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HALLOWEEN (vocabulary)

HALLOWEEN (vocabulary)

Les Contes de la Ferme Thanksgiving : toutes les infos utiles avec word cloud « allatc Could this be the best marriage proposal ever? Featuring the world’s first live lip-dub proposal, this video has gone viral with millions of views since it was uploaded less than a month ago. Students start the lesson with a vocabulary and writing activity using a word cloud made up of the lyrics to Marry You before listening to the song Bingo-style. Click here for the Teacher’s Notes. “Gritting my toothless gums in seething RAGE is what keeps my skin taut.” “That’s what really annoys me about Twitter. “In the grand World Cup of life, I am of course in the group of death”. These are just a few of the things Granny O’Grimm has to say on her Twitter page . In this lesson, students talk about some traditional fairy tales before watching the Oscar-nominated Granny O’Grimm’s Sleeping Beauty. Click here for detailed Teacher’s Notes For more about Granny O’Grimm, see her website . This is a summary of the #eltchat which took place on Wednesday 28 March at 9pm (GMT) New to ELTchat? Before viewing

ESL Halloween True or False - ESL Kids Games ESL Halloween True or False is a fun activity for teens and adults to practice vocabulary and encourage discussion on the topic of Halloween while learning some interesting facts about this holiday. This activity requires no preparation. Below you will find a pre-prepared presentation with 9 true or false questions about Halloween. Pictures of vocabulary that may be difficult for students are included in the presentation to help students with understanding any vocabulary they may not know. Maximise this activity by getting students speaking and discussing their opinions. Level: Teens and adults (pre-intermediate and above) Time: 15 – 20 minutes Language Aims: Discussing, agreeing and disagreeing, learning Halloween vocabulary. Materials: Powerpoint Presentation (below), projector in your classroom. Procedure: First, get students into groups of 2, 3 or 4 depending on the size of the class.For each question, the teams must decide if the answer to the question is true or false.

Bolide - Michel Gondry La Saint-Patrick : qu'est-ce que c'est Ce 17 mars, les Irlandais fêtent la Saint-Patrick. Les Irlandais, mais pas seulement. En effet, la Saint-Patrick est célébrée dans de nombreux endroits du globe. Pourtant, nous sommes peu nombreux à connaître son origine. Cette fête, symbole de l’Irlande, vire souvent à l’excès. Pourtant, à la base, c’est une fête religieuse. Saint Patrick, qui es-tu ? Saint Patrick serait probablement né en Ecosse en l’an 385. Pourquoi la Saint-Patrick est-elle si célèbre ? En 1845, l’Irlande est touchée par une terrible famine. Par Basile Perrin-Reymond

Halloween Idioms - ESL Kids Games This activity is a simple way to have fun introducing your students to some Halloween idioms. This activity is perfect for teen and adult classes and is a great way to learn some idioms while having some seasonal fun. Level: B1, B2 (FCE), C1 (CAE) and C2 (CPE). Materials: PowerPoint Download a copy here Or Printable version Download (PDF, 1.02MB) Time: 15 minutes+ Method Put students in pairs or groups. 1. Ex: It just makes my blood boil to think of the amount of food that gets wasted around here. 2. Ex: This town is a ghost town, there is never anything happening. 3. 4. 5. 6. Ex. 7. 8. 9. 10. More Halloween Activities Check out our other Halloween activities for young learners, teens and adults! Trick or Treat – is a fun activity for young learners where they draw cards and get treats or tricks! Halloween Guess Who – in this activity, young learners act like monsters helping them consolidate new monster vocabulary. Halloween Idioms – Ideal for teens and adults.

Watch lune et l autre animated video on aniboom Obamas hand out Hershey's Kisses and cookies to White House trick-or-treaters There were mostly treats at the White House this Halloween. President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama handed out chocolate candies and butter cookies while welcoming thousands of people on Friday. The guest list included pint-size superheroes, caped crusaders, princesses, sailors, soldiers and other costumed characters. More than 4,500 people were expected to participate, including children from military families and area schools. Monster Mash, Michael Jackson's Thriller and the Adams Family theme were among songs that blared from speakers as guests walked up the South Lawn driveway. Scroll down for video Candy man: President Barack Obama greets trick-or-treaters on the South Lawn of the White House on Halloween Off to meet the wizard: President Obama and First Lady Michelle welcomed local children and children of military families Adorable: Some of the children were just old enough to understand Halloween was about. Greetings! U.S. Loaded: 0% Progress: 0% U.S. Perhaps the only trick?

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