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logiciel Quark de publication dynamique Word processing and desktop publishing tools began to fade in importance when the Web came online and e-mail replaced snail mail as a regular form of communication. And now, with the pervasive use of smartphones, increasing adoption of e-readers, and a race among manufacturers to build interactive tablets, traditional publishing simplyno longer works. Dynamic Publishing – The New Era Did You Know? To remain viable, you must overcome the pitfalls of traditional publishing and adopt new technology that can meet today's requirements and prepare you for the future.

untitled What have we seen as economic trends between 1980 and today? How has the drive for economic success impacted families and our daily lives? What are GDP and GNP and why do we care about them? International Publisher Science, Technology, Medicine Basket France » Change » New User Login Customize Page Washington's not listening to America Rep. Kevin McCarthy says Washington hasn't been listening to what Americans wantHe says people wanted lower health care costs, not a costly new entitlementPeople wanted more jobs, not a stimulus that has failed to keep unemployment down, he saysMcCarthy says the GOP is asking Americans for ideas for a new policy agenda Editor's note: Rep. Kevin McCarthy represents the 22nd District of California and is the chief deputy Republican whip in the House. (CNN) -- Washington isn't listening. The disconnect between the American people and the agenda being advanced in Washington is growing by the day.

Adis Online Home In recognition of World Cancer Day on February 4th, 2014, our editorial team have handpicked a selection of key articles that they consider to be “top reads” in this area. We hope that you will find them of interest. These articles are available to download via pay-per-view or subscription, unless otherwise stated. Articles from Advances in Therapy Articles from the American Journal of Clinical Dermatology Articles from BioDrugs Banks Fret as Regulators Push to Set Capital Levels - Now one of the most consequential decisions about new restraints on the banking industry — how much more capital banks should hold in their rainy day reserves — is being decided not on Capitol Hill but far from Washington, by a committee based in Basel, Switzerland. The Obama administration is pursuing an international agreement to make banks hold significantly larger reserves, which it regards as essential to increase the stability of the global financial system. It wants to complete the negotiations, which are being coordinated by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, by the end of the year.

Tony Blair to Join Khosla Ventures Eric Risberg/Associated Press Tony Blair, right, with Vinod Khosla on Monday. Mr. The Buzz: Are stocks in a correction or a bear market? - May. 24 The market's plunge in May has rattled investor confidence. But few experts think that this is the beginning of another major downturn.By Paul R. La Monica, editor at large May 24, 2010: 4:54 PM ET NEW YORK ( -- Sell in May and go away may seem like a silly Wall Street saying. But if you actually followed those words of wisdom, you'd be breathing a lot easier right now.

Viewpoint: Brazil's growing international presence 24 May 2010Last updated at 11:41 Brazil, Russia, Indian and China: a new grouping on the world stage The Brazilian government's recent mediation efforts to persuade Iran to sign a deal on enriching uranium as a way of allaying suspicions about its nuclear programme highlighted Brazil's ambition to project its influence beyond South America. Rubens Barbosa, former Brazilian ambassador to the US and the UK, offers his views on his country's growing international presence:

Mortgage Delinquencies Rose in the First Quarter Data released Wednesday by the Mortgage Bankers Association showed the mortgage delinquency rate rose in the first quarter to 9.38 percent of all loans outstanding, from 8.22 percent in same period last year. When adjusted for seasonal variations, the default rate rose over 10 percent for the first time. Seasonal adjustments are used to smooth out data in ordinary times, but in these extraordinary times the bankers’ group said it was not sure how much they could be trusted. In the first quarter the seasonal adjustments showed the delinquency rate worsened considerably. The raw data, on the other hand, indicated a marked improvement.

Delinquency tide turning? Mortgage report sends mixed signals The Mortgage Bankers Assn. said Wednesday the tide of home-loan delinquencies finally may be ebbing, with the combined percentage of home loans in foreclosure or at least one payment past due declining to 14% in the first quarter of this year from 15.02% at the end of 2009. The quarterly report on soured mortgages seemed destined to reignite the debate over whether the stabilizing economy and loan modifications were creating a lasting improvement in the housing markets. The report sent mixed signals, noted Jay Brinkmann, chief economist for the trade group. The figures showing a decline in the overall rate of troubled loans were not seasonally adjusted, while other statistics showed delinquencies increasing slightly after adjusting for seasonal factors. About half of the states saw increases in the rate of foreclosure starts on a year-over-year basis, with thelargest increases coming in Oregon, North Carolina and Maryland.

EU eases trade with Latin America at Madrid summit 19 May 2010Last updated at 12:02 EU summit talks with Latin America were spread over several days The EU plans to boost trade with Latin America despite warnings from some European ministers and farmers, who fear unfair competition. Congress to consider spending and tax measures. - May. 19, 2010 By Jeanne Sahadi, senior writerMay 19, 2010: 12:05 PM ET NEW YORK ( -- Amid growing concerns about deficits, Congress will in coming weeks consider a bevy of measures that combined could increase the deficit by close to $500 billion over 10 years. And that doesn't include the big kahuna on this year's agenda: extending the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts, which could cost anywhere from several hundred billion dollars to more than $2 trillion. While it is expected that many measures will be paid for with revenue-generating provisions, the total cost of all that's on the table would not be fully offset. That's in large part because several measures are exempt from the new "pay-as-you-go" law.

Mortgage delinquencies hit 10% - May. 19, 2010 By Les Christie, staff writerMay 20, 2010: 1:22 PM ET NEW YORK ( -- A dubious distinction was reached during the first three months of 2010: More than 10% of all mortgage borrowers are now behind on their payments. The delinquency rate hit a record of 10.06% in the first quarter, according to the Mortgage Bankers Association. The seasonally adjusted rate accounts for all mortgages on properties that have up to four units and that are at least one payment late. The rate has been inching steadily toward this record, having ticked up almost a full point since a year go. The report contained a sliver of good news, however.