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Méthode agile

Méthode agile

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How To Prioritise Quickly And Intuitively If you’re in a situation where prioritisation is straightforward and you have a single decisive product owner, you probably need to read no further. If, however, prioritisation is difficult in your situation – maybe because you have several products or product owners with conflicting priorities, or maybe because your requirements can be complex and benefits rather intangible – this is for you. In this case, prioritisation can be difficult and priorities are not always immediately obvious. This simple approach might help you to prioritise more quickly and intuitively… Draw a 2 x 2 grid. Use the bottom axis as ‘Difficulty’.

How to fit 1,000 terabytes on a DVD Using nanotechnology, researchers have developed a technique to increase the data storage capacity of a DVD from a measly 4.7GB to 1,000 terabytes. Image: Nature Communications We live in a world where digital information is exploding. Some 90% of the world’s data was generated in the past two years. The obvious question is: how can we store it all? In Nature Communications today, we, along with Richard Evans from CSIRO, show how we developed a new technique to enable the data capacity of a single DVD to increase from 4.7 gigabytes up to one petabyte (1,000 terabytes).

Econometrics Econometrics is the application of mathematics, statistical methods, and, more recently, computer science, to economic data and is described as the branch of economics that aims to give empirical content to economic relations.[1] More precisely, it is "the quantitative analysis of actual economic phenomena based on the concurrent development of theory and observation, related by appropriate methods of inference."[2] An introductory economics textbook describes econometrics as allowing economists "to sift through mountains of data to extract simple relationships."[3] The first known use of the term "econometrics" (in cognate form) was by Paweł Ciompa in 1910.

- things i have seen A new housing project by Primus Architects is situated by the coast of the north of Zealand, Denmark. The plot is a partitioning of a larger plot belonging to an old thatched house and is partly enclosed by trees. The two buildings, inhabited by two generations, share the garden, and in the layout of the site plan attention has been given to providing both separate and common spaces. Open Graph Stories - Sharing People use stories to share the things they're doing, the people they're doing them with and the places where they happen. Let people share stories about your app on Facebook through a structured, strongly typed API. To publish Open Graph stories with the Share dialog, you do not need to implement Facebook Login or ask for additional permissions. Agile CultureCon 2012: Call for Speakers! Let’s Hack Culture! found on pinterest via 1000 cultural A few days ago I posted about CultureCon (Philly 9/12 and Boston 9/14), an upcoming event hosted by Agile Boston that’s focused on culture analysis, design and implementation in the workplace. The objective of the conference is to “bring to more popular awareness how culture is the gating factor in satisfaction, productivity and learning at work.” The premise is that agile and self-management principles are essentially a culture hack – meaning that if a group of people decide they’re willing to align around a set of values, principles, practices and processes, they can upgrade themselves to a high-functioning learning organization that continually adapts and upgrades itself.

DoubleCAD™ XT: Free CAD Software The #1 Alternative To AutoCAD LT... For Free DoubleCAD™ XT is an AutoCAD LT® work-alike. But free. It's also 5-Star Rated from the editors at CNET... and the #1 most downloaded free CAD at Powerful 2D CAD capabilities — and great .DWG and .SKP compatibility — make DoubleCAD XT an invaluable free companion for AutoCAD® and SketchUp™ users alike... The Tiger Roars Both the size and shape of the consumer market in India are fundamentally changing. While the dramatic growth of the market is known, it is not well understood. In a nation as large and diverse as India, there are nearly as many estimates of the growth of its consumer market as there are official languages, and questions abound on whether such growth is sustainable. The shape of that growth—the changing patterns of and attitudes toward consumption—is even less well understood. Most notably, a new generation of consumers has grown up in an era of economic liberalization and social freedom. The members of this generation are entering their prime spending years, and they will indelibly and dramatically reorient the market.

This Heart's On Fire (for people who know almost everything cool already!) Fabian Baron Rugs The more I learn about Fabian Baron, the more I love him. I was at a friend's place last night trying to figure out how to decorate her new LES pad and she showed me some rugs by the French creative wunderkind that still have me drooling. The carpet collection is inspired by Liquid Light, a single-volume monograph assembled from the personal work of Fabien Baron. The Critical Path by Derek Huether Regardless of where I coach or teach, there is always someone who approaches me and says something like, “Agile is great for software projects but what about projects that aren’t software related?” When asked the question, I usually give examples like a U.S. Marine fire team or air crew or a home construction site. (I’ll save those stories for another time). I now have a new story to tell about a cross-functional, highly collaborative team, which competed for the Progressive Insurance Automotive X Prize.

100+ Sites to Download All Sorts of Things These days you can find all sorts of things online, from audio books to flash files, from sound effects to CSS templates. Below we compiled a list with over 100 download sites that serve that purpose. We will also try to keep the list updated, so if your favorite download site is not here, let us know about it with a comment. global supply chain risk management Virtually all organizations today are managing a global supply chain, whether they realize it or not. In consideration of this, there are several risks that must be managed and mitigated to minimize exposure and ensure success. The following are among the most common. 1. Price (mis)perception There is often a belief that purchasing products or services at a reduced transactional cost yields significant savings.

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