shortly, so please stay tuned. James Dodd, web and digital media editor.

Social life blog: Why social work beats lifestyle management | Social care network | Guardian Professional Two years ago, the words 'social work' were not active in my vocabulary. I worked in an enjoyable job at a lifestyle management company, organising the lives of people who lacked the time to do so themselves. In September 2009 that changed, when I started a two year social work masters course at Hertfordshire University. People often ask me about what I learnt from my course - it was a topic of conversation with other students upon completing our studies this summer. To my surprise, law became my favourite module and, as I moved in my second year to working in a statutory setting, I reached a point where it all finally clicked. My main advice when advising others on how best to advance their learning and understanding, particularly in a field so complex as social work: question everything. I didn't enter social work to devote myself solely to local authority work, but from working in that setting, I can see the benefits and the enormous number of skills that can be learnt.

The 'big society' Work Programme (and other myths) | Society There's an astonishing Radio Five Live interview with work and pensions secretary, Iain Duncan Smith, in which he is asked what he is doing for the "big society". Quick as a flash, he replies: "I've created the Work Programme, which is all about the voluntary and private sector." His words, recorded last week at the Conservative Party annual conference, suggest Duncan Smith is either deluded, or being kept in the dark by his officials. In my Society Guardian column today I drew on the findings of survey-based reports by the Association of Chief Executives of Voluntary Organisations (Acevo), and the London Voluntary Services Council (LVSC). They all reach the same conclusions: that the corporate prime contractors are exploiting or excluding their voluntary sector and social enterprise subcontractors, putting many at risk of going bust. "There is a need to monitor what VCS organisations are ending up contributing to the Work Programme for no or inadequate payment. "St.