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666 DIY Horror Filmmaking Tutorials

666 DIY Horror Filmmaking Tutorials
It’s that time of year again, so we thought it was time to update last years killer feature “Horror Filmmaking: From Script to Scream.” That’s right a sequel! This time we are narrowing the focus a bit and concentrating on the DIY (Do It Yourself) elements. Hopefully this will help you slash the budget without murdering your production values. DIY: Blood, Bullets & Stunts DIY: Stage Effects/Green Screen DIY: Digital Effects After Effects Sony Vegas DIY: Make-Up/Costumes DIY: Static Props DIY: Motion Props DIY: Horror Sets DIY: Packaging Prop Shops & FX Supplies

iPhones to DSLRs: The State of D-I-Y Stop Motion Filmmaking In high school, I spent a week's worth of video production classes toying with a ball of red Play-Doh and a small set of LEGO pieces. After every slight adjustment to the Play-Doh I snapped a digital photograph and made another adjustment. The little red ball grew into a tomato, complete with a green leafy hairdo and a gaping mouth used to devour an innocent LEGO man in delightful stop motion.

Rotoscoping with Vector Paint Lately, I have been getting hired to “supercharge” sports footage. I create the spots for our IHL hockey team, The Chicago Wolves and while their budgets are narrow, hockey footage is plentiful. Each month I sift through their video game highlights and digitize the coolest clips for some digital frolics in After Effects. Much of this requires isolating the players from their backgrounds as a starting point for further embellishment. Midway Games invited me to assist with their new baseball game, “Slugfest”. 15 Film Production Credits Explained Ever wonder what all those strange credits are when they roll by at the end of a film? I used to, until I moved to LA, where I started meeting Best Boys and Dolly Grips with their kids when I took my son to the playground—yes, Hollywood, where you meet Gaffers and Armourers at your average Saturday night house party. So I started asking questions, and here's what I've learned: 1. Boom Operator

Copyright For Video Producers « VideoUniversity ©2003 Douglas Spotted Eagle, Sundance Media Group/VASST Instructor Copyright. – The mere word calls forth difficult emotions ranging from artists screaming at fans for downloading illegal MP3’s from a peer 2 peer to dignified white collar workers vociferously defending their right to use media that they assume they’ve bought and paid for. What is copyright? Magazine - Tips & Tricks - Visual Effects: Make Your Own Smokebombs, Pg. 1 by Bob Lazar & United Nuclear By far, the most common smoke formula is the Potassium Nitrate/Sugar formula. It produces a white-gray smoke and is both easy, inexpensive & fun to make. The percentage of Potassium Nitrate and Sugar in this composition vary somewhat depending on who you ask, but the 60/40 mix listed below is pretty common. A lump of this stuff the size of your thumb produced the smoke cloud on the right in under 2 seconds.

Building Your Own 3D Particle Generator The effectiveness of these simulations depends, in large part, on the quality of the particles you use. I encourage you to examine the ones that I've used in these examples and to try your hand at making your own and substituting them into one of the comps. For example, try replacing the snowflakes with autumn leaves. Or just invent some weird semi-transparent blob and see what it looks like in the fountain comp. Experiment.

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