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Pour remplacer les devoirs ?

Pour remplacer les devoirs ?

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The Golden Rules of High-Quality Instructional Design The quality of instructional design is often gauged on three things: effectiveness, efficiency, and cost. Effectiveness has to do with how well the instruction enables learners to achieve stated goals or expected outcomes. Efficiency deals with the energy and time invested to complete the instruction while cost covers all expense incurred for its design and delivery. Online university giant gets bigger 25 February 2013Last updated at 10:50 ET By Sean Coughlan BBC News education correspondent Penn State University is among the latest to join an online university network One of the emerging giants among online universities has announced that it is signing up a further 29 universities, including institutions in the US, Europe and Asia. Coursera, set up by academics from Stanford University, will now offer online courses from 62 universities.

12 Rules Of Great Teaching - 12 Rules Of Great Teaching by Terry Heick Recently, I’ve been thinking of the universal truths in teaching. Students should be first. How to Build Course Objectives that Matter The key to success is having clear goals and then mapping out a way to meet those goals. Without the map, you’ll never know if you got where you intended to go. In a previous post we looked at how to build learning objectives. 7 Things Next Gen Schools Will Do Well Seventeen years ago as a new superintendent I was invited to Microsoft to learn about 1:1 programs in Australia. The architect of those programs, Bruce Dixon, told a compelling story of student engagement in transformed learning environments. The ten superintendents at the meeting committed to Anywhere Anytime Learning and we began an exciting but challenging journey together.

170 Ways To Use Word Clouds In Every Classroom Welcome to a post I always have fun writing. Last year I attempted finding ways to use Word Clouds (Wordle) in education. When I concluded writing that post I was at 108 possible ways. Canada Climbs in Global Ranking of Cloud Computing Policies, BSA Study Finds First report to track changes in global cloud policy benchmarks finds Japan, Australia and US in the lead TORONTO, March 7, 2013 /CNW/ - In a first-ever analysis of the shifting international policy landscape for cloud computing, a new study ranks Canada nine out of 24 leading IT economies, a sign of improvement from its starting position of 12 a year earlier. BSA | The Software Alliance evaluated national laws and regulations in seven policy areas critical to the development of a globally integrated cloud marketplace. The findings released today in the 2013 BSA Global Cloud Computing Scorecard build on a first edition of the study, published in early 2012. "It is encouraging that Canada has risen in the rankings by adopting policies that are conductive to cloud innovation — but there remains room for improvement," said BSA Senior Vice President, External Affairs Matt Reid.

Power Reading Workshop and The Daily 5 "How does your Power Reading Workshop program fit with the Daily 5 model?" I've been asked that question several times recently, so I decided to tackle it in a blog post. I feel fortunate to have been a part of a summer book study that examined The Daily 5, an outstanding resource for teachers written by "the sisters," Gail Boushey and Joan Moser. After participating in that book study, I feel more confident about exploring the similarities and differences between Power Reading Workshop and The Daily 5. Both programs empower students to become better readers by allowing them to select and read books of their own choosing. In both programs, reading instruction takes place through mini-lessons, independent conferences, and small guided reading group lessons.

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