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The Russian Sleep Experiment

The Russian Sleep Experiment
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The Rake During the summer of 2003, events in the northeastern United States involving a strange, human-like creature sparked brief local media interest before an apparent blackout was enacted. Little or no information was left intact, as most online and written accounts of the creature were mysteriously destroyed. Primarily focused in rural New York state and once found in Idaho, self proclaimed witnesses told stories of their encounters with a creature of unknown origin. Emotions ranged from extremely traumatic levels of fright and discomfort, to an almost childlike sense of playfulness and curiosity. In early 2006, the collaboration had accumulated nearly two dozen documents dating between the 12th century and present day, spanning 4 continents. A Suicide Note: 1964 "As I prepare to take my life, I feel it necessary to assuage any guilt or pain I have introduced through this act. "Dearest Linnie, I have prayed for you. A Journal Entry (translated from Spanish): 1880 A Mariner's Log: 1691

Pill Reports - Ecstasy Test Results Database by Enlighten Need Some Motivation Right Now? Read This IMMEDIATELY If you’re in desperate need of some motivation, we’re going to fix that problem, right here, right now. Prepare yourself. WARNING: I’m going to swear and yell a little in this post. Desperate times call for desperate measures. You said you needed motivation. If this isn’t the kind of motivation you need, leave now. Alright. Here goes. Do you want some motherfucking motivation right now? I SAID, do you want some MOTHERFUCKING MOTIVATION RIGHT NOW? Do you want to get some seriously useful shit done today? Do you want to get off your ass and start producing instead of wallowing in despair, depression, self pity, fear, doubt or whatever is holding you back? Are you sick of not getting anything done? Let’s DO THIS. The point of this exercise is to give you motivation to do something right now. Follow the steps below carefully. 1. The world doesn’t care. And if you’re feeling depressed or down, stop feeling sorry for yourself while you’re at it. We all face obstacles. Did you catch that? Period. 2. 3. 4.

The 32 Rules of Zombieland The new Zombieland TV Series just premiered on Amazon Prime for FREE and for the most part I enjoyed it. I think that the series will definitely find an audience if they play their cards right and don’t skimp on the production because episode 1 may not have been perfect but it was 30 minutes of unique zombie themed entertainment. If you have not already you can read Halloweenie’s review of the ZombieLand TV series where you will also read what our community thinks of the series. Lets be honest what we think is only one small part of the equation as to whether a movie or TV show is worth watching As you die-hard fans know Zombieland has 32 rules ( 33 if you just watched the show ) and we figured it would be fun to list the rules of ZombieLand that we know and fill in the blanks for the ones we can not remember. With the help of our readers we have a pretty solid list but right now we are missing a few rules which you can help fill in below in the comments. Rule 15: Know Your Way out!

Explained at last: life, the universe and everything | Books | The Observer What existed before the Big Bang? To call the beginning of the universe the "Big Bang" (science shorthand for that most distant moment to which one can still trace the operation of our laws of physics) is to use something of a misnomer. Current evidence suggests that, far from being "big", the whole, vast expanse of space and all the visible galaxies and stars originated in a dense sphere of glowing gas much smaller than a pea. Some cosmologists, affecting a familiarity with events so far removed from our everyday experience, refer to the beginning now as just the "Bang", while general relativists – the scientists who study the physical consequences of Einstein's 1915 theory of relativity – draw a line at the base of their blackboards and say: this is the singularity where it all started. The era of the universe we live in began about 14 billion years ago, when all that we can see today was compressed to a very high density and pressure, a plasma hotter than that in the core of a star.

Scariest Things On The Internet --UPDATE-- Because of the popularity of this webpage, I will continue to add scary things that I find on the internet. If you would like to submit something that you find on the internet that scares you, email me (art3dp at yahoo dot com) and let me know. I will give you the proper props for it. Or just leave a comment. Thanks. Scariest Things Ever (in no particular order): 20) The Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs (3 Guys 1 Hammer), Luka Magnotta (1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick), et al. Due to the graphic nature of most of those videos, no direct links will be provided. 19) Bongcheon-Dong Ghost The Bongcheon-Dong Ghost is a story based on true eyewitness accounts. Bongcheon-Dong Ghost 18) The Anneliese Michel Exorcism Audio Tapes Anneliese Michel was the girl who's story is told in The Exorcism of Emily Rose. 17) Angry Demon Cat Demon cat screams. 16) Old Woman's Eye Socket Teeming With Maggots This video is quite disturbing. Old Woman's Eye Crime Scene Photos Scary Maze Game. See how this portrait changes here

1.- How it all started - in Russia 1.- How it all started - in Russia Scientists in pre-Revolutionary [Russia] were studying the area of parapsychology as did later such Soviet scientists as V.M. Bekhterev, A.G. Ivanov-Smolensky and B.B. Kazhinsky in the twenties and thirties. The Defense Intelligence Agency are the military intelligence agency of the US Department of Defense. ‘There is a DIA Psychic Center and the NSA (National Security Agency) studies parapsychology, that branch of psychology that deals with the investigation of such psychic phenomena as clairvoyance, extrasensory perception, and telepathy. In 1960 the Stalinist taboo that prohibited research into the paranormal was lifted and the KGB and GRU (Soviet military intelligence) began a scientific exploration of the weapons potential of psychic energy. Soviet interest in psi was reawakened in February 1960 by a story which appeared in French magazine Science et Vie (Science and Life). ‘Is telepathy a new secret weapon? Doctor Y.A. Back to Contents

60 of the world's happiest facts 1. A group of flamingos is called a flamboyance. 2. If you fake laugh long enough you’ll start to really laugh, really, really hard. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32.The kingdom of Bhutan use ‘gross national happiness’ as a key national indicator. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. 42. 43. 44. 45. 46. 47. 48. 49. 50. 51. 52. 53. 54. 55. 56. 57. 58. 2013 is the first year since 1987 that consists for four different digits. 59. 60.

Irish's Wonderland Guide • Guides • Tulpa.Info By Irish Wonderlands, Daydreaming, that ‘One’ Place We all have a special place that we would rather be. REMEMBER: A wonderland is a simple thing, do not take any longer than 30 minutes to an hour. In Detail A wonderland is a specific form of meditation that doesn’t really have much to do with actually meditating. In Detail with the Tulpa Alright we know the wonderland is supposed to be a place that you can enjoy for yourself and just be a place where you can relax and avert ALL attention to. BZZT BZZT *NEWS REPORT*: You CAN keep this wonderland around even after your tulpa is done, you could need it in some situations, will report more on this matter at 4. Some More Stuff to Detail Say you’re walking somewhere with your tulpa to someplace or doing something to go somewhere for some reason, whatever it is, I don’t care. Lik dis if u cry evrytim ;_; If I’m forgetting some stuff, which I know for sure I am (trust me I do that) then please do ask questions or stuff like that.

Global Warming's Terrifying New Math | Politics News If the pictures of those towering wildfires in Colorado haven't convinced you, or the size of your AC bill this summer, here are some hard numbers about climate change: June broke or tied 3,215 high-temperature records across the United States. That followed the warmest May on record for the Northern Hemisphere – the 327th consecutive month in which the temperature of the entire globe exceeded the 20th-century average, the odds of which occurring by simple chance were 3.7 x 10-99, a number considerably larger than the number of stars in the universe. Meteorologists reported that this spring was the warmest ever recorded for our nation – in fact, it crushed the old record by so much that it represented the "largest temperature departure from average of any season on record." The same week, Saudi authorities reported that it had rained in Mecca despite a temperature of 109 degrees, the hottest downpour in the planet's history. Not that our leaders seemed to notice.

Three Dumb Ways to Committing Suicide Without Hurting Yourself It amuses me till this day why some human beings would opt for suicide because they are confronted with depressing situations. I don’t view suicide as option considering the fact that it is a sin against God. But if you must do it, then these are three ways you can achieve it without hurting yourself 1: Get a loaded gun and lock yourself up in a bathroom. Next, say your last prayers, let the prayers be short because you will be going to hell anyway. After saying your prayers, your next move should be going to stand in front of your bathroom mirror. After shooting at the mirror, go and have a cup of coffee before calling the police to come and pick up your corpse from your apartment. 2. 3. Confusing? Then let him stand in front of you while you use the tip of your left big toe to touch the tip of your left ear.

6 Personality Quirks You Didn't Know Were Medical Conditions Everyone has an odd quirk or two that they think applies only to them. We hate to break it to you but, according to science, you aren't special. Every small tic or strange habit or pet peeves that anyone has are actually scientifically documented conditions, with widespread sufferers and often devastating results. So read on, and have fun playing House as you diagnose yourself and your friends with these afflictions. Such as ... You're standing over a stall at a sporting event, about to open the pipes when you hear the horn that signals halftime. iStockPhoto"Everyone's peeing but me. Whether you're the guy at the urinal or the guy in line wondering why he's quietly pleading with his penis, if you're familiar with this scenario, you're far from the only one. GettyNot as terrible as the warm fuzzy grip of a spider down there -- but worse. Getty"Stand up and pee right now or justice cannot be done!" Pictured: Hell. rugratsfrankie5 GettyYou could be Phil Collins. Getty"Society, here I come!"

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