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INNOV8: CityOne

INNOV8: CityOne

Super Zapp | Accueil Green Goose Wows the Crowd & Raises $100K On Launch Conference Stage Imagine getting points in an online game each time you drink more water, floss your teeth or take a step toward some other healthy lifestyle goal. That's the promise of Green Goose, a company that uses tiny sensors and accelerometers on stickers or credit cards to track everyday behavior and record it online. The company demonstrated today how its technology, which is currently in pre-production in China, lets a user put a sticker containing a tiny sensor and a year's worth of battery power, on the handle of a toothbrush, for example. The motion of the toothbrush sends a message to the Green Goose base station which then publishes a record of the activity online. ReadWriteWeb wrote about Green Goose in February of last year (those investors should read RWW more closely, apparently, might have got better terms) when the company was framing itself as a tool for ecological and financial responsibility. The health angle is a strong one and the healthcare industry knows it.

Super Mario Screensavers and Mario Downloads - Super Mario Brothers . org Stellar Forces: Home Uncanny valley An empirically estimated uncanny valley for static robot face images[1] In aesthetics, the uncanny valley is a hypothesized relationship between the degree of an object's resemblance to a human being and the emotional response to such an object. The concept of the uncanny valley suggests that humanoid objects which appear almost, but not exactly, like real human beings elicit uncanny, or strangely familiar, feelings of eeriness and revulsion in observers.[2] Valley denotes a dip in the human observer's affinity for the replica, a relation that otherwise increases with the replica's human likeness.[3] Examples can be found in robotics, 3D computer animations, and lifelike dolls among others. Etymology[edit] Hypothesis[edit] In an experiment involving the human lookalike robot Repliee Q2 (pictured above), the uncovered robotic structure underneath Repliee, and the actual human who was the model for Repliee, the human lookalike triggered the highest level of mirror neuron activity.[12] Ho, C.

Serious Games At The British Museum Serious Games exploring the British Museum's collection Great Court Space - Courtesy the British Museum The British Museum's new website for kids called Young Explorers is all about world histories and cultures. It has games, including the amazing Time Explorer, and more. Time Explorer is the new adventure game from the British Museum. In Time Explorer, players have to travel back in time to explore ancient cultures and rescue precious objects from imminent disaster. The game was created by the graphics and interactive consultancy GR/DD. The consultancy won the contract having been invited to tender by the museum, seeing off 12 shortlisted groups in late 2008, according to lead designer Tim Smith. Starting in the museum’s Great Court space, players can choose Ancient Rome, Aztec Mexico and Imperial China levels, select characters and access score information to check rankings against other online players. The Ancient Egypt level of Time Explorer. The Aztek Mexico level of Time Explorer.

Hémoquest, le Serious Game des Hémophiles On compte aujourd’hui 400 milles personnes atteintes d’hémophilie dans le monde. Un enfant sur 5 000 naît hémophile et, sauf à quelques rares exceptions, l’hémophilie touche plus particulièrement les garçons. Les risques sont variés selon les cas en cas d’hémorragie interne et peuvent conduire à des blocages d’articulation rendant invalides et, dans le pire des cas, peuvent être mortelles si elles ne subissent aucun traitement. Les personnes atteintes peuvent mener une existence normale et saine, néanmoins certaines précautions doivent être prises comme prendre son traitement au quotidien, avoir une bonne hygiène et respecter les règles de sécurité qui en découlent. Le traitement est généralement administré à domicile par les patients eux-mêmes ou par leurs parents pour les jeunes enfants. Chaque combat ou mission fait l’objet d’un dialogue entre le Maître et son apprenti, d’un combat, d’un mini-jeu et d’un quizz.

GunBlood Western Shootout - Flash Shooting Games - OfficeGameSpot Game Overview: Attempt to become the most feared gunslinger in the land by defeating all those who stand in your way. GunBlood pits your reflexes against nine computer opponents in one-on-one gun fights and includes four bonus rounds. High scores are tabulated according to accuracy, speed, and your life remaining after each round. At the start of each level, the player and computer opponent each start with 6 shots. During each of the four bonus rounds, the goal is to hit the target objects and NOT the assistant. Controls / How To Play: 1) Select 'Start Game' and choose a character from the character select screen. 2) Begin the round by placing your cursor over your gun barrel located at the lower left-hand corner of the game screen. 3) The cursor must remain over the barrel during the countdown or the game will become paused. 4) When the countdown reaches 'FIRE', aim with the mouse and shoot by clicking the mouse button.

Orbiter - A free space flight simulator Twinity – Powered by Real Life bêta test « History Games Le projet « History Games » s’inscrit dans une étude expérimentale, proposée par l’association Initiatives Terrain basée à Elacourt (78), sur l’utilisation de serious game dans le monde de l’éducation. Les collégiens et les enseignants d’établissements de la ville d’Elancourt et de ses environs participent à la fin de l’année 2010 à un « bêta-test » sur le module correspond à la période de la 1ère guerre mondiale. Cette étape d’utilisation en condition réelle doit permettre d’analyser l’apport du serious game dans les méthodes d’apprentissage. Les premières synthèses seront présentées au début de l’année 2011. Copies d’écran du menu principal et du module sur la 1ère guerre mondiale

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