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Empire State Building aerial Manhattan panorama Overview and HistoryNew York was invented by time-traveling punks from across the galaxy so they could show up there in 1977, smash some guitars and then overdose on heroin to die in the East Village, according to prophecy.The historic origins of the city go back to long before the American Revolution. Let's take a quick look at what it is before we look at what it looks like in panoramas.New York City sits on the island of Manhattan. Manhattan, you will notice, is not only an island situated between two rivers perfect for easy transportation to the Atlantic Ocean -- it's also an Indian word!Like lots of New England states and towns, its lineage comes from the "Indians" who lived there first. White people learned those names and kept them, for example Massachusetts, Connecticut, Manhattan, Chesapeake.

10 Cool Google Secrets & Tricks You Never Knew Existed! There is no doubt that Google is the most popular search engine on the internet. But, did you know that Google's homepage is full of surprises? Here are 10 top best-hidden secrets of Google that you really need to know for fun! #1 Flip A Coin Claudia Galanti par Roberto Rocco pour Formen 2010 best-topmodel Share this: Like this: Leave a Reply Follow Get every new post delivered to your Inbox.

ALL TIME LOW LYRICS - Therapy My ship went down In a sea of sound. When I woke up alone I had everything: A handful of moments I wished I could change And a tongue like a nightmare that cut like a blade. In a city of fools, I was careful and cool, But they tore me apart like a hurricane... Conclusion and Evaluation Labs : IB Physics CE ASPECT ONE: Concluding  Do you clearly state a conclusion based on a reasonable interpretation of your data?  Does your conclusion offer more than just a restatement of the graph? You need to explain and justify what you discovered, including the scope and limit of your results.

photo - New York City's Gentrification Curbed was founded a decade ago as a site that would chronicle real estate and neighborhood changes, two subjects that are inextricably intertwined. And boy, have we ever, tracking the topic with self-proclaimed obsessiveness and attention to minute detail. It's easy to capture the drastic evolution in areas like the Lower East Side, the East Village, the Meatpacking District, and Tribeca in photos; comparing historic images and modern-day shots truly does lay bare what's gone and what's replaced it. But as the term "gentrification" turns 50, we figured it was time to sit back and take stock on a more microscopic, anecdotal level. We asked neighborhood bloggers and long-time locals to share with us one moment in which they knew their home had irrevocably changed.

Explore the Pros, Cons of Gamification in Online Education In his online course on ethical decision-making, Greg Andres, a philosophy lecturer at the University of Waterloo in Canada, has students compete for the top spot on the class' leader board. As they answer questions about how they would respond to various ethical dilemmas, they receive a certain number of points depending on how Andres views their responses in a given context. The goal is "to make course concepts concrete – here's how it actually plays out in real life," Andres says. Andres' class is an example of gamification, a term that generally refers to the implementation of different game-design elements – such as competition or the earning of points or badges – into various settings. In recent years, gamification has become more prevalent in the corporate world and has extended into higher education, including online. [Consider your learning style before signing up for an online course.]

Omahyra Mota par Ellen Von Unwerth pour Casadei 50e anniversaire dominicanfashionmodels Share this: Like this: Leave a Reply ALL TIME LOW LYRICS - Outlines I'm half remembered, half way across the world Twice removed from a second home The shadow of a ghost in an old haunt With a lease on life, 'cause I can't afford to own When being young starts getting old A new place saves face or so I’m told Be the new kid, on an old block A chalk outline on a playground blacktop I’m just a moment, so don’t let me pass you by We could be a story in the morning, but we’ll be a legend tonight I’m just a moment, so don’t let me pass you by And they can speak our names in a dead language Cause you and I, we’re alive But just for a moment I’m twice the man that I thought I was yesterday Half the time, I’m a world away A flicker of a soul casting silhouettes On the face of a town that could not get me to stay And when the spark’s gone, former lovers just looking for a bus to throw me under I’ll be the new kid on an old block A chalk outline on a playground blacktop

@reel: Hi, It doesn't matter if you want we can communicate in English, French or German. My Spanish is lacking practice but I do understand if I read it. by topoletta Jan 15

Sorry, top; I can read very little Italian language but I dont really understand it. Worst thing in my life because I fall in love in Italian music (all, from Celentano to Verdi...). :-))) by reel Jan 14

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lyssabear2014 welcome to treegirl, you are our first tumblr and we thank you for expanding our social web networking most kindly by littletreegirl Feb 6 Follow me guys. and then message me on tumblr ill promote you guys. but you have to tellme that you're from here :) by ybvmoveon Dec 29

Thus the reason people feel the need to place their tumblr links into this comment section, which proves my earlier point pricisely. oh well how else are we gonna get noticed on the web Right!!!! by cloudexplorer Jul 30

My sites I place onto tumblr never get any hits, so I think this tumblr thing is for the bird's. I joined stumbleupon and the very same day I received hits to my sites I placed onto it. I just don't like places that promise something & don't come through whatso-ever. by cloudexplorer Jul 30

Thank you very much for your help. Will have a read and hope i'll understand it. Is there a compare to Tumblr also to decrease my imagination running out mental cinema by schenz Jul 26

Would be fine if theres someone who could give me an answer. Whats the difference to StumbleUpon and delicious? by schenz Jul 26

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